Boy muscle growth story

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Suggest a description for this story. Added: Jul words 29, views 2. They bring the subject in; a fourteen year-old boy, skinny, obviously unathletic. His clothes hang forlornly from his bony frame as if tossed haphazardly upon a coat rack. He sits, slumped in the chair, absent-mindedly kicking the rung.

He looks melancholy, probably has low self-esteem, on top of all the physical deficiencies. Suddenly, his eyes glaze over. His body stiffens, immobilizing him; his breathing getting raspy and labored. The moment of truth. A nervous twitch overtakes his face, dispersing itself through his entire body.

He garbles some unintelligible sounds, followed by a series of long grunts, as if relieving himself. He wheezes frantically in between each grunt, as they progressively grow deeper and louder; we note the timbre of his voice changing.

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Finally, he lets out a blood curdling shriek that shifts nearly an octave down by the time he's done. His head rolls lazily, like a beachball bobbing on the sea. The rest of his body remains tense; fibers shocked, muscles contracting. Slowly, the boy begins Boy muscle growth story his shirt stretches dramatically as his shoulders broaden and his chest voluminously swells; his developing arms fill the room inside the sleeves.

Deepening shadows indicate a pair of ominously muscular pectorals, nipples already straining against the contorted fabric. He sprouts a pair of savage trapezius muscles, rising around his thickening neck. His shirt collar stretches wide, his head jerks backward with the force of the growth-spurt, revealing an overabundance of masculine cleavage. The buttons loosen under the girth of his torso.

Likewise, the boy's thickening legs fill out the baggy pants very quickly. Within seconds, they've risen past his ankles, engorged by volumizing thighs and calves. He watches in disbelief at the phenomenon overtaking him. Making him grow. Turning him into a muscle beast. A monster of masculinity. Evidently, he's enjoying the show. With an emphatic BOOM! Likewise, his distended lats push outward, splintering the reinforced seams on both sides. A sharp RRRIP as his bloated traps explode, blossoming into massive lumps atop his thickly developed delts; a jagged hole exposes the rest of his back's formidable bulges in all their glory.

His deltoids mutate into a pair of bowling bowls set atop his broadened shoulder bones; the weakened sleeves split in half, revealing the trio of he, each defiantly rippling with newfound size.

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It's only a matter of seconds before the boy's arms reach the bursting point; his mammoth triceps and freakish biceps simultaneously blast through the sleeves, his burly forearms reducing them to shreds. The kid's shirt looks like it's been bombed. He continues growing even after his upper body is stripped. His delts and pecs rise and widen, his lats thicken voluptuously. His attitude also undergoes a change. This boy is no longer shy or depressed. He obviously likes himself very much now, expressing himself with an emphatic double bicep.

A broad smile comes over his face as his arms leap up. Again, he flexes, reveling in his growth.

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The are beyond even our wildest imagination. The development of his torso was nothing short of astounding. His shoulder girdle was tremendous, the taper to his waist seemed to defy gravity. His skin was thin as could be, veins were clearly defined everywhere: pecs, delts, arms, legs.

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Muscle Growth. Author: Massiveboy. Sad… He was injected with the serum ten minutes ago. Progress is expected within the next five or so. His skin turns beet-red, desperate tears formed in his eyes. Another shriek. Then another. Then silence. The subject looks surprised; as if his pain and anxiety has subsided.

He turns to look at us. It has begun. His playful and curious friends get drawn in, and when his cranky brother is roped in as well, having massive equipment becomes even more difficult. Current standing: 2.

Boy muscle growth story

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