Abdl poop story

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Source: deviantart. Evan sighed and breathed in the cool night air. It was late spring, close enough that summer would be coming soon but still brisk at night. Usually he would have stayed inside but tonight he had a once in a lifetime chance to watch Abdl poop story meteor splinter directly overhead in the night sky. He checked his watch. There was a flash as it hit the edge of the atmosphere and then little white pieces flew in all directions like some kind of eerie firework. It lasted less than a minute. Evan watched until they had faded and then walked back to his house. Such large meteors were rare, and even rarer that they hit the atmosphere so directly.

The chances that it would happen right over his small town, it was amazing. Sydney walked into school the next morning, bleary eyed and grumbling. One month, she had one month until she graduated.

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The bell rang. She checked the clock. No point going to her first period class, the teacher never took attendance anyways. She wandered towards the nearest bathroom where she knew she would hide from any inquisitive teachers until second period. She absentmindedly tugged at her jeans to adjust her underwear which seemed to have gotten bunched up.

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Except her jeans seemed to disappear in her hand and she touched plastic. She was wearing a pink princess t-shirt, short skirt and what seemed like an oversize diaper underneath.

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She flipped her skirt up for just a moment to check. Not a diaper but a pull-up! Suddenly her cell phone twisted in her hand, leaving her holding a stuffed teddy bear. The stalls and sinks had disappeared, replaced by training potties and a few changing tables in the back that looked big enough Abdl poop story her.

Classmates that she knew hurried into the bathroom, their hands pressed against their crotches, clearly needing to go potty like they were two year olds. Teachers stood by the potties, helping them and wiping a few of them. Her bowels tinged. It felt like a fart.

Sidney pushed and something solid slipped between her butt cheeks and entered her pull-up. Sidney stood there in shock. She was so completely caught off guard that she just did the first thing her instincts told her to do. She squatted to finish her poop. That made Ms. Edwards even angrier at her. Intellectually she realized how unconvincing she must have sounded. But she had no idea how she was supposed to act. Edwards ignored her and pulled down her soiled pull-up.

Sidney squeaked and covered herself as best she could with her hands. Edwards unfolded a thick, disposable diaper. It had patterns on the front, like a baby diaper, except big enough to fit Sidney. Edwards sighed and held up the pull-up she had just taken off Sidney. There was a brown, blotchy stain on the seat.

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Edwards just nodded and taped the diaper on. She stood up and threw the used pull-up in a nearby diaper pail. Sidney fled the bathroom, her diaper forcing her to toddle a little on the way out. Except with every step, her diaper seemed to get thinner and thinner. Her pants reappeared on her, her t-shirt went back to normal, and by the time she was back in the hallway she was completely normal again. A couple kids gave her looks as they passed. Sidney spent the rest of the day trying to forget what had happened.

She avoided the first floor bathroom at all costs.

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Nothing out of the ordinary happened until the next morning when her mother dropped her off at school. Sidney got out of the car and turned to wave her mother goodbye, but to her surprise, her mother got out too. As she walked, Sidney felt a familiar feeling under her pants. Her pants went from jeans to overalls with straps and her shirt turned into a loose, Winnie-the-Pooh t-shirt. There was a distinct crinkling as she walked. She was back in pull-ups.

Why did adults have to be obsessed with her bathroom habits? Even assuming that she did have another accident, she was fully capable of taking care of it herself! She pooped herself again after she got home. Sidney sucked it up.

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Maybe if she acted like the preschooler they apparently thought she was, she could get through this quickly. I just thought that I could be a big girl and hold it for a long time like Mommy.

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Sidney quickly pulled her thumb out. Trying to break the habit!?! Was it not obvious she was acting? Or was her mother playing along? Chloe wandered around the school. What was going on? She felt like she should be trying to act normal, everyone else seemed to be, but then again no one else seemed to realize something strange was going on. I was just a little worried. Her perfect attendance! Not only that, but when she had stepped into the classroom, her outfit had changed to a dress and pull-up!

Chloe turned around to see Evan. Just… if you start to turn into a baby leave okay? She walked into the classroom and felt her panties crinkle Abdl poop story her clothing changed to her overalls and t-shirt. She blushed and took a seat on the floor with the rest of her classmates. Chloe took a deep breath and stepped into the classroom afterwards. Her panties crinkled and thickened. Her dress changed to bright pink and became a lot looser fitting, easier to play in. She stood there for a second, inspecting her new, preschool clothing.

All around her she could catch glimpses of pull-ups peeking out Abdl poop story under skirts and above waistbands. None of the students seemed to be trying to hide it. A couple of the girls in dresses were even hugging their knees, causing their skirts to ride up around their waists, giving anyone in front of them a clear view of their crinkly undergarments. Chloe sat and blushed, keeping her legs straight and her skirt down to preserve her dignity. Everyone else seemed to act like it was normal. She sat and listened to Mr. Tyler read a chapter of the book.

After Mr. Tyler was done, he let them go for free time. Chloe fidgeted. She had started to feel the urge to pee during story time and it just gotten stronger. But that was impossible, they were much too old! Tyler I need to go potty! Tyler nodded and led him to a training potty in the corner of the room. Chloe gaped as Mr. Tyler pulled his pants and then his pull-up down and sat him on the training potty.

Chloe quickly looked away. Her first thought was that she would never do that. Then her bladder twinged again, letting her know that it was dangerously full. She looked at the clock. Tyler finished up with Zac and emptied the training potty. Chloe swallowed her pride.

Tyler took her by the hand and led her to the training potty. Chloe blushed as she pulled down her pants and then her pull up and sat on the potty. Good girl! Tyler praised, just causing Chloe to turn even redder. Was knowing how to use a toilet really that impressive? There was the soft patter of urine onto hard plastic. Sidney watched Chloe enviously, annoyed that she was getting praise, even if it was over something like potty training.

Abdl poop story

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