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Holly's eyes fluttered open. She saw a pair of blue eyes in a face framed by a blonde pixie cut. With her eyelids at half-mast Holly looked around the room. When will I learn? If Hank tells me something, I need to Bi stories masterhank. This time being proven wrong was fun, though. All of Hank's lessons are fun. You've been napping for over an hour. There are some people here. That hurt my head. The room is spinning slower. I'd like to see the people. What time is it? I get the munchies after sex — even fake sex.

I thought they took my slave control implants out. The two women embraced. Hank's Dalton Modular System couldn't get approval. Hank deed it so that the part that picked up and processed als were replaceable.

The coded als that allowed my master to make me come or scream in pain. He could make me freeze in place — ". Slaves are required to be under control at all times.

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The only required implant is that slave tracker. I suppose my slave tracking insert is still inside me, too. I had your old ID. I forgot that all I needed to do was dial your slave ID up and give you a call. They are supposed to remove the codes Bi stories masterhank the database. It doesn't work that way. You only had to have that RFID chip installed. You got the full slave control hardware. I got full control because that is what my agency required. It is self-repairing. Hank told me that the Jakefield would last a thousand years. He made be become a full citizen.

I'm in charge of the data department. I've already told you about my mother. About getting married as soon as it was allowed. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. On occasion I'll hand Hank my controller and have him do me. You know what it's like. I was his slave for six wonderful years.

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I gave Hank his first-born, Theodore. And I know all of his secrets. When he first came here I learned why my husband had turned this place into a fort. You recall the evacuation drills we do once a week? They tried three times. One time was at the brothel. I know my husband's secrets, Holly — but what happened to the surviving kidnappers wasn't Hank's secret. It is much easier to enslave someone for debt than for crime. They went overboard with the debt enslavements.

A criminal case has many oversights built into the process. When you are enslaved for debt, your new owner can sell you to someone else, he can have the public records suppressed for 'corporate proprietary information' reasons or to protect the citizen's personal privacy.

I know the law, Kelly. They have to allow reasonable examination Bi stories masterhank slaves that are used in industry. We investigate claims of abuse to domestic slaves. Our ability to protect the slave is limited. We rely on the basic human decency and enlightened self-interest of the slave owner.

A slave is a capital investment. I don't know about the others. Reform measures are blocked because only inferior people become slaves. Hank has this thing about body hair. I know, most people prefer it — ". Holly placed her hand over Kelly's and shook her head. If he likes me bald between my legs, that's the way I'll be.

You are a natural slave. You live to please. If Hank didn't need you to be a citizen you'd be happy as a full slave. This way is hard. Hank did explain that part to me. You are happy, Kelly, and you do like dominating others — just as long as you can look to Bi stories masterhank for guidance. The only way you can bear hurting someone is if your master gives you permission.

What's going to happen to you if you out-live Hank? I know he's made plans. Ted is so much like his father that I can happily spent the rest of my life with him. Once I would have disapproved. You need unconditional acceptance. You need someone who you can dedicate you life to.

Hank unconditionally accepted you and you give him everything. I forgot why I came here because of him! But then Hank kicks my feet out from under me — ". Unfortunately that genie won't go back into the bottle. You unlocked something when you were with us as Hank's slave. All this mind control stuff makes me wonder what is real and what somebody put in my head.

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Not that I mind — except that the Office put me through a blender before they trusted me with the Underground Railroad. I could use a drink, but I'd better not. Poor Brian. He thinks he's here for just an orgy. He doesn't know that he's being recruited by the Office. You need to tell them what is going on. Kelly led a wobbly-kneed Holly into the kitchen.

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Brian was sitting at the table sipping a cup of coffee. Across from him were Regina Harold, wife of the late Senator Benton Harold of Nevada, another naked woman with an expensive slave collar and three nude children in addition to slaves Susan and Nancy.

One of the children was Charity Harold. The children had large glasses that were filled about one-third with milk.

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The two younger girls had milk mustaches. All we need are Hank, Ned and Karen. As was the norm in the dusty nudist commune of Silver Orb, Nevada, the two adults were naked — unless you counted Amanda's handcuffs. Ned is sobering up with Beverly and Emmet.

They made a big show of leaving. Charity hung back.

Bi stories masterhank

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