Boarding school spanking stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It was a shock to be packed off to boarding school- especially at the age of eighteen. I thought my school days were over but due to a very damming report card I was not free just yet. I had enjoyed the last two years of my A'levels a bit too much.

Party followed party and my showed this. I may have learnt how to tease a man's cock up to greet me but the skills of equations and algebra were left unlearnt. The journey from London to Boarding school spanking stories Scottish Highlands was long and tedious. I spent the full ten hours brooding over the unfairness of it all.

My parents had always been a soft touch so I didn't see this coming. I guess I had eventually pushed them too far. Eventually my driver pulled off the winding country lane and up a long drive arched with trees. I craned my neck to see where we were but it was another five minutes until we reached the isolated boarding school. The school was an imposing Hall surrounded by dense woodland. For a Boarding school spanking stories it was very quiet and lifeless. The driver helped me out of the car and brought around my large bags.

He glanced around at the school, then shaking my hand, wished me luck and drove away. What a long way from the lovely white avenues of Chelsea. I pulled my bags along and made my way to the large oak door. I knocked at the door and a beautiful petite girl answered the door. She had a short Scottish checked red pleated skirt on, knee high white socks and her hair was in pig tales. I am Lucy. Mr Burns would like to see you. He is the headmaster. If I were you I would visit the toilet before hand and pout this tea towel down your knickers. Just trust me. Shocked I took the tea towel out of her hands.

She pointed to a door to the left marked WC. Without questioning I did what she said and followed her to the headmasters door. Walking, felt like I had a nappy on. Lucy did as she was told and exposed a light pink bum. The headmaster walked over and placed a palm on her checks. You were supposed to alert me when the red was turning pink. I will add two more days to your red bottom week. I expect you to check the colour and report back to me. Come back here in an hour and I will turn you red enough to last until bedtime. I was in shock, sitting on the seat uncomfortably, with the towel in my knickers.

Mr Burns turned to me and looked me up and down. He was a tall, imposing man of about He sat on the desk facing me and I noticed the size of his hands. He had smacked Lucy with that hand and the noise had resonated loudly around the room. Your parents have sent you here because we specialize in discipline and changing wayward students into valued members of society. I have a consent form in my possession ed by your parents that states I can use any method to make you into a respectful young lady. I also have a list of your past failures which we will address in due course. Now first as is customary, I will break you in over the course of the next week, meaning you will spend it with me.

I guarantee you will become a submissive girl as you should be by the end of it. Obviously after this week there are still punishments- for example Lucy received a permanent red bottom for a week after we caught her on the phone to a boy.

There are also maintenance spankings. Do you have any questions? I had a lot of questions but seemed to have lost the use of my tongue. I had never been spanked before or even really punished at all. I shook my head. Now bend over the desk and I am going to redden your bottom to introduce you to these rules. You must always address me as Sir! I will add on 5 more for that and how dare you challenge me?!

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For that you will get them on your bare bottom. Usually the first time is over clothed skin. Pull down your jeans and knickers now. I slowly undid my jeans and slipped them down. I could feel Mr Burn's eyes fixed on me.

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His eyes then went to bum and he yanked my panties down grabbing the tea towel. Enraged he jumped up from the desk and opened up the tea towel. I gaurantee you will be sleeping on your backs and not sitting for weeks. Both of you bend over my desk and bare yourselves. I already had my jeans and panties around my ankles.

I moved forward and bent over the table, feeling very exposed. Lucy followed and raised her already pink bum in the air. He started with Holly and slowly administered the paddle to her sore bottom. His strokes were slow, steady and hard.

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Her voice was faltering when she got to 20, so the headmaster paused until she recovered her crying. When she was breathing normally he carried on just as hard as before. When he got to 50 her poor bottom was bright red and purple in nearly two prefect circles on both checks. Without being asked she tucked her skirt bottom into the skirt waist band and stood with her nose against the wall and her hands on her head.

Then it was my turn. The pain was like nothing I had imagined. The hard wood with holes so it could go through the air faster. By 5 I was in tears. The head master never stopped though to let me recover and by the end my bum was red, black and blue. I did as he said and copied Lucy's position. I want you both to remain there until the next period whilst I do my paperwork. We were left there with our red bums exposed for the full hour.

I desperately wanted to rub mine but thought better of it. Eventually after the hour we were told Boarding school spanking stories stand. The headmaster presented the paddle to Lucy who kissed it, pulled up her knickers and hung it back on the wall. Go to Mrs Green's French class and I want you to sit on the wooden bench at the back instead of your seat. I hope for your bottom's sake you don't make any mistakes.

Boarding school spanking stories

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