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Angela was searching her brother's desk for her calculator when she ran across an odd-looking jar of brown stuff. She picked it up and read 'Pheromonic Testosteric She removed the lid, sniffed: "Mmmh nice," she thought, noticing only a little was gone, then put it back wondering what her geek brother used it for. She found the missing calculator and went back to her room angry and vowing to yell at him for borrowing without asking. He'd even gotten the keys greasy!

The jerk! Angela lives at home and attends the area tech school in a program to become an LPN. She doesn't have the money for college so her aspirations are down-to-earth. She dreams: of working in a hospital, marrying a handsome doctor and moving out to the suburbs someday. She'll pull it off. She's an attractive 19 year-old, slender with beautiful eyes, blond hair, great Big dick brother stories, and blessed with nice, shapely tits. She dates - fucks a regular boyfriend - but it is tough to balance a social life with a job, school and living at home.

When her one decent pen came up missing, she stomped over to Clark's room and found the door locked. He'd been locking it often the last few weeks. She pounded on his door. As she walked past him, she smelled a musky sweet smell, sort of a mixture of sweat, mild perfume, and pine. He was wiping his hands on his pants as she made her way to his desk. Clark just turned 18 - an average-looking, geeky-smart high school senior.

Ripe for teasing. If you need something, just ask, Okay? What was really odd was the vague sense of arousal she felt being in his room. Her nipples had actually gotten icy hard. He was staring openly at the points on her sweater. What wasthat smelland that stuff on his hands? From that jar she found?

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She decided she'd keep trying his door until she found it unlocked. She'd catch him masturbating, or whatever he was doing in there and then really embarrass him. She tried twisting the knob a dozen times over the next couple of weeks and found it consistently locked until It was about PM when she tiptoed across the hall, gripped the doorknob and quietly turned it. It wasn't locked! He'd finally forgotten. She pushed the door open and crept in. His back was to her as she catuiously stepped forward.

She noticed that same musky-sweet, masculine odor from a few weeks ago and again, felt a slight sense of arousal. He was shirtless, sitting in his chair, feet on the desk, hands moving in his lap. She had him! She tiptoed closer until she could finally see over his shoulder. He was using both hands to rub himself with some kind of lotion. It was on his belly, cock and balls. But what astounded her was the size of the limp penis he was massaging - it was huge!

Why are you here? Get out of my room, Angie! She couldn't. She was suddenly very aroused; her nipples hardened even further. She wanted - no, needed - a closer look at that big penis. She studied biology and anatomy in her program at school, and she'd seen quite a few cocks in her life, but this was decidedly different. I want to see your penis," she said, not even thinking about what she was saying. This was her little brother - shy, geeky, zits - and she was suddenly feeling horny enough to reach for his towel!

What do you want? What are you doing? He muttered, " It works ," under his breath. Then he smiled anxiously and let her grab the towel from around Big dick brother stories waist. It was long and thick, hanging limply between his legs. She was struck with a powerful desire to feel it. Part of her brain was telling her this is sick and wrong, but she could not resist. Angie, I know you've had lots of boyfriends, so you know all about this, right? So will you teach me?

Okay, I'll teach you," she agreed, her brain clouded by wanton sexual fantasies. He began to get erect in her hand as she idly fondled him. His big cock was warm, almost alive as it throbbed in her hands. She could feel her good sense being replaced by irrational lust. It's sort of weird for a brother and sister, I know, but you'd just be teaching me. We'd just be practicing.

She put her arms around the back of his neck and told him to do the same. They stayed clamped to each other's lips together for a long kiss, then she inserted her tongue into his mouth. She felt his dick respond further, pressing into her crotch. Then, coming up for air, he grabbed at her breasts. Not like that - like this," and she took off her blouse, bra and skirt. She brought his hands up to her breasts, holding them there and told him to gently rub and massage. They got hard like my penis gets.

Is that good? Now, use your fingers to pinch my nipples. Ooh, that's right, gently roll your fingers You can suck on them if you like," and she cupped her breasts from underneath, pointing them upward toward his mouth. Clarke pursed his lips and sucked gently at her right nipple, then her left. Her knees began to weaken. Not from his technique, which was clumsy, but the electric, sexual feeling she got as he sucked and licked, getting her nipples wet.

Her sexual arousal became stronger as her naked brother sucked her tits, his abnormally large cock pressing against her thighs and crotch. I think I get the idea. Big dick brother stories hand job? My brother? But she didn't attempt to leave. Sexual activity with her brother! He ambled forward to stand in front of her.

She was mesmerized as she watched that big penis swing from side to side, partially erect and slapping his thighs. Why is this happening? She Big dick brother stories for his cock. Why can't I stop? It grew larger as she stroked. The shaft became so thick she couldn't reach her hand all the way around it. It was long enough that she could grip the shaft with both hands and still leave several inches uncovered, not counting the mushroom head.

Precum began to leak from the tip as she stroked faster and faster. She felt incredibly turned on as she stared at this huge cock in her hands. Bigger than any boy she had fucked so far. Bigger than the guys in the porno movie she and her girlfriends secretly watched at a party. It was also incredibly hard, smooth and strong feeling - more rigid and dense than any of the boys' she'd been with. The sense of confidence and calmness he exuded was eerie, while she was so excited she could barely speak. She was getting juicy between her legs and her panties were getting wet.

Precum leaked in a small stream from his cock - enough that her hands got wet and slippery. The tip of his penis was aimed right at her face as she stroked both fists rapidly up and down the meaty shaft. He launched several ropy streams at her chin, nose and mouth.

She stuck out her tongue, lapped up a glob off her lips, and as she swallowed his seed her own orgasm rippled up through her insides! He continued ejaculating for what seemed like a full minute. Cum began to drip onto her blouse and run down her hands as she massaged him, still cumming herself.

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The huge, pulsing cock remained hard in her hands. Much different than the boys who came and then quickly got limp and disinterested. I've seen you in your underwear - the last time I noticed you were pretty average.

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And how come you're not getting soft?

Big dick brother stories

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