Auto closet tg story

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Jeremy and his twin brother Richard was a 12 year old androgynous model who was asked to do a photo shoot the second he heard about the photo shot he said Auto closet tg story would do it without checking what it was. Jeremy and Richard were confused, when they saw themselves they couldn't see themselves as boys in the photos but what they saw was of teenage girls wearing girls school dress uniforms. Jeremy and Richard began to ask why the photos can you please don't put our real names with these photos so we won't get bullied at school when the photos come out please everyone involved with the photo shoot agreed and said what names do you want on these photos instead can we have a minute to decide what name Richard and I would like on our photo ok if you need to use a computer there is one of there in the office over there you can use thanks.

The twin went back and can you put on mine Paige and on Richards Sophie and while we are dressed as girls can you please use our new girl names and the feminine pronouns while we are dressed like this so no one who does not know the truth needs to know so it will not ruin what we did here and the photo because useless and we get bullied at school said Sophie.

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Alice asked the question discussed in the phone call and the twins said we were mistaken for girls because of our androgynous looks after we were dressed we told everyone but it was to late and we ed a waver. Alice said oh but I would still like to use you both because you are exactly what I am looking for if you say yes I will use you in all of my t ransgender and cross-dressing clothes line if it is ok with you both can you have a minute then the twin talked it over and said ok but if we have to do it I don't anyone else to know because we don't want to get bullied.

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Auto closet tg story

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