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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. After a long stint working all over the world I had finally moved back to my home town. I'd been in the Babysitter incest stories for a while then a good few years in the private sector and when my Aunt passed my only relative I used it as an excuse to move back and settle down. I'd been home a few months when I ran into an old friend, she'd always been a woman I had crushed on as a kid but she was never single.

Oh, this, is my daughter Mary, she is 6 going on 30 and likes to keep me on my toes. After that first meeting I couldn't get enough of Claire.

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She was still the gorgeous, large breasted and fun woman I used to daydream about, she'd aged really well and looked like she was in her late Babysitter incest stories rather than late 30's. We went out a lot and after maybe 8 months of dating she asked me to move in, mostly I think because she hated my apartment. I got on pretty well with her kid too, she was fun and friendly and took to me pretty quickly. One weekend, after we'd been dating maybe a year or so, we went out for dinner and Claire brought her usual babysitter home, I'd never met her before then, she seemed really nice.

Claire and I had a really nice night, she got pretty drunk but I was driving so it didn't matter. Amber lived a good 30 minutes away but Claire was good friends with her Mom and she trusted her.

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She was 19, slim and pretty with blue eyes and short blonde hair. A few minutes into the drive though she got really flirty and started asking really personal questions. She finally took the hint and left, I waited until she was inside her house then drove home. I told Claire all about it. She just laughed. Anyway, we still chat, I promised I'd ask you before we have sex again. Do you want to know how good she tasted? Claire took off the silk robe she was wearing and laid back on the bed, I pulled my t-shirt off and got between her legs and started licking her, not stopping until she was pushing me away after several orgasms.

My cock was as hard as steel by that point, I turned her onto all fours and pushed into her and quickly built up a furious pace, our bodies slapping together as I fucked her. I came pretty quickly, pushing in deep as I groaned in pleasure. Claire sucked our juices from my cock then pulled my arms round her as we spooned. I did as she asked, she snapped a picture of my softening cock with her phone and pulled up her messenger.

I watched as she messaged Amber, asked if she was in bed then sent her the picture she'd just taken with 'my cum is still on this, wish you were here to help clean it off' as the caption. I will give you the opportunities to have her, is up to you if you take them or not. When you do though I insist on you telling me in detail. It was a few weeks before anything happened with Amber, I got home from work and was greeted at the door by Claire who was just wearing lingerie.

I showered and when I came out of the en suite dried, naked and already semi hard in anticipation I stopped dead. Amber was laying on our bed naked, her legs open and was being fingered by Claire. They both looked at me smiling. I felt a little like a deer in headlights but when Claire crawled to the edge of the bed where I was standing and started sucking my cock I soon snapped out of it and admired the pretty blonde on our bed with her shaven pussy glistening with her juices.

Once Claire had sucked me to full hardness she had me get up onto the bed with them, knelt up and held me then whispered in my ear. I got between Amber's legs and Claire guided my cock into her then leaned on her elbow to watch. I pushed in slow, savoring her tightness and the look on her face as I filled her. By the time I was fully inside she was breathing heavier and had a look of pleasure on her face.

I let her feel my full balls resting against her pussy for a few seconds then began to thrust, taking my cock almost out to the tip then pushing deep into her each time. She Babysitter incest stories to cum after about 6 or 7 thrusts and was climaxing every few seconds before I got close. I pulled her up onto all fours then pushed inside her again then started slamming into her.

She was moaning in pleasure as our bodies slapped together, I lasted another 5 minutes then I couldn't hold back, I pushed in deep then almost roared as my cock pulsed as I sprayed my cum deep into her. She came again when I filled her then when I was done she slumped forward onto the bed, a sated grin on her face.

Watching my girlfriend eat my cum from the woman I'd just fucked would have done it but Amber's mouth was pretty wonderful. She hard me as hard as steel in no time but she kept sucking until she had came and Claire had her get off. I didn't last as long as usual inside Claire but I still managed to make her cum a few times before I sprayed what I had left in my balls into her. I think we made it to 3am, I was pretty worn out by the time we both fell asleep.

Claire took her home after lunch, picking up Mary from her Mom's on her way back. We didn't need Amber for a few weeks but when we did, Claire picked her up and I was tasked with taking her home again. Claire had spent our entire date teasing me too so I was pretty horny already when she whispered 'take her to the park and fuck her first' when she hugged me. Claire kissed her and whispered in her ear too but she never told me what she said. I'd no sooner pulled out the driveway with Amber when she leaned over and was fishing my cock from my boxers.

The park Claire told me to take her to was in a nice secluded area not far from Amber's. I parked out of site then had her stand at the passenger door, lean over her seat then pulled her panties to the side and fucked her. She came a couple of times before I erupted, holding my cock deep until I had given her all of my seed then pulled out, put her panties back in place and drove her home. When I got home Claire was waiting Babysitter incest stories me in bed.

Things went the same way for the next few months, I'd fuck Amber in the park or our car if the weather was bad then go home and tell Claire all about it while I fucked her. Things took a strange turn however. We were hosting a cookout to celebrate Claire and I getting engaged, Amber and her Mom were there as well as a few close friends and co-workers. I was cooking when Claire brought a woman to me. I got the house, he got to keep his clothes. I only kept his name for Amber's sake.

It took until after the party for us to get the time, Amber and Francis sat at our dining table across from Claire and I. I also don't want anything, my ex's infidelity set me and my daughter up for life. I just need you to know Marcus, the night before you told me you had to leave for the Army I got pregnant, Amber is your daughter. My ex fired blanks, we tried for years to have kids but we went to a clinic and he couldn't.

Besides, when I met him I was already two months along, he knew and took her as his Babysitter incest stories. You were the only other man I slept with before I was married. Life still goes Babysitter incest stories for us all. Amber spends quite a few nights a week at our place, she calls me Daddy Babysitter incest stories she wants it really hard but we never really talk in depth about it.

Claire and I married, she had Amber as one of her bridesmaids and I spent the week before only being allowed to fuck Amber. As for me, well I take a lot more of my vitamin supplements these days I've read a of your stories, and find a common issue of missing words.

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To me, this indicates you are self editing. Missing words when self editing happens because your brain is messing with you when you proofread. It's filling in what you wanted to write, instead of what you actually wrote.

A simple help for this is to read your work aloud when you proof. Read as if you are reading to an audience; project your voice, change volume, and emphasize certain words to enhance the written word. What this Babysitter incest stories is make your brain work harder than when you are reading silently.

With your brain working harder, it won't be able to fuck with you and insert words which aren't there. Also, it will help your dialogue sound more natural. If you stumble, hesitate or pause while you are reading, the passage needs work. Same goes for narrative. It will likely help you with grammatic errors, as well, as it is harder to enunciate incorrect grammar, than it is to read it to one's self. Hope this helps, your creativity is too good, and your story arcs are too solid to be marred by technical errors. I enjoyed your story and like several others, I wish it was longer.

Unlike the others, I think this story is now complete and maybe you missed some opportunities. The following is intended to aid your future output, so please take it as constructive criticism. A technical tip. This sentence: "Thank you Marcus. Okay, to your story and missed opportunities. This story would have been much better if you had fleshed it out further. Then she could have commented on similar features they shared and slowly built up to the finale. The reveal Francis made was far too quick.

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Maybe you should have had Marcus figure it out himself, then deal with the conflicting guilt and wonderful sex. IMO that would have been far more erotic. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now!

Babysitter incest stories

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