Batgirl unmasked story

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NOTE: The following story contains elements of an adult nature, and those under 18 years of age, or those who are offended by bondage, non-nonsensual sex, bondage, rape and torture should read no further. Batgirl is copyright by DC comics, and is used without their permission or consent.

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No monetary compensation has been, nor shall be received for the distribution of this story. For the rest of you who crave this stuff, read on and enjoy Roger Cornby looked out into the darkness of Gotham and waited in the shadows for his victim. He was a large man, a couple inches over six feet and weighed well over two hundred pounds, yet there was very little fat to him. He was dressed all in black from head to toe, despite the heat and humidity of the June night.

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He even wore thin leather gloves and a black knit hood which only revealed his intense blue eyes which took in everything around him. He did not hear it yet, but knew that it was still early for her to make her appearance. He had about 12 minutes left before Batgirl made her appearance on the scene. A slight smile crossed his lips under his mask as he anticipated their upcoming meeting. It was a meeting that she would never forget. Roger was a crook by trade.

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A thief and extortionist of great skill. He had been taught by the best there was. His eyes hardened as he remembered her. Her grace, her skill, her cruelty. She was a very sexy woman, though she preferred women to men, so he had never had the chance to give her a tumble. And two dominants rarely mixed, not without violence, and certainly without joy. He had been out of jail for several months now and decided it was time to go into business for himself. But it was Batgirl that he wanted. It had taken him several months to formulate his plan, steal Batgirl unmasked story for the capital for his projects, and to set everything up in secret.

Even his ex-boss Catwoman had no idea that he was Batgirl unmasked story or had any indication that someone else was ripping off the rich of Gotham. He smirked as he thought that she had probably been blamed for a couple of his crimes. He carefully checked his equipment again to make sure it was all in place and easily accessible when he would need it. All was in readiness. He looked across the alley to the doorway that he had left unsecured and slightly ajar as a lure to Batgirl.

It was located where she would ride by it on her regular patrol. He had watched her for a month, following her, timing her, learning her habits. No, he would learn all about her soon enough. Barbara Gordon finished her exercises and opened her secret closet.

It was time to become Batgirl and she felt ready. There was something in the air tonight and she wanted to get out into the city. Someone had been making themselves known to her during the last week, burglarizing several penthouses and making off with small fortunes each time. The person was good, able to easily circumvent all alarms, cracking open very secure safes, and stealing only those things that were highly valuable and easily fenceable. She was reminded of Catwoman by this person, but this thief did not seem to have her flair. Catwoman was proud of her crimes and went out of her way to let you know she had ripped you off.

This thief often stole things days before the owner knew the objects were missing. She had a feeling that it was a man, but other than that she knew nothing about him. Good, she needed a challenge. It had been pretty boring in Gotham as of late. Summer had come, yet the majority of the crooks had stayed indoors.

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It was hot, but it was the humidity that kept most from committing major crimes. Sure, her father had his hands full as Commissioner of the Police, but there was nothing to warrant the attentions of Batman, Robin, or her. In fact, it has been days since she had heard from Batman, and she wondered if he was working Batgirl unmasked story the Justice League at the time. Probably, she thought. Batgirl looked into her closet and selected her costume for tonight. It was new and well-made for the weather.

She got dressed then gave herself a final look in the mirror. She was very pleased with how she looked. Facing her was a reflection of a young, beautiful, athletic girl with long red hair. She was dressed in a dark purple two piece suit consisting of very tight low-neck halter top which barely covered her breasts, a dark purple pair of hip-hugger panties which were drawn over a pair of black fishnet pantyhose.

Fashionable, yet functional, she thought. Over her face was a new type of black vinyl mask which adhered to her upper face in the shape of a bat. On her chest was her yellow Bat-emblem, which matched her buckle on her yellow utility belt. She ran her hands up and down her flanks, turning so that she could admire her well-toned body. Full firm breasts over a flat tight belly.

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Long strong legs. She was well-muscled but not so much that she lost her femininity. No one would deny that she was a very sexy woman. She turned and went into her secret compartment that held her motorcycle, checked the alley monitor to make sure all was clear, opened the secret passage and brought the Bat-Cycle to life, roaring out into the alley then into the streets of Gotham as the passage closed silently behind her.

Batgirl was bored. Everyone was inside. Not even any muggers out to kick about. Not that there were any people to mug. Complacently she made her routine patrol, looking out for the out-of-ordinary, checking windows and doors. Roger was instantly alert, his heart pumping adrenaline through his system. He could hear her, and she was getting close. He subconsciously melted further into the shadows. Batgirl drove past the alley, almost not noticing the cracked open doorway to the back of the clothing store. She did not slow down until she was half a Batgirl unmasked story away, then cut the ignition to the motorcycle and turned around, using her momentum to carry her to the edge of the alley.

She silently got off the bike and glanced around her. A cat ran past her from the alley, startling her. She glanced down towards the open door and checked the shadows around it. Seeing or hearing nothing, she quickly moved towards the doorway. She listened again, this time concentrating inside the store.

Hearing nothing she opened the door just enough to that she could go inside and slipped into the inky darkness of the store. Roger quickly raised the gun, sighted and fired, the dart zipping through the cracked door and finding its target. Batgirl Batgirl unmasked story, letting out a yelp, as she felt a bee-sting on her behind.

She turned to look out into the alley as she thought she had heard a noise behind her a milli-second before she was stung. She then saw a movement in a shadowed indentation in the wall opposite her that she had noticed before as Roger with one hand holstered the air pistol and with the other hand raised what looked like a garage door opener in her direction. Reflexively Barbara took a step back, and was carried to the floor by a weighted net that dropped down onto her from the ceiling. She immediately rose to her knees, deliberately not turning or twisting which would wrap the net around her and reached forward for an edge.

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