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Cuckold Blog The real life stories of cuckolds and their hot wives adventures Cuckold Blog. Sunday, August 30th, Feeling Neglected at Home Hi, We have been together for some time now and our sex life was always great, but lately I had been feeling a little neglected. My husband was always working late at work and was always tired when he got home. He usually picked something up on the way home for the two of us and after we ate he usually went right off to bed.

I understood because his job is very physical and I would be exhausted too if I did that all shift long. On those nights he did not work late, he usually played softball with other guys in his office and so his time was spent practicing or playing games and then the team always went to a local bar afterward. I went to most of his games showing my support because it was those game nights that we would come home and have some of the hottest sex in my somewhat lackluster sex life.

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So lackluster that I had began As you can see, Cindy is a small build, only a handful of breast but with a nice round ass. Like us they had hired one of these cheap camper vans. We live in Atlanta, Georgia. I always wanted to share or let my wife go with another man. She had had a good variety before our marriage but once we met she stayed loyal to me. I asked her to try someone else and eventually she did. She crossed paths with an old boyfriend and we invited him over and we all ended up in bed.

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It was good and he became a regular visitor to our home. Jan did for a while as well.

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But after about a year it was Jan who ended it. She wanted to try something else and I was happy to go along She also helped with recalling all the juicy details for the story. The love of my life and I met 7 years ago in LA. We had an instant attraction for each other.

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Both running several miles a day. Beyond being as beautiful as she is, her sexual appetite has always been quiet active. I was 32 and my pretty wife Pattie was also She had been listening to younger women chatting at work about swingers and had been turned on by it. She eagerly told me all the hot details that she had heard and seeing that I was turned on as well, asked me if we should try it.

Well the thought of being able to get my hands on other women seamed a great idea. I had not really thought about how I would feel seeing Pattie with another man but my lust was up and all I could think of was all the fucking that I could be doing. Pattie found out from some of the women at work, how to go about finding other swingers. A woman sent her a few online dating sites by and we where really excited as we looked through all the profiles, reading the and especially looking at all After I got out of training I went back to the room and grabbed a quick shower and got dressed up.

I was meeting a friend and the bar downstairs, they were having some sort of karokee thing goin on. When I got down to the bar there was a ton of people from work sittng around chatting it up. Well I met my friend and we started drinking and having a good Amature wife sex stories.

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As the night progressed she met a guy and started hanging out with him. I sat there watching people get up making a fool of themselves at the karokee.

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After a bit, one of the guys from the class comes over and sits down with me. He Amature wife sex stories in his mid 30s, attractive, well built. We started talking about work, and life in general. He told me he was divorced about a year and a half ago. He said he found out his wife However, she went to visit her bull today this afternoon to give him his "treat" treat being the term from her text message to him when she asked him if he can meet so she can give him a blow job.

Of course he accepted even though he knew he wasn't going to get full sex due to her period although I am certain if he wanted to bad enough he would get all of her anyways. When she returned home to me we A little background about us: We are a couple that have been in the lifestyle for about 10 years.

Swing clubs, meets and greets, internet hook-ups but most of this is with another couple. She although loves to fuck and I found out that I like to have her fuck more than I enjoy fucking another woman. Cause women are so dam hard to figure out - especially how to push the right buttons. Well she takes to fucking lots of online men and also my friends, mostly married friends where she is a friend to the wife also. Many of the guys They had started behind my back but I had discovered her affair and we had come to an understanding about it that left me on the outside. She never told him that I knew.

She would tell me in advance if they were going to be at our house, or call me at work, and I was supposed to stay away from the house until she called. I had never broken that rule except to drive by the house one time to see his car parked in the driveway and which resulted in a huge lump in my throat from the realization of what they were doing. This time, she was planning on going to our house with him after a late afternoon meeting they were at that was not far from our neighborhood.

It was around when she called me at work and said they were there and he was in the living room having

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