Boy in skirt story

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My son is a car loving, hello kitty bike riding, tutu wearing, underwater swimming, rough and tumble caring boy who is as eclectic as he is lovely. When he was younger, although the sexist comments bothered me I was able to protect him from much of it. I made sure that the way I raised my son gave him the choice to be who he wanted to be — whether that was wearing a tutu or bouncing a basketball in Boy in skirt story park turns out he loves both. In all honesty it makes me feel a little uneasy.

These are a few of our recent experiences. The jumper was beautiful, and it was in the sale. Grey with colourful patterns — pink, purple, green, yellow. Multicoloured fun. It looked pretty unisex to me. He wore it for a party, paired with his party hair sort of like this but nowhere near as impressive because I did it. We had hardly been there before the first gender police kid rocked up. He returned to ask me the same question at least ten more times before the party ended. My son begged to wear a skirt. Over and over he begged. Eventually after trying three charity shops we found a skirt in his size.

He loved it, put it on right there in the shop and slept it in that night. The next day we went to a party. He looked beautiful. We were walking back from the park when we saw a bike left out for someone to take a common occurrence round my end. The next few days over and over he would go to look at it out of the back door. He asked to put his dolly in the baby seat at the back just like how mummy carries him on her bike and loved the hello kitty badge on the front. I mended it for him and then we took it for a spin at the local park.

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Over the summer I had some time off work so I looked up which toddler class was still on. It was ballet. I figured it would be fun. On the way home from a friends party my son was sitting up front on the bus all alone, very proud of himself.

He looks like a girl.

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Years ago, or so the stories go, girls were similarly mocked for wearing trousers. Will we feel that way one day about boys in skirts? On the whole my son chooses things which feel nice to wear; soft trousers like leggings and joggers.

People often talk about boys being full of energy, implying they have more than girls. The other week my son went to a film club at the library wearing a skirt. They, and their parents, assumed he was a girl. They had already clicked by the time they realised that.

What reactions have you got from others? How do you handle it? Do you think it makes a difference if you are a solo parent and they only have one gender role model around the home? You can follow my blog on facebook. Just go to my here and give me a like to stay up to date with my latest posts.

And follow me on twitter Boy in skirt story. Thank you for sharing! I remember when we were young parents grandparents now having the same conversations. It was considered avant guard to discuss such things as nature versus nurture. The conversation went exactly along the same lines. Nothing has changed. Relax, what will be will be.

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Boy in skirt story

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