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Warning : This is a BDSM-themed erotic story and contains non-consensual, sexual violence against women. You have been warned. This is a fantasy and one should always practice sane, safe and above all consensual play. The tasks that he ased her were always practicallyimpossible. He knew this and so did she. Yet every day she would struggle to finish whatever duties he had set for her, knowing full well that she was doomed to failure from the very beginning.

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But every day she desperately, frantically, tried to accomplish what he wanted, because not to do so would invite a punishment that would be ificantly worse than merely failing. He was lenient, if you could call it that, when she at least tried. It was the only reason why she kept trying.

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Today was not so bad, comparatively speaking. Her head was held back by a leather thong plaited into her long blonde hair. At least this time it was tied to a thick, metal butt-hook embedded deep in her stretched ass. Better her ass though, than to her clit ring. When the strain in her neck turned into painful cramps, she would relax and the weight of her head would force the steel intruder deeper inside her.

But with the clit ring, the agony of stretching her sensitive bud was considerably worse, with a risk of tearing the ring through that tiny knot of nerves. When she first started experimenting with her then partner, she did not have any piercing except in her ears. Now her young body was festooned with steel. Even naked, she had numerous places where attachments could be clamped to her pierced tongue, nipples, belly button, clit and labia.

Even her perineum, the skin between her pussy and ass hole sported a steel ring. Not to mention the permanently riveted manacles around her wrists and ankles and the steel collar around her slender neck. The reason her head was being held up was so that the dildo affixed to the frame in front of her could slide easier down her throat. It was a big, black rubber thing, at least ten inches in length, one of many such toys that had probed her exposed orifices.

She had long since learnt to suppress her gag reflex, hours of enforced deep-throat practice had taught her that. However her job was made harder by her bound arms, the hemp rope digging into the skin at elbow and wrist. The rope was tied to a beam running along the roof of the basement, forcing her to bend forward at the waist. The strain in her arms and shoulders from the strappado bondage was increased by a spreader bar locked to her ankles, keeping her legs spread wide.

Before her current owner, she led a rather ordinary life. She had her share of boyfriends and was no stranger to bedroom antics, but she never really felt fulfilled at the time. It was not until her last partner introduced a little tying up, a little roleplay, that she finally had her first orgasm. After that mind-blowing event she was hooked. Now, with her current owner she was lucky if he let her come at all. At Anal hook stories end of the dildo was a button. When she was able to thrust the dildo all the way down her mouth, her lips could push two buttons situated just above and below the rubber shaft.

When she did, little vibrating eggs that hung from thre tied to her clit and nipple rings would pulse. Normally this would be quite pleasurable. But two things kept her from reaching her climatic release. Firstly, by keeping the eggs on thre rather than pressed close to her flesh, the vibrations were enough to tease and tickle but not enough to push her over the edge. They were also weighted, to keep her tits and clit unbearably stretched. The other thing was the violet wand buried deep in her pussy. This was no ordinary, fun violet wand enjoyed by enthusiasts everywhere.

This one was modified so Anal hook stories it could give the mild stinging sensations that many found satisfying or it could produce a shock that could brand the skin. Currently, it was not set that high, but it came very close.

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And when her lips touched the buttons on the end of the dildo, the violet wand sparked to Anal hook stories life inside her slit, too painful to find any pleasure in it. Lastly, her feet was kept on tip-toes by two more buttons under each heel. These activated the violet wand but without what little pleasure she could gain from the vibrating eggs. In addition, it also electrified the butt-hook, making her sphincter tighten even more painfully around the steel invader. Several hours in and her body was coated with sweat from the exertion, stimulation and electric shocks, thighs and stomach taut with the strain.

Her task for today was to keep the buttons on the end of the dildo pressed for a combined total of 50 minutes for every hour she was in the basement. The problem was not her posture, though she had to nearly dislocate her shoulders each time she leaned forward to slide the thing inside her gullet.

It was not the eggs and wand, though they nearly drove her insane with frustration. But it was the simple fact that the dildo was too long for her to be able to breathe. So she knew and her owner knew there was no way she could accomplish her task.

A basement web-cam pointed at her glistening body ensured that she made every effort to try. Footsteps on the stairs meant that her owner was back at last. When she was being sold to him, if she had even had a hint of an idea about what she would have to endure with him, she would have run a thousand miles.

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At the time she did not. All she knew was that she craved more, much more than her partner could provide. She though that being sold to her owner was a roleplay. But for her partner it killed two birds with one stone. He though he was doing her a favor, and he got paid for it too. She soon learnt that this was anything but a roleplay. She applied herself to the dildo as she heard him approach. It would not do to have him think she was slacking off. She could not help but flinch when he stroked her sweat-stained back. His fingers trailed down to her ass, tickling the muscle that gripped the butt hook painfully.

The fingers slid lower, tweaking the ring between her butthole and her cunt and squeezing her reddened pussy lips still wrapped around the violet wand. She heard jingling sounds as he unbuckled his belt and she let out a muffled gasp as the wand was unceremoniously yanked out of her. Abruptly and with no warning, he ploughed his stiff member into her swollen cunt. Each thrust mashed her lips against the dildo buttons, the ribbed edges of the thick monster rubbing against her throat. Her Anal hook stories screamed in agony as he pushed against her strained body, the violet wand zapped uselessly on the floor, lying in a puddle of her juices.

Despite the pain, her body began to respond to the pounding of the real Anal hook stories and blood cock. The eggs vibrated and bounced by the force of his thrusts, sending tingling pleasure shooting through her. Unfortunately, he knew her all too well. He could feel her muscles tensing up in preparation for her long-awaited climax.

Just as quickly as he entered, he pulled out from her and grabbed her by her bound arms, pulling her back. Her heels fell onto the the buttons and instantly, electricity coursed into the butt-hook, setting her nerves on fire. As her mouth released the dildo, she let out a wail mixed with agony and and unrequited release, tears of frustration streaking down her flushed cheeks.

While he waited for her trembling body to recover, he looked at a timer connected to the dildo. Quietly he tsk tsk and her heart sank. The timer read 46 minutes per hour. For all her efforts of deep-throating herself until she was blue in the face, she came so close. But he already knew from the beginning that that she would not be able to make it, not without passing out from the effort.

He pushed the frame aside and whispered in her ear that if she could suck him to an orgasm in a minute he would consider being lenient.

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Setting the timer on his watch, he straddled her head and slide his cock between her lips. The practice had clearly paid off. She was even better than before, if that was even possible.

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He was glad that he had added two rows of studs running down the length of her tongue, the friction as she wriggled her tongue against his shaft was simply amazing.

Anal hook stories

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