Anus spanking stories

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I fully recognize that this is an odd and likely niche kink on my part. So thank you for reading, and I am always open to feedback. As things progressed and my parents were forced to escalate my discipline again because I kept acting out.

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I got a new kind of spanking. For this spanking mom had me fully naked in the living room before dinner. Timmy watched with his typical excitement as he saw his older sister stripped of every stitch of clothing. I had to bend over the arm of the couch. I heaitated but did as she said. I could feel the room air on my anus and the back of my pussy which made me feel extra exposed.

As my whole family stared at my little pink puckered hole, my dad got his belt. He held it so he had just seven or eight inches at the tip opposite the buckle end to swing. He took aim and flicked the tip of the belt firmly against my sensitive butt hole.

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I screeched and almost fell on the floor from how shocking and intense the pain was. You know a bad girls bottom is made for spanking. I was shaking with fear as I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart. It was agonizing as dad repeatedly struck my delicate sphincter. I was in tears. Instead of the punishment being spread out over my whole bottom, only my bottom hole got swat. When I was shaking with pain dad let me up. I was crying hard. Mom might have had sympathy for me except she saw the wet mark my pussy left on the arm of the couch.

My little pucker was more red now than pink, and more puffy and swollen. Every movement I made felt like a paper cut mixed with lemon juice.

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I got into position, which made my anus hurt. It also left me more exposed than usual. I had to keep my legs spread wide for balance which left my vagina spread wide. After just a few minutes my thighs began to burn from keeping myself up. I caught Timmy glancing over between my legs a few times. Somehow, being a pushy model made me even wetter as excitement mixed with shame. I was a broken girl by the time I was called for dinner.

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My legs ached and my butt hole was on fire. I sat there naked and uncomfortable at the table. Mom and dad seemed pleased I looked appropriately remorseful. I was good for almost a whole month after that punishment. I wished I had disobeyed them the very next day so they would have moved on and tried something else, but it was too late. They knew how to get me to behave better and I legitimately grew to fear their creative anus punishments.

The next three months were filled with new ways to torment my anus. I got a thin switch used between my butt cheeks several times and the belt on my pucker at least a couple. But the newest development was how my discipline began to extend outside the house from time to time. It started with being forced to wear a butt plug as part of my punishment, and not being allowed to remove it before we went to run an errand and such.

Mom was careful to mix things up to keep me on my toes by controlling my clothing when I was in trouble. Everyone knew that if I said the word, all this could be reduced to a sinple grounding. But we had all grown quite accustomed to me being treated as a second class family member, not even given the privilege of clothing when I was in trouble. In either case Timmy, dad, and mom knew my bottom hole was stretched open and that a thin piece of rubber resided uncomfortably in my rectum. There were also different plugs that mom would decide was appropriate for the infraction.

Some were thinner and probed deeper, while others were thicker to enhance the stretching sensation. The worst in my opinion were the ones with nubs or roughness in the neck where my anus clenched. Those irritated constantly. Mom seemed to enjoy taking to to the grocery Anus spanking stories or shopping with her when I had my plug in, but at least I was fully dressed then. It started with her taking me to an out of the way aisle and making me get my boobs out for a quick corrective nipple flick. But once the secret was out about the effectiveness of anal discipline, I could be handed a plug from her purse and told to put it in at anytime she was unhappy with my behavior.

The worst happened when I really ticked her off. It would burn the rest of the shopping trip. I spent a fair amount of the first half of being 16 stripped and with a Anus spanking stories butt hole, but it was my new normal and did keep my behavior in check. Source: reddit. post. I fainted with the cum leaking out of my pussy. Next post. Great job, keep it up. Please write more to this.

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Anus spanking stories

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