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Post by mattjensen » 1 year ago. Post by Bondage93 » 1 year ago. Post by humbled32 Babysitter tickle story 1 year ago. Post Reply topic Next topic. Another day, another stupid set of kids to look over. The seventeen year old slips out of a car with a sigh, and flips her curly, strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder. Might as well pretend to be enthusastic. Her bright blue eyes seem to sparkle for a second, and she throws her backpack on. She sets for the door at a trot, not wasting any time. She waits patiently after ringing the doorbell, a manufactured smile plastered on her face, obscuring the contempt within.

At least she's gonna get paid for this. Hardly worth it to sit around and pretend to be entertained by kids all night. The door swings inward with a swoosh, revealing the lady of the house. She too has blonde hair, but it's straight rather than curly, and more dark.

It's very long, and reaches to her lower back. Her eyes are green, and their sparkle puts Marissa's to shame. She's ushered inside, and the lady doesn't break her smile. I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz. Marissa smiles at the hospitality; she can't help it, even if her inner demons are raging.

Liz chuckles, giving a knowing smile. She knows something Marissa doesn't. Why don't I show you around? She yelps and jumps towards Liz, a few giggles escaping. I'm ticklish! Show me around. I can follow. Anyway, this is the fridge He's allergic to this, don't touch this All that cold air, gone to waste. Liz playfully takes advantage of the distraction though, darting her hand to Marissa's side and giving a few lightning fast squeezes.

She yelps, shutting her eyes and recoiling to the side. Babysitter tickle story that out! She's been set on a ticklish edge, and her body is primed and ready to laugh. Liz chuckles, smiling innocently. I didn't mean to, I promise! I was just reaching over, and thought your side was the fridge handle She smiles innocently, as if to say "See, there? After she composes herself, she frowns. I don't quite buy it, but whatever.

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She doesn't hate getting tickled, but she doesn't love it either. It's kinda cute that the mother of the household is trying to make her squirm like that. Liz le on, pushing her from behind again. Marissa protests the entire time. She slyly spiders her fingers up Marissa's sides again, eliciting a brief recoil and a stint of giggles, as well as much scowling afterwards.

Yes I do. I'm the mother here. I'm not creeped out or anything. She doesn't want to be found out, that's for sure. That's weird. Food is here, spices there She traces slowly up Marissa's back, not hard enough for her to notice but enough to make her squirm just a bit. When directed to pull out one of the outer shelves so the contents could be explained, Liz shoots her hand over to the Babysitter tickle story armpit, rapidly wiggling her fingers for a few seconds.

Marissa clamps her arm down, squeaking like a little girl. At least tell me! I was reaching up to get the drawer! Again, "Look, see? That familiar knot is building in her stomach; when there's anticipation of it happening, but no indication of when or how.

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It distracts her for the rest of the kitchen lecture. Once Liz finishes there, she shepards Marissa to the den. She's plopped down on the couch, and then ed. Liz has a TV guide, and it's spread across their laps, with their hands under. Marissa keeps her arms against her sides, suspicious of another attempt. As she's explaining the channels for a very antsy Marissa, her free hand, still underneath the guide, starts to pinch and squeeze her babysitter's thigh, right above the knee.

She violently recoils, squealing with ticklish glee, flying off the couch. It leaves her feet exposed. Liz, pretending to be concerned if she's hurt, lazily runs her fingertips across the other party's arches, causing no small amout of squealing and kicking. Then, she grabs Marissa's ankles and pulls her back. Why are you doing this? She puffs it away with her breath.

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Liz just smiles, faking remorse again. I was trying to grab the remote! She frowns, her face frumping up. Alright, Miss. Why don't we finsh up the tour, and you can get going? Liz nods, everything finally coming together. Follow me, I'll show you their room. She tries to Babysitter tickle story Liz a few pokes, and even manages to get a few giggles, although she gets zero acknowledgement that it's happening.

It's decorated with everything you might expect, with baseball posters on the walls, a cutesy little lamp on a table, and even a blue racecar bed. Liz le right to the center of the room. Freshly made, like it hasn't been slept in in a while Before she can finish that thought, she feels fingers grasping and wiggling up her sides, perfectly filed half-moon nails sending shocks up and down her spine as she's pushed forward onto the bed and straddled by Liz.

You are NOT doing this. Don't make me your surrogate. My boy just went off to college, and I need somebody to She briefly melts into a squirmy puddle of giggles. There ya go. I'll NOT be doing any of that, thank you! I'll be taking my stuff and leaving! I'll pay you double.

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The motherly, perfect nails start to skitter all over the teenager's soft, flat tummy, prompting her to first snort, then melt into a stream of bubbly, happy giggles, her arms thrashing around. I WILL! I proohohomise! Her body is saying no, but her mind is saying yes. It's super weird, but hey, getting tickled and calling a stranger mommy isn't the WORST thing, right? Liz pulls her hands up in the air, wiggling them above Marissa's body. She squeals and jerks up into the air, snorting, then squealing repeatedly. The tickling will get to her before long, though, she knows.

She has a love hate relationship, but that only goes for a few minutes. Longer than that, and She also squeezes Marissa's thighs again, making her break into full on hysterics. Mommy looooooves to tickle cuties senseless! She snorts and squirms around, trying to stop Liz's hands with her own. It's fruitless; Liz is much stronger, and her arms are still pinned up above her head. No tihihickles! Mommy, no mohohore! She digs her fingers forcefully into Marissa's pits, sliding her feet up along her arms.

At the same time, she pushes Marissa's shirt over her head, leaving her topless. Marissa melts into much more happy, relaxed giggles. Not to say she isn't desperate for escape, still; it's just that this isn't quite torture. Liz does give a brief respite, although it's only to open a table-side drawer, a panting Marissa still wiggling underneath. I'm tihihcklish Maybe mommy wanted to surprise you, silly. Her feet are still restraining Marissa's arms, and now the feather dusters are lightly floating in the air above her feet. I'm ticklish, don't use those on me.

I'll die. She shakes her feet around, giggling and squealing like a little nut as they swish ever downward, onto the dangerously sensitive undersides of her toes and arches. This isn't the first time she's done this, that's for sure Soon after, Marissa can feel Liz's feet start to move.

Then settle in her pits She squeals again, throwing her head Babysitter tickle story and bouncing around on the matress, her freed arms clamping down immediately. A few seconds later, Liz lets her go, dropping the duster to the ground and rolling off of her. You're gonna clean the house for me. Let me go Babysitter tickle story some more appropriate clothes for you

Babysitter tickle story

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