Boy dressed as girl for halloween story

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If a girl can be a Storm Trooper from Star Wars, then why ever not? Which is utter bollocks. I wanted to dress my sun up as a ballerina as a 2 year old. He was wearing his sister's fairy tutu and was just so danged cute that I couldn't pass it up.

Alas, I was overruled by certain other members of my family who are a little more than uptight about that sort of thing. Hell, if women can wear pants, why can't men wear dresses?

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Jesus wore a dress. Spartacus wore a dress. Wong Fei Hong wore a dress. Just sayin'. I swear I have photographic evidence of him dressed in a tutu. People need to wear whatever makes them feel fabulous. Fig leaves for everyone! Trying to come up with a constructive comment about society's gender hangups makes my head hurt this early in the morning, but I do wish we could let children alone to enjoy their creative ideas without being judgmental. It is very upsetting that the sisters were the ones who teased him so much that the whole costume changed. That stage of development is interesting.

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Two-year-olds can typically identify their own gender and that of othersbut they generally think their gender could change. My kid used to talk about being a man when she grew up — which we didn't think meant anything ificant because she also talked about wanting to be a dinosaur when she grew up. My middle daughter did that, too! She would constantly say "when I'm a boy I explained a few times that she would not turn into a boy, but that girls can do the same things boys do if they want, but I don't think she believed me.

She's ten, now, and I asked her if she remembers that. She laughed and said she doesn't. I have two boys. I've never understood why cross gender costumes are a one way street. Okay for girls, not for boys. For children, it seems it's about the fun of being what you see a lot but are not yourself. It's just pretend, which is always fun. I remember reading this nice post about a mom making a dress for her son't birthday gift.

The other is Cup of Jo. Very, very different slices of life, but also so similar in the kind, wise, and joyful way Peter, Amanda and Jo approach their blogging. Delighted to see that the blog appreciation overlap is shared. Amanda is an amazing parent and sets a great example even for those quite a bit further along in the family raising project, like me. The reason girls and women can dress up as men is that maleness is respected in our culture.

It's upward mobility. But for a male to dress as female is to move down the privilege gradient. It's "degrading. This is such a hard question. It's also a good way to bring up the topic with other parents and try to make them aware. That's how acceptance and change begins. If we just keep sweeping it under the rug Boy dressed as girl for halloween story will ever change. I agree. Nobody wants their child to suffer from other people's prejudices, but at the same time, if you want your child to grow up in a world where people of all genders and sexualities are respected Boys and girls were both dressed in skirts in centuries.

What is the matter with us that we are so hooked on naming gender? No one in the media paid a bit of attention in the s when the only magazines aimed at children had ONLY male characters. Boys can wear skirts and girls can wear pants, and if it makes us happy, whose business is is?

I think it's interesting that the language itself has such different connotations for boys and girls who play outside the traditional gender 'boxes'. To my mind 'tomboy' is a far more neutral term than 'sissy'. Does anyone else feel that way? Maybe we should start calling those boys 'tomgirls' or something? Simply put, 'tomboy' isn't an insult while 'sissy' is.

I don't think there's a way to say it without being negative. It's sad, really, that we have such an amazing language but it's still so gender-specific. Right on in your analysis, Jen. But: it's not the language so much as the culture behind it that skews dudewards. We value maleness more than femaleness. Therefore, our language--and bullying patterns--reflect that. Grandmas are awfully great, so I can see why you would want to be one! Ohmygoodness, yes indeed! That line took me back to childhood and all the grandmothers I've known and loved. Adorable, Mr. I've been following MPB for several months now and this post is my favorite, to date.

I am even commenting, see? I would worry about how cruel other children can be, but that being said, I would let him wear whatever he wanted to. I asked my son what his opinion was and he said "It's Halloween, why does it matter if they want to dress like girls? If boys dress like vampires or zombies does that mean they wake up the next morning undead?

Boys and girls should be able to wear what they want, even when it's not Halloween. I don't care what my friends wear as long as they're nice to me and like playing computer games. It doesn't make any sense to me, either-- if a little boy wants to wear a dress at Halloween or any day, for that matter, then let him. And it's so ubiquitous that you can't go anywhere in the world without hearing it. When it happens at work, I always point it out, and the men always look at me like Boy dressed as girl for halloween story crazy.

Nothing like hearing that what you are is the worst thing in the world.

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When I read your post, I immediately thought that it was a feminist issue as well. Because if people don't accept that a boy is girly, it's probably because they consider girls as somewhat inferior, to begin with. When my son was in nursery school, the girls told him that pink was a girl's color. Even at the age of 3 he had a strong rebellious side, he decided pink was the best color ever!

He rocked a lovely pair of obnoxious pink snow boots that year and loudly declared to anyone who would listen that pink was his favorite color. He is now ten and still not afraid to wear any color he wants and has long hair to boot. My brother's baby blanket was pink, owing to the fact that my mother's uncle misunderstood my grandmother when she called to tell him about my brother's birth - he thought she said the baby's name was Stephanie.

My brother's name is Stefan. So a package arrived with a baby gift of a pink blanket and a pink and white baby sweater. I was allowed to have the sweater for baby dolls but my brother had that blanket well into his 20's and didn't care who knew he had a pink blankie.

Boy dressed as girl for halloween story

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