Alien impregnation stories

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This article contains spoilers for Alien 6.

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Weyland-Yutani did everything it could to capture a Xenomorph, even going as far as putting one of its own crew in the line of fire to secure one. Iris, who has been working with Danny to supposedly take down the in-orbit Xenomorph laboratory run by Weyland-Yutani, turns on the team after she discovers Danny has a Xenomorph growing inside of him.

Once on an escape vessel, she incapacitates Bishop and Gabe and takes control of the ship.

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Before Iris is shut down for good, though, she has one last revelation for the Xenomorph-fighting team. The limited series that was only available with a Kenner Aliens action figureAlien: Space Marineswas a issue mini-comic series published by Dark Horse Comics. In the issues, facehuggers were able to impregnate members of these other alien races creating the interesting hybrids presented in the comics.

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While assuredly the purpose was to sell all kinds of different toys while using the popular Alien brand, the result was still a fun and creative take on the Alien mythos that was by all counts entirely plausible based on the established Xenomorph biology. Spencer Connolly is a reader, writer, and lover of all things comics.

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He started his writing career as an intern for a comic article site. With a background in local news photography, he applied what he learned during his internship to become a news producer.

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Now, after a few years of professional writing under his belt, he is a member of the Screen Rant team, writing features and news articles for the site. By Spencer Connolly Published Sep 08, Share Share Tweet 0.

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Spencer Connolly Articles Published Spencer Connolly is a reader, writer, and lover of all things comics.

Alien impregnation stories

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Alien Impregnation Stories