Boy crossdressing stories

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Post a Comment. Disclaimer All the Character and events in this blog are imaginary. They are related to any living or dead person or incident. If the relation is found then it will be a coincidence. Do not use any medicine Like breast enhancer or Harmons change without doctor's prescriptionsit may be dangerous and cause blood cancer or other sexual disorder. With Love Anita Blog admin. Crossdressing in saree story.

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My Boy crossdressing stories is Akash. Am a software employee. I this software field people try to be in the attire which they like. Am aged 27 and am staying away from my family since three years. I have a girl friend who is also working along with me. I used to grow my hair very long and used to keep it as a pony. I even pierced my ears. I used to maintain clean shave and waxed my body regularly. If I wore a female no one will mistake for a boy.

As am maintaining my body such a smooth and girly way. One day in our office I was made to deliver a demo regarding the project which I have done. My girl friend was also nominated for that. We are supposed to give our demo in Simla which is the coolest place in India. We are supposes to stay for two days.

So I took two blazers along with me and a casual. Not even any night suits. But we know girls used to carry more dresses than necessity. So my girl Boy crossdressing stories brought some 15 pairs of dress just for two days. I thought why girls maintain like that. I shouted at her but she didn't cared. We reached there by the morning flight by some 7 and we are scheduled to go for meet 10Am.

So we went to the hotel and we got freshen and went to the clients office. By our bad luck the client went to onsite due to some emergency work and said he will be back after a week. We made a call to pur office regarding this and they said as the living charges is bared by the client we can stay there until he returns back. So we decided to enjoy our trip. But when we are back to our room we were fully tired and went into sleep. When I woke up back and went to have a bath I didn't have any clothes to wear. I felt in a question mark and the climate is so cool.

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I don't have any other change to look for a dress. I saw at my girl friend she was still sleeping. So I went to her bag to search for some shorts. I didn't found any. At last I found a nity. I wore it and came back to bed and covered with a bed sheet and slept again. In the mean she woke up and had a bath and she went to her bag.

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She found that someone searched her bag. She came to me. I observed everything from the bed sheet. As she coming close to me I acted like am in deep sleep. She tried to wake me. But I didn't. She saw the pieces of nity came out from the gaps of the bed sheet. Suddenly she removed my bed sheet and she came to know am wearing her nity. She wrapped the bed sheet back on my body and she went to get fresh.

She did ordered breakfast and woke me. I eat it and behaving normally without the knowledge that am wearing her nity. She asked me for outing. I said OK let's go now. She smiled and said I can't move with my boyfriend in nity.

Then I remembered am wearing nity and ran to be bed and covered myself with the bed sheet. She came with a cute smile and started saying that am looking cute in nity why don't you wear my saree and come Boy crossdressing stories for shopping. I said I can't. Then she promised me if I came out with her by wearing saree she will marry on the spot and shown me the black pearled chain with gold which a traditional Indian housewife used to wear sometimes instead of mangalsutra.

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I felt so happy for that word and I accepted. She pulled out a green coloured saree. She asked me to remove all the clothes. I said am just wearing nity, nothing is inside. She bet me on my hip with Boy crossdressing stories and asked to remove it. I stood nude in front of her. She smiled by seeing nude at me and she gave her panty to wear at first. I worked it. She even gave the bra. Then she said do what I say then only I will marry you. So I even wore the bra with her help. Then I worn a green coloured petticoat and the green coloured blouse and she wrapped the saree on me. Then she combed my hair and added some creams to make my hair straightened.

Then she put me on her earrings. Did a little make up as am fair looking like a girl. Then she kissed on my forehead and said me to look my beauty in the mirror until she is back. I kept on looking at the mirror and praising my beauty.

After some thought me Boy crossdressing stories came wearing my blazer and grab me from back. She turned me and kissed directly on my lips and took me to bed. We had a great sex that night. Post sex she proposed me and asked me to be her wife.

I said Nonot all. And i said it was just a moment fot that you can not punishm me wholelife. Than she said ok than get lost from here but before that check your what's app. I sent you video. In that video i was in saree and i was allowing her to transform me into girl. Than our sex video. Now i won't marry you but i will make you my maid. Every day you will wear maid clothes and do all house hold chores. And for every mistake will be punished with slappes. And for night you will be tied on bed so that you wont masterbate. Bloody slave. And she left me un answered.

No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Boy trapped into crossdressing as punishement. A seventeen year Boy named Shravan lived with his father and three sisters. Sister name was Kamini,Swati and Anushka and their age was 24, Crossdressing Lesson to Cheating Husband. Give me your other hand, said neha to her husband deepak, but she mostly calls him deepika, now she is painting his nails. Please, neha, I Am aged 27 and am staying aw Tricked Husband crossdressing. Rahul has everything, a beautiful wife, Anjali.

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So one day, neha send Rahul were playi Amit to Anita -Cheater Husband punishment. Amit aur anita ki shadi huye lagbhag 2 sal beet chuke the aur wo dono ek happy marrid life ji rahe the. Dono working husband wife the Crossdress Maid. My name was krishna, yes you read that right it was krishna now it's krishna veni.

This is my story of how this happened Anita ki punishment 43 Punishment husband forsed to wear bangle by wife.

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Real life story of beautiful Crossdresser Kamini’s first sex with Boy friend in Navratri.. Part 4