American horror story hotel fanfiction

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You swallow, somehow unable to respond. As she leans farther down, a lock of her hair falls from her elegant updo. The unusually freezing wind nipped at your face as you stumbled down the quiet Los Angeles street. But every time you inhaled that cold wind, you tasted it.

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It was like an old penny, metallic. Honestly, you were afraid to know what it was, or what it meant. Someone pushes past you, knocking you into the side of a brick building, mumbling under their breath. He quickly wipes his hand on his coat, and disappears back into the darkness. All you wanted was to find that tasteā€¦ Standing back up, you look above you, the neon light suddenly drawing your attention. Deciding to go in the building, you open the door, slowly walking in. A small bell above the door chimed as you entered, making your head spin in a fit of pain.

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The sound was much too loud. Clenching your fist, you continue forward to the empty reception desk, past the empty red seats and glamorous furniture. You fall, quickly catching yourself on the edge of the dark desk. You halfheartedly place your finger on the reception bell, earning no immediate response.

Sitting on the bed, the blood was overpowering.

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The more you told yourself this, though, the more power it gained over you until you sat in the corner of the bedroom, tears flowing down your cheeks as you tried to wipe the redness away from your lips. You have no reason to cry. He was tall, dark haired with piercing blue eyes the color of ice. The pair was gorgeous. Each of their features contrasted the other person, but they did share one thing; The couple had the same alluring feeling.

Your new senses were starting to level out, but you knew anything could set them off again like that bell did. You follow the pair of them back into the elevator.

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The elevator dings, the doors opening. In immediate sight, the room was a beautiful living area. Expensive furniture and art were dotted around the dark space, more neon s and lights hung on the walls to match. They lead you to the long, red sofa, allowing you to sit.

Almost instantly, you feel yourself relax as she hands you a full glass of fresh blood. It was ificantly better than those dying bodies you had fed on ly. We will hunt tomorrow evening. Donovan nods. Elizabeth fulfilled her promise of taking you on your first hunt the following night, Donovan not once complaining about not wanting to go out.

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Quickly, the relationship became very much like one of parent and. And, surprisingly, none of you minded.

American horror story hotel fanfiction

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FANFICTION #2 [The Countess and James]