Accidentally fucked mom stories

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Thing has been changed throughout my whole life since I was My dad died and I was left with my mom and sis. My sister is in the university and it leaves mom and me. Well money was no a problem and so was girls!

My mom was 43 years old still very attractive and she well maintain her body and look. We live in a big house with swimming pool, steam room and etc… Soon thing has changed my mind and mom and I got closer. We were very open to each another. I would give a massage sometimes to get rid of her neck pain and get a glimpse of her cleavage.

She usually dresses full and when I could get a glimpse of her thigh, cleavage, it gives me a hard on.

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In November 5 she got a minor accident while driving yes! She drinks sometimes. Bruises were found on her right thigh and hand and partially on her stomach. The doctor has advise her to not to walk very often and lay on the bed. The doctor has also informed her that since she was in medication, she would feel sleepy and weak.

She was also was being instructed to wear loose clothes. Lucky for me I was in college break. Well since the only loose clothes she has was her nightie. When we reached home, I carried her to the bathroom since she was still in hospital clothes.

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I offered her to change her clothes……she denied and was embarrassed however she was in pain as well. A minute or two later she called me. I was about to witness heaven. She warns me to keep this between us as I began to undo her button. She was embarrassed and I told her I love her a lot and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

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She smiled. As soon as I finished undid the entire button, I dropped her clothes. She was excellent with bra and white panties. Of course I had my hard on and I have well planned to hide it from her view. She complained her legs were hurting.

I apologized and made her sit on the toilet bowl. As I went to unbuckle her bra, she protested. I was shocked and thought for a moment. How can I make a mistake like this! It only her hand was injured not her breast. I just made a story and said that I wanted to make sure that I made a clean job since she is my beloved my mom. She smiled and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I then said that I need to take off her panties since the bruises very close to her crotch. She thought for a moment…. As I tried to pull she screams in pain and I stopped. So I decided I did not want to pull directly since it will brush toward the side of her leg.

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This time she was really red and embarrassed. I get to see her breast first. I remove her bra and I almost came when her nipple pointed at me. I quickly brought a chair to sit in front of her. I started to wet a Accidentally fucked mom stories and began to rub on her body. She cried as I rubbed.

I was on top of her on the bed as I rubbed her body. As I spread the lotion on her body, she shivered. I could see the wetness from her panties. She tried to cover her breast and as I massaged I gently remove her hand and continue. No protest came from her as I continued to form circles around her nipple. She moans for a moment and then tried to stop. I really got a tremendous hard on… I thought I might cum. I played with her belly button and she started to giggle.

And I continued to massage her again. I could see her swollen vagina from her see thru panties and it was really wet… I laid my hands on her opening of her vagina thru her panties of course and slid her panties to the left so that I can remove it with no friction to her right leg. Immediately I moved my hand on the top region of her vagina. I immediately removed my hand.

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Please just remove my panties. Her eyes were closed all the while. So I just went and slide her panties to the left a bit with caution and the musk smell was really making me funny. I bent down to her vagina and licked a bit. What was I doing I thought my self.

I came to my sense and remove her panties. My first time I ever looked at her vagina. Well she maintains her pubic hair as well. Now Accidentally fucked mom stories was totally naked. And I went and carried her. Carefully I placed a hand underneath her buttock and the other on the back of her shoulder.

I mentioned her to wrap her arm around my neck. As I carried I accidentally slipped my index finger into her crack of her buttock. I could feel her anus at the tip of my finger and her flowing juice which make it slippery at her anal region. I brought her to the toilet bowl and make her sit. I waited outside for a moment and then she called. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All. Twitter RSS.

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Accidentally fucked mom stories

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