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The lifeguard job on a Florida beach was my final summer of fun after graduating from college, before facing a real job. It was also a great way to meet women, strutting around in their bikinis, each showing more flesh than the last. One particularly attractive girl had been walking past my station all morning; petite, she had a subtle flare to her hips and breasts, dark hair, and arresting, flashing blue eyes, eyes you could get lost in.

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Category: Lesbian Sex. It had been six months since Katie left to go back to South America. Six long months without anyone to play with — six months of frustration with only my own fingers to satisfy my sensitive nipples.

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Jade sat at the dining room table and re-read her paper for the tenth time. She started out telling herself that she would finish up some notes on one endless section of her dissertation, just to make sure that it was cohesive.

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That was four hours ago. At this point, she was exhausted and done with the whole damn thing.

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Category: Group Sex. Kerri poured herself another glass of wine. She tilted the bottle up, all the way up until the last red drop fell into her cup.

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She sighed and took another deep swig, feeling the acid of the cheap wine burning her throat slightly on the way down. She had been sitting in the Pisa airport for nearly 24 hours. The train system, in fact, all travel systems in Italy, was perpetually running late.

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