Breast inflation stories

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This video was originally a custom commission from a special Satyr! Saffron SexySaffron. In this breast expansion video I play a vlogger documenting trying to grow my boobs, any way possible, short of surgery! So I lotion up my breasts, then make myself cum, and I give you details about how my Breast inflation stories and nipples, and clit! They grow bigger each day, and I find myself strangely addicted to the feeling!

So I lotion up my breasts, then make myself cum, and I give you details about how my breasts feel all along the way! Let me know if you like the video and if I should make more videos like this! I love doing fun stories that use special effects so I hope you guys enjoy what we came up with! Oh hello! You must be the reporter here to cover my latest discovery! Of course, I had to test it on some dumb women first; I was just too smart to begin with! So, would you like to go on a little tour of the lab?

You must be here from the Bimbo Lab, sent to destroy my work! Well go ahead, destroy it all! Oh, noooooo! What have you done to me? What have you done to my boobies!? Uhhhhh… oh, hi there mister!

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A pillow! So I can give you a blowob?

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In this bimbo transformation and breast expansion video, I play an overconfident scientist who finds herself being transformed into a bimbo by an agent of a rival lab! With just the slightest suggestion, I get down on my knees and suck on your cock, giving you an amazing bimbo blowjob until you cum a huge load in my mouth! I find it delicious and swallow it all down, like a good little bimbo slut! If you liked this, you should check out all of my Breast ExpansionBimbofication and Transformation Fetish content!

Thank you so much for taking part in my research!

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The serum has to bind with the proteins in your semen to work, of course! In this breast expansion video, I play a scientist running clinical trials on a new serum that should make my boobs inflate after ingesting your cum! I make you cum in my mouth three times, each time making my boobs grow more! In this balloon popping breast expansion video, Breast inflation stories tell Lacey about my plans to get the biggest breasts in the world! I bought 30 magic breast-expanding balloons and I tell her I plan to pop them all myself!

So we compete- each of us trying to pop more balloons than the other, making our breasts grow larger and larger! After she disappears, I have an idea for the first thing I want to do with my new huge boobs! I plan on getting the attention of every man in the world, so I call up a male friend to test my big breasts on him first!

When he arrives I bring him close to me, and realize that my breasts make it harder for me to reach his cock! My breasts feel so good rubbing against him as I suck! In the end, I stroke him until he cums a huge load all over my new ample bosom! Make sure to also check out the behind the scenes of this video where Lacey and I blow up all the balloons! You may also like: Saffron Sits To Pop! I look down at my own small breasts in my shiny satin nightie.

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I call immediately! After waiting what feels like forever, the package finally arrives! I pay no attention to the instructions and immediately slather on copious amounts of cream all over my breasts! The label suggests having an orgasm to relieve any breast pain. So I get nice and comfortable on the couch and go to work! I use my vibrator and give myself a huge orgasm! Suddenly, I feel different! I look down and low and behold my breasts have grown! I try to give myself another orgasm, but my vibrator is out of batteries! I think for a moment about how else I can give myself an orgasm before coming up with a great idea!

The pizza guy shows up within 30 minutes and I greet him at the door. My breasts, shockingly huge, immediately attract his attention! I get down on my knees and give him a blowjob to get him ready to fuck me. My huge breasts press against his legs as I swallow his cock. Then I take him to the couch and have him fuck my brains out! My huge boobs bounce with every Breast inflation stories His cock makes me cum and my breasts grow yet again!

In the Breast inflation stories I finish him off all over my big balloon boobs! So you have some questions for me? In fact, my boobs are very special! I got inflatable implants installed! They came with this special remote that allows me to set them to whatever size I want!

I can make them bigger, or smaller, depending on the occasion! And, if you hire me, you can have the remote so you can make them any size you want! You ask me a series of questions, but you start to notice that throughout the interview my boobs keep getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger!

I catch you staring at them so I let you in on their secret, and once you hire me I give you the breast expansion remote so you can set them as big as you want! Oh honey! Our muscle growth formula has arrived! Hopefully this will help! Here, you have some too! Awesome, I hope this works! Om nom nom! I eat and I eat, but nothing seems to satisfy me! I think the only thing that could satisfy me… is your cum!

Oh wow! Your cum is so delicious! And your balls!

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I need more of your cum! Do you think you can cum again!? It seems to make my belly bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and your balls too! We both get huge!

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I swallow multiple huge lo that are so big that my cheeks puff out and I can barely keep it all in my mouth! up Here Lost Password. No comments. Hey Satyrs! Members click below to download the full HD video!

Breast inflation stories

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