Buffy the vampire slayer sex stories

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Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. Angelus Vs. Angelus, having gotten free from the basement where Angel lost his soul in season 4, rapes and turns most of the women in the buffyverse, before making them into his undead harem. Connor was never born, so Cordelia never went up to be a higher being, And she and angel have been dating sense thay met on the beach.

Season 6 Episode Xander takes over! Buffy the vampire slayer By : blackseeds Published : September 29, Xander transform into a hunk with a huge cock, and he sets out to finally win over Buffy, her sister and mother Buffy, Dawn and Willow end up in a secret prison filled with tops, bitches, sluts and a very angry Faith. Due to a mysterious agreement between the forces of evil and the Powers that Be Xander finds himself the property of one William the Bloody.

Season 5 Episode Spike is interrogated by Glory in regards to the identity of the Key. Buffy rescues him, but she needs to know if he told Glory anything. The only way is to act as the BuffyBot.

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Similar to the season 4 episode 18 episode in which Jonathan Levinson uses a spell to take himself from zero to hero. She properly thanks him for his help. Dracula comes to Sunnydale. Heavily inspired by the season 5 episode only with more sex. Angel's actions during his dark spiral in season two have life changing consequences for him and vamp-bite addict Riley Finn.

Angelus has returned and managed to defeat the Slayer. In the wake of her death, Spike agrees to keep one of the Scoobies as a Pet in order to save their lives.

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Kenzi's such a scene queen. Xander's home life is awful but things are about to get worse for him. He is about to take the brunt of a very evil test. Severus is the one being tested. As her Watcher, Joyce provides Buffy with all the strict discipline and sex that her slutty and submissive Slayer daughter needs Darla's unnoticed feelings toward Buffy are accepted towards Wishverse!

I hope you still enjoy it. This is a challenge fic that I completed. Faith Won By : justheretoread Published : June 11, Faith won the fight with Buffy.

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She woke up from the coma in time to stop Buffy's plan and The Mayor ascended. He now runs Sunnydales. Faith is given Buffy and the rest of the scoobies as a gift. Pure smut with no redemption planned. Just Faith training and using the Scoobies as sex slaves.

Buffy the vampire slayer sex stories

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