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Comicbook Science. Doused by chemicals due to an accident, three friends gained emotionally-based shapeshifting powers. The two of them who used to date are now going to be roommates and that is leading to all kinds of growing problems Warning: Altersex content ahead! Ruby City. Beth knew that David was doing something special for her birthday but had no idea what beyond that it was their first dinner date. Little did she know, this was the first night of the rest of her life. Warning: Massive sizes ahead. When they had first started talking on AugNET, Hanna had never expected to fall in love with a woman like Beth, but it has been five months already and every day is better than the last Warning: Expansion to massive sizes ahead!

An alchemist trying to find a Breast shrinking stories way for trans folk to transition invents a new potion, however, thanks to his choice of ingredients it seems to be more effective than he expected The World of Witches.

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What will she find in the ruins which dot the valley? The Far Shore. A couple faced with infertility problems find a potential solution when an archaeological display arrives in her lab at the Museum, but is Faerie Magic really the best solution? Two high school sweethearts reconnect over the summer after her freshman year, however, one of them has finally found the fortitude to face their dysphoria. This le to a far more intimate moment that either of them anticipated as the new girlfriends promise to support each other in this new chapter A pair of lesbian otakus find themselves playing a game with a very robust character creator which has some

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