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Inappropriate Proposal - Aunt's Feet - Fiction. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 29 posts 1 2 3 Next. Wow - what a surprise to see this forum active again, I used to frequent here a lot way back when With that in mind, I have recently completed a foot femdom story on another forum and would love to share with you fine folks. The story is quite large, over 10 chapters and is complete, so there wont be any long delays in posting, will aim to get 2 chapters up every other night.

Here are the first It's inspired by a great story that I believe originated on here called 'Inappropriate Urges' about a boy and his mother, where she lightly humiliates him and makes him her slave I think that 'soft' humiliation is a very underrated concept, so I'm going to try my hand at this, however my story will focus on a similar relationship between a young man and his aunt.

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It's a bit of a slow burn and takes place over a longer period of Aunt foot fetish stories, with the action escalating as we go on. I do have ideas to add, like a sequel, after the initial story has ended if people want it.

The first chapter mainly sets the scene but I'm hoping to have part of the second chapter up soon. It's written in quite a light- hearted, toungue-in-cheek way to match the fun tone of the story. As always, feedback is welcome Inappropriate Proposal - Chapter 1 Daniel was an average 18 year old boy, who lived in an average sized house, in an average sized town, who got average grades and was about to attend an average university after an average UK summer Now Rachel, who was in her early 30's, was strikingly beautiful.

Wavy, red hair landing just below her shoulders, tanned skin and a toned body. Rachel, was keen to ensure her body stayed that way, a slim ' UK size 10', pert chest and curvy behind, which meant she was never short of male attention whether at the Aunt foot fetish stories, out jogging or on a night out with her girlfriends. She however, as Daniel always found odd, never seemed to have been in a relationship. He vaguely remembered her being engaged when she was in her early 20's but the relationship ended badly as her fiance was in the words of Daniel's mother Some time later, Rachel would come out as bisexual, but even then, Daniel couldn't remember her ever bringing a girl home to meet the family.

After a few years of living in the city, Rachel returned home and moved in with her sister Daniel's mother about 2 years ago. Daniel's parents worked away through the week, so reached out to Rachel to see if she would consider moving home to look after Daniel. Truth be told, Rachel was feeling homesick anyway and was getting fed up of the expensive city as well as her "annoying housemates" As she worked 'freelance', it didn't affect her income and therefore seemed like a no-brainer to return home.

Rachel was so different from her sister, she was much more carefree and laid back. Daniels parents were no bores by any means, especially his mum when she had a drink, but they paled in comparison to Rachel's energy and spark. Rachel got on very well with her sister and brother-in-law, but really had a soft spot for Daniel, her only nephew. Their relationship had always been strong and she was always there to give advice, chill with and banter with.

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To Daniel, she seemed more like a big sister than an aunt. As he grew through his teenage years, he found himself developing an urge to be humiliated by girls. He fantasized about them taunting him, ordering him around and putting him in compromising positions. As an offset from this need to submit, he developed an attraction to a certain part of the female anatomy well, two parts to be exact Daniel, was infatuated by feet, he day-dreamed nearly all day at college about being caught staring at one of his classmate's feet and being punished accordingly - made to smell their stinky feet fresh Aunt foot fetish stories of their flats, made to lick their dirty feet after walking the length of the football field barefoot or being made to cum into their stinky sweaty socks and have the cum-soaked sock stuffed into his mouth were among his favorites.

Daniel's fantasies didn't stay confined at school however; I mean, how could they when the best pair of feet he's ever seen belonged to, you guessed it, his aunt Rachel. Rachel wore a UK size 7, which encased her slender feet, high arches and perfectly formed toes which were always painted a bright, inviting colour like pink, purple or sky blue. Her soles were creamy white which contrasted to her tanned tops and she always wore a string ankle bracelet which just seemed to accentuate the features of her shapely ankles and mesmerizing feet.

As much as Daniel loved having his aunt back living with him, as he was now older, he found himself having increasingly inappropriate urges about wanting to touch her feet, to smell them, to taste them; so much so that it was starting to become torturous. She unknowingly teased him constantly, complaining about her tired feet after a run, leaving her sneakers and dirty sweaty socks by the front door, commenting on how bad her feet stunk - she even once jokingly said that it was lucky Daniel was a good kid, because if he was trouble she would make him smell them as punishment.

That statement alone was the inspiration for many of Daniel's 'happy times', which in turn escalated to using Rachel's socks and if he was feeling bold enough, her gym sneakers to get himself off. However, after he had come back to earth, he always had a sinking feeling of guilt, that something was wrong with him for lusting after a member of his family, especially in such an unorthodox way.

However, his inner turmoil and guilt soon melted away with the sight of his aunt's shapely feet firstly slipping out of her running shoes, followed by her peeling her trainer socks from her sweat glistened soles, as she returned home from a run. He plucked up the courage once to ask her if she wanted a foot Aunt foot fetish stories in response to her complaining, but she said that she loved him too much to subject him to the torture of her smelly feet as "they smelt fucking rank" she informed him with a chuckle to herself and stated she was off to have a much needed shower.

The irony was not lost on Daniel who was aware she was torturing him by not torturing him, which she remained oblivious to. Daniel did plan to ask again when she finished her shower but he heard her call out that she was tired and going straight to bed. He reed himself to the fact that his opportunity had gone, as he didn't want to keep pushing the massage or otherwise he'd raise suspicion. He looked at the doorway, there, his aunt's stinky socks and trainers lay, like a forbidden treasure. He knew, he could just take them to his room, like he had done so many times, but this time he stopped himself.

He persuaded himself that this infatuation with his aunt was unhealthy and he needed to ween himself off his cravings with his aunts feet. He knew that not only was it wrong, but also that it only led down the road to frustration, so right then and there he decide he was going to quit his aunt's feet Aunt foot fetish stories 2 The 'cold turkey' approach to giving up his aunt Rachel's feet was not easy for Daniel, but he had managed well for the last 3 weeks.

He hadn't stole socks, trainers or took sneaky candid pictures of her feet once. He felt that he had turned a corner, especially as he had now started his summer holidays and was around his aunt a lot more during the day and it seemed she was ALWAYS Barefoot in the house!

Like most addicts who are trying to quit, Daniel swapped out his infatuation with his aunt's feet to scouring the web for femdom humiliation content. Forced feet sniffing, dirty feet licking, food trampling and cum eating got the most hits from Daniel's searches, especially that last one, there was just something about being forced to eat your cum that was especially humiliating and degrading and therefore embedded itself into Daniel's sexual psyche.

He had no same-sex urges whatsoever, so the thought of a girl making him eat cum seemed even more humiliating and much worse or better, depending on your perspective! But today would be different Daniel theorized that the reason he never went through with the task was because he was too much in control and as soon as he finished, the urge to humiliate himself went away; also there was no ability for not completing the task - the girl on the video wasn't going to scold him was she?!

So today, Daniel had concocted a plan that would make sure he wouldn't be able to chicken out. Firstly, he was going to lay on his bedroom floor, with his head against the front of his closet.

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He then tied a dressing gown cord around his ankles, hoisted his legs up against the closet door and tied the other end Aunt foot fetish stories the cord around the closet handle. He was now in a precarious position, where he had no choice but to finish on his own face. He made sure that he could obviously untie himself but not that he could do it quickly or easily.

Once lying there, he searched online for a to call a dominatrix he still hadn't built up the confidence to visit a cam-sitewho would instruct him to finish in such a humiliating way. He found one from the UK, who specialised in humiliation and footplay. He plugged his headphones into his phone and into his ears and laid a solitary, sweaty, dirty powder-pink trainer sock over his nose it was of course his aunt Rachel's, but he told himself that he hadn't broken his pact, it was just to provide extra stimulus to the phone sessiontook a deep breath and dialed After listening to the intro's, Daniel was finally rewarded with a question asked in direct but sultry manner "This is Mistress Leigh, to whom am I speaking?

He didn't feel comfortable using his real name and for some reason, Jack was the first name that came to mind. Sensing his nervousness and recognising a novice when she heard one, Mistress Leigh, softened up slightly with the next question, "Well Jack, firstly, You will address me as Miss Leigh at all times and secondly, what brings you to me today? Wow, I can begin to smell them already haha! If you were here right now, I would make you smell and lick in between my trainer and my foot you know. Okay, I'm sliding them off my sexy socked feet now, oh my God, they fucking stink!

I think I need to throw them in the bin really; the insole is black! Or maybe Would you buy them from me? Then you could smell and lick and even eat your dinner out of them if you wanted! Not yet though, so take your hand of your cock for a second. I need to tell you about my socks - they are so damp and drenched with Aunt foot fetish stories, I'm going to leave little wet footprints where I walk on my wooden floor!

Would you lick the footprints for me Jack? Worship the ground I walk on to earn the right to worship my sweaty, sexy feet? I bet you would you little pervert haha! Now, didn't you say you have a dirty sock there with you boy? How Masculine! Daniel could feel his cheeks burn red.

You mum's? You've stolen it from a neighbours washing line hmm? Shall we see hmm? I bet you would love me to take my socks off and let you lick my soles and between my toes wouldn't you? So this is what is going to happen next, I'm going to count you down to 10 and when I get to 1, I want you to fill your mouth with your hot sticky mess. I want you to continue to hold your aunt's sock over your nose and breath deeply as you stroke, so that you feel nothing but shame when your urges subside and you're left with nothing but a mouthful of cum and nostrils full of foot sweat where your pride should be, are you ready foot bitch?

I can hear you breathing heavily already, don't tell me you're not going to last 10 seconds Now if any gets on your aunt's sock, you know you have to suck it out right? Like I am now? He bucked his hips as he sprayed everywhere; down his face, in his hair, his eyes and yes some in his mouth too. Miss Leigh must have known, as he heard her stop counting and begin laughing. However, Aunt foot fetish stories all of his thrusting, he pulled a little too hard on the closet door that he was tied to and a few board games came tumbling off the top of the closet, banging onto the wooden floor; then he heard it Is everything alright up there?

He wasn't too worried about that as he hadn't heard any response from Miss Leigh since the fracas started, so he assumed she had gone; to be honest, he had a much larger fear of is aunt finding him in the in-explainable, compromising position he was unable to free himself from That fear was realised with the opening of a door handle, "Why didn't you answer me Dan, everything okay in he? She stood frozen for a second in the doorway with her phone in her hand. Dan couldn't look at her and lay there, almost in tears, looking straight ahead.

Rachel must have been mid phone call to someone, probably his mum, as he heard her say as she turned around, "Look, I'll need to call you back okay" No response Are you still there? Only it wasn't an echo. The voice was coming from Daniel's phone laying on the floor. The both looked at the phone puzzled until it dawned on both of them. An ice cold shiver went down the back of Rachel's spine and she shook her head I came back from a long hiatus on this site at the right time, it seems. Thank you for your feedback and encouragement, it was one of my main goals for this story to make the characters as grounded as possible.

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Please enjoy Chapter 3 which deals with the fallout and sets up the rest of the story Rachel sat on the sofa in the living room, still attempting to comprehend what happened. It was one thing catching your nephew masturbating, its quite another walking in on what she saw and definitely another thing knowing that you guided him to that result!

As she sat there, a of feelings swirled around her head Rachel's sister, Sarah, knew that she worked as a lifestyle writer and that a big part of her work focused on erotica and fetishism, however, she didn't know about Rachel's other forms of income, namely domination. What would Sarah say if she knew that Rachel was running a sex from out of her house and furthermore, her son was her newest client!

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It was the first thing she said out loud since the incident. Why did he have to ring me?

Aunt foot fetish stories

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