Blackmail incest stories

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My mom Daniela is really my center of attraction in the world of my sexual instincts. I morgan is college graduate from Illinois institute of technology. I got my graduation in adult sexual psychology. Our curriculum included subjects like how people are seduced and what are the organs for the seduction that le to sexual urges in man kind both for man and woman in general.

As I am a man I was interested a lot in learning about the seduction techniques good to seduce a woman, a woman of my heart, none other than my mom. For any guy the first lady in life is his mom. I was no exception.

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I wanted to fuck my mom and I needed Blackmail incest stories since she was just like my dream girl. All her parameters were matching with my mom right from the tits to her female heaven. But I did not have a chance to see even her naked or go more than that. I planned one day to make my thoughts come true. Let me tell you about my mom. She is a stage dancer. My father met her in one of the night clubs and had sex with her.

He even married her before I was born. He died in a car accident in Illinois years before. I and my mom are very close at home. But she, unlike in her profession would be clean on clothes while at home. She would dress decently but my cupid eyes will always see her breast deep in her tops every time.

She will never mind that, as I was her son. One day she was about to take bath and I had a plan. I carefully took her towel before she went in the bath room. She was opening the door half not letting me to see her body.

The door was made of translucent glass material so I could see only her shape not the crux.

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Immediately I had an idea. I pretended to slip down on my knees due to wet floor and fell down. She rushed out and came to support me. Boy she was half naked at that time. I mean that she was topless but her panties were my enemy. Its fine I saw her tits very close and pretended to drowse because of hit on the cerebellum. She was dragging me on her hand and I could even smell her tits that are near my nose.

She put me on her bed and switched on the AC. She now took the towel from my hand and covered her tits and went to take bath. I carefully took my handy cam form the corner of the room and saw the clip just then recorded. Yes I have taken a video copy my mom dragging me with her tits exposed. That day she changed her clothes after taking bath and I got all what I wanted. In the evening I and my mom were in a restaurant and people immediately recognized my mom as she is a celeb dancer at a famous restaurant nearby.

Many thought that I was her boy friendmy mom did not reveal that I was her son as it would degrade her fame and increase her age in the public. I caught hold of this idea to fuck my mom in our farm house. We had a farm house 50 miles from Illinois and we have acres of greenery there. That week end we went there Blackmail incest stories have some nice time.

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I took all my stuff recorded with my laptop and went there. My mom will usually take a sun bath in her bikini that adds more attraction. Her panty would cover only her vagina lips and not more than that. And only the nipples would not be seen by the bra. So she was in a semi nude condition at that stage. I will usually cover my manliness with a towel and nothing more. We will take sun bath for an hour or so.

I took my cam and played the video in which her breasts were exposed and she was carrying me to her bed room.

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Blackmail incest stories which I played the bed room video in which her full body was exposed while she was changing her clothes that day with me lying on the bed. I took my cam and followed her after an hour. She closed the door and grabbed me. I placed my tongue on her hard nipples and let my saliva all over her chest. She loved it but was crying. I rolled all my tongue e saliva on her breast and carried her to the bath tub. I made it ready early in the morning expecting this to happen. I gently laid her on it and took off my boxers.

Out went my 6 incher and she for the first time smiled in this encounter. She gave a good blow job. I took immense pleasure to take off her panties from the tub filled with water. I plunged my face in to the water and bit her clit. She was oozing the vaginal fluid and was in her first orgasm of this sexual encounter.

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She bit my cock hard and it went more hard. I wasted no time now in grabbing her back and inserted my dick in her hole. Every thing happened in that bath tub and nothing was visible to me as it was covered with water from the top. I hit her hard and harder. Ur mom cant stand any more.

Boy what a sexy partner for me. Every thing was over in half an hour and I thanked my mom for all her efforts. She wasted no time to reach my cam and deleted that nude video of hers in our home. I lifted my head to the ventilator of the bath room. I smiled again.

Two women complain to a man about their husbands fucking his ex wife and they come to an understanding You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without permission. Check also our Tube. A Sex Stories. Incest Stories. Review s 0 Add review. Author: cock. Note: This story is completely fictional! By then she was well dressed in sleeveless top and blue jean shorts and horny. Random The Reckoning Two Blackmail incest stories complain to a man about their husbands fucking his ex wife and they come to an understanding Top stories by niche indian short ghost porn scary bedtime bdsm spanking adult inspirational funny love xxx cuckold hot bondage motivational horror moral black romantic bible wedgie femdom real wife diaper sissy mind control gangbang milf threesome success female masturbation christmas foot fetish erotica bullying dirty naughty taboo fuck blowjob facesitting.

Blackmail incest stories

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