Asking to be spanked stories

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Rather than edit out references to minors and parentswe leave it to visitors the insert the appropriate wording e. You want to be spanked: what do you do next? It is clear that many find the next step very difficult to take. But remember that, if you do not communicate your desire to your parent, nothing is likely to happen. By far the best way is to mention spanking in conversation. It might be that you could say that a friend has been spanked. There might be an item in a newspaper or magazine. At this stage, you are not talking about being spanked yourself : you are talking about others.

If you know that a friend of your parents spanks teenagers, you could ask him or her to raise the topic with your folks. A relative, who believes in spanking, would be an alternative. If none of these work, you could write a letter or ask your parents to look at an appropriate web.

However, you must remember that once you have asked, the matter is probably out of your hands. Whether or not your bottom is bare, what you are spanked with, how many whacks, etc — these may be decided for you. If you have strong views on these matters, try to make sure that they are discussed as soon as your parents have agreed to spank you when necessary. To wait until you are in trouble is almost certainly too late!

Be very careful if you are thinking of asking someone else to spank. Asking to be spanked stories are some people who really enjoy spanking teenagers. They are a real danger: avoid them! If you feel that you have no alternative but to go down the road of being spanked by someone other than a parent, then choose someone you know very well and trust absolutely.

Basically, I would suggest sitting down with your parents and telling them that you realize that you have certain behaviour patterns that are interfering with your life, and making your relationship with your parents less fulfilling than it should be. Tell them honestly that the methods of punishment they are currently using with you do not seem to be working, and that you feel that spankings, administered by the parent of the same gender, would be more helpful. Ask them to try this as an experiment: For a set period of time, perhaps six months to a year, you would be punished by being spanked.

If, after the time is up, there has not been a ificant improvement in your behaviour and attitudes, your parents will revert to the disciplinary methods they had been using in the past. Or they might agree to this: They would continue to ground you for certain offences, and spank you for other. You would discuss in advance which offences are groundable, and which are spankable. This would show which method really works better, by showing which offences are more greatly decreased.

If you are currently under punishment, try going to your parents and asking them whether the Asking to be spanked stories time of your sentence could be erased with a spanking. If your parents are totally opposed to spanking, respect their decision.

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If, however, they agree to try this form of punishment, I would suggest drawing up a contract, which shall be kept hidden from prying eyes. We, the undered, do hereby agree that as of this date, spankings shall be administered for the following offences. Not more than one spanking in a certain period of time. If you have committed more than one offence in that time period, one spanking will cover all of them. Finally, tell your parents not to be afraid to make you cry.

Some further Asking to be spanked stories for teenagers wanting to persuade their parents to spank them, from another reader:. Another reader sent in this additional advice for teenagers whose parents have agreed to try using spanking as a punishment:. The next time you break a rule, remind your parents of the agreement you have made with them, but do NOT deliberately break a rule in order to see whether or not your parents will actually follow through with a spanking.

Being spanked should be at least as unpleasant as being grounded, so that you will want to avoid the behaviour which led to the spanking. You might have to wait for your spanking, because both you and your parents will want privacy, and time to administer the spanking properly. Waiting will not do you any harm. I do think, however, that a younger child should be spanked as soon after the offence as possible. When this system is used, the person being spanked often forgets what each demerit is for.

However, if your parents have agreed to spank you for only one fault, the demerit system might work for you.

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For reasons of modesty, the parent of the opposite sex should not be present when a spanking is administered. If, however, the only parent you have is one of the opposite sex, you might agree to the one of the following: Spankings shall be given fully-clothed, instead of on the bare bottom or underwear.

Teenager will bend over Asking to be spanked stories, rather than lying across lap. It is one thing for a spanking to be a humbling experience, but it should not be humiliating. If you feel that you do not deserve a spanking, speak up. Your parents will not want to punish you unfairly. When you are about to get a spanking that you know you deserve, it is up to you to make it as easy as possible on your parents, since you are the one who suggested that they punish you in this way. Prepare and position yourself without making any fuss about it. In fact, maybe you should ask to be spanked hard enough to make you cry.

After all, the whole point is that you are being punished severely enough to take the place of a longer punishment. Hugging after a spanking is very important. When is a man too old to hug his father? You are wondering if this spanking agreement was a mistake. Not to get preachy, but the mistake was in the wrongdoing, not in the punishment. That depends on whether or not your parents want you to talk about it they might consider it to be a private family matter and how much you really trust your friends.

Who knows? They might decide to ask their parents to spank them instead of grounding them. In some ways, it is worse. Finally, remember that one of the main reasons for switching over to spankings instead of other punishments is to bring you and your parents closer together.

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Therefore, you should now try to spend more time with them. There is a big difference between staying home because you are grounded, and staying home in order to have some more family time. Kindly let me realize so that I could subscribe.

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When my wife has to paddle me cause i ahvew jkust driven her frustration level too far—I totally have it coming—Its bare assed bending over and it hurts—but things are then fine between us—-the odd part is: I want to take a nap agter she paddles me—obvoiusly on my belly! I rarely take a nap but after a bare paddling I want to sleep and so i do——any other guys have this habitafter they get a deserved paddling?? Not looking for a job.

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Since she has said that and seems to support spanking, I figured I could bring it up some time, especially since we have a lot of days together because of her new schedule. I would be extremely embarrassed if he knew. Any ideas? I well remember the Times I have been put across both male and femal Knee and Given a very hard bare bottom hand spanking.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Alternatively ask one of those in 1. Either way you will get the spankings you need. Suggest that it is a little unreasonable to reject the idea without giving it a trial and propose that your parents spank you for an agreed period or give you an agreed of spankings and then review the ; this also has the benefit of revealing to parents that spanking a teenager may not be as unpleasant or traumatic as they might have thought.

See if you can find someone who agrees with your view and whom your parents respect, eg pastor, school principal or professional person and Asking to be spanked stories your parents to speak to them. Point out to your parents that administering spankings can sometimes be helpful in relieving parents of the stress and frustration of bringing up teenagers. Say that you think that spankings would help strengthen your relationship with them and make you feel closer to them.

Another reader sent in this additional advice for teenagers whose parents have agreed to try using spanking as a punishment: The next time you break a rule, remind your parents of the agreement you have made with them, but do NOT deliberately break a rule in order to see whether or not your parents will actually follow through with a spanking. Spanking for the over fifties. Next Spanking power exchanges. Hi, it should be: Spankinglife.

Asking to be spanked stories

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