Ariana grande feet story

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Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. Ariana Grandes Foot Bitch. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 4 posts. Part 1 It's a lovely day in LA, you're out in the park enjoying the weather, having a lovely time, after a couple of hours spent walking around, snooping in a few shops you decide it's time to head home. So you slowly ponder on over to your car, while admiring the beautiful park, you finally reach your car and unlock it, get in and turn it on, you look up and notice in front you is a lovely titanium white Mercedes Benz, while distracted by the lovely vehicle you accidentally put your foot on the accelerator giving the luxury motor in front a dent, you start to panic You ask "W-Where are we going"?

Once you get into the great mansion she orders you to give your phone to her and tell her the passcode, again you follow her orders, and after you ask "Why'd your bring me here?

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She demands you to take off her shoes so you do so, and she angrily says "now rub my feet" you reply with "Wha-? She starts moaning. You hesitantly open your mouth and she shoves her toes in there and orders for you to suck them so you begin to and you start to taste all the sweat and saltiness of the foot, she starts to roar with laughter, she then picks up your phone and threatens to send pictures to all your friends if you don't do a good job so you plead her not too.

You sit there, creasing inside hoping for this to end. She stops with the strokes and instructs you to to lay down facing the ceiling, she still has your phone so you lay down.

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You look up and see she is still on your phone but not telling you what she'd doing. Dream scenario Thanks for this story, re quite well! Nice story, but I wanted to add that Arianna Grande cannot drive to save her life! Tero Wright.

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There's a reason 2nd-person stories are hard to do, because I for one would not run into someone's car like an idiot for starters. This would've been much better off told in either 1st or 3rd-person.

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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Ariana Grande’s Feet