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It was a pair of size 36 green camo shorts, but this brand tends to fit a bit small and … Trey sighed again. At least, not anymore. Trey adjusted to the changes that the divorce brought, but it really affected his brother and altered the dynamic of their relationship. Kurt became depressed and started to develop severe anger issues. Soon after his older brother started bullying him, 10 or so pounds crept aboard. How hard could it be to drop 10 pounds?

However, from that point to his high school graduation, those 10 inificant pounds invited another 70 to them. In Bhm gainer stories, he was always involved in extra curricular activities outside school and hanging out with his friends. He just ate a LOT due to his reliance on food to calm his emotions, and he was never really interested in ing any sports teams at school that would involve strenuous exercise. He did start to feel a bit guilty as pound after pound stuck to his gradually expanding form. Kurt also never failed to remind him of his weight gain and berated him for his lack of self-control and discipline.

When they would cross paths in the hallway, Trey would get anxiety and try to look away. You just keep getting fatter and more weak looking. Rather vain about his appearance, he rarely indulged at the dinner table and faithfully visited the gym at least 4 times per week. For Halloween, he dressed up as a lifeguard from Baywatch to show off his bod at the house party.

To his credit, it was a cheap costume. Trey reflected on Kurt joking that he should dress up as a sumo wrestler, buddha or Santa Clause. Trey remembered feeling scared that he could feel his chest shake as well. Trey frowned a bit as he drove home, his face reflecting all of his inner turmoil. Normally he would roll the windows down and sing to his favorite music on the Top 40 radio with a huge smile on his face. As he mused over his predicament, he found himself gazing at 2 older teens crossing the street in front of the car.

The first teen reminded him a little of himself with the same red hair and blue eyes, at least the skinny version. The other, for some reason, made him think of Kurt because he had the same shaggy brown hair. Except where Kurt had kept his physique lean and mean, this guy sported a big gut protruding in front of him and hanging over the strained waistband of his khaki shorts. The other Bhm gainer stories headed teen glanced around, eyes passing by Trey.

Then he seemed to do a double-take and looked Bhm gainer stories Trey almost as if he recognized him. Maybe cause of our divorce stuff? Also maybe … I dunno … something to do with your weight? The woman dug into her purse and pulled out her phone. She tapped her screen a few times and started scrolling through pictures. Trey smiled as he remembered how happy he was that day.

Also he marveled at how he looked about 60 pounds lighter and sported the same flat stomach as his older brother. This is going to sound strange, but I baked some cookies for you and I want you to take them all home. Listen carefully. Each cookie that Kurt eats will reduce your weight by 2 pounds, and add 3 pounds to his weight. The only caveat for this to work is that you have to tell him what happens beforehand. What could it hurt? Trey opened the front door of his house with his foot, hands holding the pan of 24 cookies wrapped in Saran wrap.

Every time you eat one, I lose 2 pounds and you, um, gain 3. Trey watched as his cocky brother picked one up, biting off the head and chewing with a bored expression. Kurt barely stifled a moan of pleasure as his taste buds exploded in ecstasy. He watched the thin brother eat the rest of the cookie, feigning disinterest the whole time.

Trey practically pranced around the kitchen as he prepared his dinner Bhm gainer stories evening, a salad with very little dressing, and felt like he had lost 20 pounds instead of 2. Meanwhile, Kurt found himself licking his lips and staring at the 23 remaining cookies.

Kurt had never felt such a strong craving for anything before, and now felt as if he must have another cookie. Grunting in disgust, he shook his head and walked away. Two days later, and three more cookies had mysteriously disappeared.

Against all logic, the scale had confirmed a weight loss of eight pounds, putting him at Trey saw that Kurt had been wearing a somewhat loose shirt when that day, so it was hard for him to tell if his bro had in fact picked up 12 pounds which would make him His pants had tightened noticeably, and his once proud six-pack was covered with a layer of softness.

As much as he was deeply bothered by this fact, all he could think about was the remaining cookies on the table. Trey was currently out biking with his friends. Standing at the kitchen table, it was almost as if he was just watching his hands reach out and grab a cookie. One Bhm gainer stories disappeared down his gullet, then another. He reached down and unbuttoned the increasingly tight waistband of his jeans as his midsection continued to round out.

Feeling rather full, Kurt tried to convince himself to stop. But it was no use. His shirt pulled snug around his stomach as he ate a third. Groaning slightly and rubbing his belly, he crammed down a fourth. His pecs, already pushing against his shirt at his leanest, changed shape into 2 cones. His nipples felt more sensitive against the cotton shirt.

His upper-arms started to jiggle ever so slightly as the cookies were raised to his mouth. The curve of a belly and shadow of a belly button emerged as the the 13th, 14th, and 15th pounds were added to his frame. He looked down in despair, hardly able to believe his eyes. His bloated stomach stuck out ridiculously far, obviously carrying most of the new 27 pounds. Still moaning softly, he tottered off to the bedroom to lay down for a bit.

A slight tear sound could be heard as he took a step forward in his unbuttoned jeans. Trey got off his bike to stop for a car when he noticed the waist of his shorts start to slide down. For a moment he was confused and thought maybe they had become unbuttoned accidentally.

Then he smirked as realization hit. Moving his belt to a tighter notch, he d his pedaling in earnest. As soon as Trey got back and put away his bike in the garage, he set off to find his brother. Trey thought he could see some s of weight gain in Kurts face- cheeks slightly fuller and face looking ever so slightly more cherubic. Trey also thought he could see a bulge in the covers. Where the fuck did you get those cookies, anyway? Did you put a fucking spell on me or something?

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Thanks to you in down to ! Trey laughed as he let his brother pull the covers back up to hide the burgeoning paunch. He must be close to now. The next day, dinner with their father at the kitchen table was tense. The two remaining plates full of cookies sat in the middle of the kitchen counter.

Kurt was plainly distracted, not even noticing when Trey spooned half of his plate in front of him. After dinner he went to the living room to watch Nascar with his dad. Trey had no interest in Nascar but decided to Bhm gainer stories this time to observe Kurt.

Finally unable to resist any longer, Trey got up and brought one of the plates of cookies into the living room and set it on the coffee table. Keeping a close eye on his brother, he noticed him looking at the cookies and unconsciously licking his lips. Knowing he was loathe to grab one himself, and feeling an intoxicating sensation of power, Trey grabbed the plate. Kurt could only watch as Trey lifted a cookie to his face, unable to keep himself from taking a bite, then another, and another ….

Trey was not home, he was hanging out with his buds somewhere.

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As soon as Kurt got home, he found himself standing by the table staring at the 13 remaining cookies. He wondered how that would feel. Weighing was already a surreal experience. Oddly enough, however, no one other than Trey had noticed the difference. There was no way he could wear any of the clothes in his closet anymore. Kurt glanced at his phone and sighed. He had to admit that he was powerless, eating the cookies was simply inevitable.

If Bhm gainer stories was going to happen regardless of how hard he tried to resist, why not get it over with already? He put 10 cookies on a plate and carried them into the living room. Nibbling on them while he watched some TV, the pounds slowly crept on. By the time Trey got home, six cookies were gone and the resulting eighteen pounds were extremely evident. Kurt sat groaning, double-chin popping out, his belt and the size 34 pants undone and spread apart, chubbier hands and sausage fingers holding the sides of his wide, bloated gut.

Trey gasped when he saw his brother, a thrill running up his spine. As uncomfortable as he felt, Kurt opened his mouth to be fed. The buttons on his shirt gaped noticeably, but still he chewed and swallowed. A few bites into the third cookie, the two lowest buttons burst right off, flying across the room.

Kurt moaned and Trey laughed maniacally, jiggling his Bhm gainer stories gut to make sure it was real. Kurt just sat there comatose, chunky hairy thighs spread. Trey stood up and shucked off his shirt that was suddenly a few sizes too large. Down a total of 48 pounds, he now weighed Trey still had the remains of a small belly but would look skinny with clothes on.

Kurt reluctantly let Trey help him up, but it took them a few minutes of grunting effort to get the bigger bro vertical. Trey helped him out of his ruined clothing. The newly fattened young man stood there, wide legs spread to support his girth, hands cupped under a massive stomach to hold it up.

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There was no doubt that Kurt felt and looked much chubbier. Besides his wide and deep belly button that had flattened out when he was sitting, the nipples on top of his formerly chiseled pecs had doubled in size, spread further and further apart from each other, and began to sag.

His arms, though they contained a decent amount of muscle underneath, looked like a pair of round tubes. His legs were thick and chunky.

Bhm gainer stories

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