Boy became a girl story

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Originally posted on just-smith. When I was a little boy, I can remember as thinking of myself as different from the other little boys. The more I hung about shyly around the little girls, the more I wanted to be like them. They were everything that I wanted to be. I felt like I was a little girl. When the other boys wanted to grow up to be firemen or astronauts, I wanted to grow up to be a woman. The carers looking after us always shepherded me back to be with the little boys, where I stood about awkwardly. I never felt like I belonged. One of my earliest memories is of sitting in a corner at my nursery, aged 5 or under, bitterly crying at the constant bullying.

That became the story of my childhood. I would follow groups of girls around, waiting patiently for them to involve me, until I got chased away for being creepy. I tried to be like them, but if I went near them they ran away or had to go and wash their hands.

After all, I was a boy. No other boy went near the girls, and no girl went near the boys. Later on, a few tom-boys emerged, but feminism had become a part of our society, and we were also taught that women could act like a man if they chose to. So yeah, all of my teachers and carers from age 3 to age 11 were women. They helped us believe that men were nasty strangers that we should be careful of, whilst women were caring. They enforced the stereotypes about Boy became a girl story little girls and naughty little boys. They wanted to believe these stereotypes.

I was told to stay away from the girls because I was obviously making them uncomfortable, when they literally referred to be as a disease, and told to run along and play with other messy, dirty boys. I saw boys punished because a girl tripped over and the women in charge saw her crying with a boy nearby and put two and two together. I could go on. It was sexism. It was because boys and girls are intrinsically different, and that they need to be kept apart.

This is the gender binary. Every man is hurt by these stereotypes and restrictions, it is just that the men who challenge them the most suffer the most. Men who literally try to become women are punished, men who try to have the sexual preferences women should have are punished, but men who merely act like women are punished for the same reasons.

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The bullying I have had continues into adult life. Men are still seen as crude, dirty, and violent, whilst women are seen as calm and neat. Yes, this binary disadvantages women in some ways, but it also advantages them in some ways. Yes, this binary advantages men in some ways, but it also disadvantages them in some ways. In the courtroom it helps to be seen as weak; in the workplace it helps to be seen as strong. From an early age, we are told that men are like this and do these things, and women are like this and do these things.

We all need to go back to these basics. This is the patriarchal binary, and this is the root of all gender based evil. It clearly restricts men equally and oppositely to how it restricts women, and it is counter-productive to deny the existence of one half of the suffering or one half of the privilege simply because it sounds nice to you, or for ideological purposes.

This binary causes misandry as well as misogyny, and that is clear for anyone with an open mind to see I have demonstrated it more fully elsewhere, if you still need convincing. If you deny misandry because it is an inconvenient truth to you, you are no ally to these people, and you are in fact implicitly misandric yourself. If you really want to believe that, then stop pretending that you can help any male sufferers from the patriarchy at all, because you are their worst enemy. I believe in equality and acceptance for everyone.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. And I thought womyn-born womyn were bad. At least misogyny actually exists. I guess I live in some weird utopia, where anyone can be any of those things and no one thinks twice about it. I was a major tomboy from the word go and I played with the boys all through elementary school without much hassle, so I guess I did have it good. I can assure … ».

To prevail in court one must usually be quite strong and stand up for oneself. You may not believe women benefit by playing weak in the court room. But there is evidence that it does. It just may not be Boy became a girl story in all circumstances or in all court … ». They are? No it just means that you and Smith lived two different, but equally valid, experiences.

I do Boy became a girl story believe this is true. Sorry for your sad childhood. The more stories like this I hear, the more I wonder why the environment I grew up in was so un-terrible and unmiserable. My experiences were very different.

From birth to about 10 years old, my next door neighbor and very good friend was a girl. I played with her and other boys and girls in the neighborhood. It depended … ». No restrictions just slap what you want down there. I think so. I think put like that the law seems woman liberating or something. Equality for women! But as soon as you say, OK what about men get to say they are women?

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I wonder if it is tougher to be mtf or ftm. My distinct impression is that ftm is a lot easier, however it is hard to get much data. The idea that maleness is somehow defined negatively as men having to prove themselves and etc, while popular, would seem to predict the reverse here. While male crossdressers and trans women are completely different. It is not easy at all for transwomen, … ». I would have guessed guys. Generally it is people of the same sex who police gender roles. So I would have guessed other men would police gender restrictive clothing for men.

You go girl! You knock down those walls of alleged privilege. When was the last time you saw a highly paid female professional athlete? In many cases women are simply not permitted to compete. Thank you for this article, including the parts that rubbed me the wrong way! I am increasingly interested in the gender experience of growing up male under sexism. As an old-school, hard-core feministI learned that those are capacities required of a strong and smart ally. Good god! The voice of openness and reason in a gender debate!

Quick, trap it! It must be preserved for future generations! I chafed at the way it holds women able for perpetuating the system of sexism under which they are oppressed, but it was the discomfort of recognizing a behavior in myself that, upon reflection, I feel ashamed of and want to change.

And I think … ». Thanks for that. It tends to be a construct that is less blaming of one gender over another or race or class and looks at how systems intersect. Patriarchy: That word is so heavily rooted in the concept of men being powerful oppressers and women being vulnerable victims that it should probably be done away with.

Assuming you acknowlege male oppression and female privilege anyway which you seem to. The rest of the article was perfect for opening things up. Just noticed that missing off the personal pronoun changed the meaning of that first sentence. Read this piece at the original site. Can you explain what you mean? It sounds like you mean that you wanted to be a woman in just the way you might want to be a fireman. Not completely sure if this is what hes talking about, but an increasing of people with GID are dealing with their condition by learning to be happy in the skin their in than trying to change it.

I suspect that if we lived in a less gendered world GID would be less of an issue. Surgery is the subtle part, the icing on the cake, for some. To me transition was the social and hormonal part. First Name Last Name. Friend's Address. Your Name. Boy became a girl story yes, that includes misandry. Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free.

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The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Girl: A Story of Sexism