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How it started It was a quite day in the Smiths house due to the down pour of rain outside. Steve was playing video games, when he felt a surprising urge to jerk off. So Steve closed the door, whipped out a big tit Asians magazine, and got to business. Steve was in a deep jerk off session, and was about to climax. Steve started speeding up, when Haley his sister opened the door. Haley and Steve froze just looking at each other, not knowing what to do or what to say.

Steve's point of view Then I said to her that I was playing video games when all of a sudden this urge came over me. Still gripping my cock, Haley gazed down and her eyes looked shocked and then said Wow that's so big Steve, why is it that you can't get a girl? I looked at her and said that I got nervous around girls. Haley then closed the door and sat on the foot of my bed. Well someday your gonna make a girl very happy with this cock, in saying that Haley grabs my cock and my dick jumps from her touch.

Jeff's is not even this big her husband she stated Haley then started stroking my cock very slowly, it was wrong but it felt so good. She then looks me dead in the eye and says, can I stroke it I've never felt had a big cock like this in my hand. I replied sure in an strange but excited voice. Haley then spit on her hand and started stroking my cock faster and faster. To be honest my sister was a slut, and we both knew that she knew what she was doing. She wrapped two hands around my cock and started stoking even faster. She could see that I was close to cumming, so she all of a sudden dropped my cock, and said "Steve I don't want this to end yet you wanna suck my tits.

Haley then took off her shirt and revealed her plump C-cup titties. Thank god that she wasn't stroking my cock, because I would have bust my nut right then and there. I started sucking on her pink areoles and sucked harder when she started moaning louder and louder.

After 2 minutes of sucking her plump tits, Haley looks at me and says in a cute voice, Steve can you please fuck my tits pleaseeeee. In an excited tone I said yes and then Haley scooted off the bed, pulled me toward her and placed my dick right between her plump luscious juicy tits and said, I have an idea. Haley then grabs a nearby lotion bottle and dumps half of it all over my dick and her tits. Then she started going up and down sliding my dick between her tits. I kept pumping my dick through her plump C-cup tits watching them bounce up and down. American dad sex stories then goes under her tits and jerks me from the bottom, while I tittyfuck her.

Then Haley would say something that would change my life forever. Haley then tells me, "Steve I wanna be your first" My eyes lit up and with that she pushed me back on the bed and climbed over me. Just relax she said, and with that she grabbed my cock and eased it into her pink pretty shaved pussy. Her pussy was so wet and tight, and it felt like my dick was struck by lightning but was charged by pleasure. Haley rode my dick bobbing up and down with her pussy. I then started moving my hips and pumping my dick into Haley, afterwards she started screaming in pure orgasmic bliss.

I turn around to see Haley playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She started moaning and shaking, which made me ask her if she was okay, and she replied In a shaky voice IM UH IM Haley didn't have to say that twice and walked quickly towards the bed, when she said WAIT. I grabbed her hips and inserted my dick in her pussy, and started fucking her at a slow pace, but rough.

Pumping in and out slowly must have been pure bliss to her because her legs started shaking American dad sex stories she slid off of my dick and turned around on her back, and I didn't know what she was gonna do, but she started rubbing her clit super fast. Then I asked her is she wanted to stop, when she quickly look at me and said "Oh no it's time for you to cum" in saying that she grabbed my cock and slid it into her pussy.

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I couldn't believe how wet she was, because she had just came but she was as wet as a full bath tub. Haley was oozing her fuck juice on my bed sheets, which encouraged me to fuck her even harder. Watching her tits bounce up and down was one of two things that set me over the edge.

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Except for her plumpy bouncing tits, Haley was playing with my balls, and it was extremely blissful. I then thanked my body that my balls were hanging far away from my body and not scrunched up. Haley juggled them up and down and pulled them down. This set me over the edge and I started pumping in and out of her as fast as I could. This put a jolt in my balls and I pulled out of Haley's mouth and she jerked my dick. I thought I was never gonna stop cumming. I then busted another stream of cum on her forehead, and then with one hard and fast pump down on my dick by Haley.

I spurted a huge hot load on her lower face which dropped down onto her tits. Then all of a sudden my mom Francine walked in and saw Haley with her mouth wrapped around my cock. Then saw all the cum all over her face and tits.

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We must of been a scene because Moms jaw dropped fast and and her arms both dropped down. Haley and I froze, but Haley slowly stroked my dick down and stopped, which made me cum a little bit more and 3 drops of cum landed in haleys mouth. And then i noticed that my dick was shockingly erect, but even more shocking then that was that mom was staring at my cock biting her nails. Then she closed the door behind her To be continued Let me know what you guys think and follow a young prospect in music "The Outcastkid" on soundcloud Read times Rated Please rate this text:.

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American dad sex stories

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