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All characters in role play or non-consent scenes are consenting adults. Content warnings are included. Announcements : Best Lesbian Erotica volume 7 submissions are due October 31st, This honorable mention submission comes from Bad Bad Girl … thank you.

Featured in Sugasm in the top three! I was out back, in the alley behind the dive dyke bar, when she found me. Busted through the door with a fruity indulgent mixed drink in her hand and I feared for her balance. Her eyes flashed and she let the back door close on its hinge with a bang. I took one last drag of my American Spirit and flicked the butt into the dumpster. My internal butch cock stirred. She inched closer to me. My mouth watered. I wanted my hands on the curves of her waist, Butch lesbian sex stories hips, her ribcage.

I struggled to keep control. She sneered. I usually am. The pressure of her fingers felt exquisite. She withdrew and then slowly moved her fingers up my arm, felt the muscles, tendons. Circled her fingers around my wrist. Her neck was dangerously close to my mouth and I could smell her, sweet and thick. I wanted a mouthful of her perfume. Teeth on her skin. My hands moved — practically involuntarily — to the curves she laid out for me, the precise placement of her body next to mine inviting my touches.

She tilted her face toward mine. Half-closed her eyes. My friends were still inside, probably waiting for me. It was getting late. The alley was filthy. She smelled so delicious. The desire between us was pooling and tangible. Her body was small, my hands with fingers spread covered her back.

I brought them up under her hair, pulled her toward me, took hold of the back of her skull and neck. She leaned into me. I brought my lips down on hers hard, crushing, devouring, insistent. She whimpered, back curving. I held her body at the precise angle and distance that I wanted, and she went limp in my arms, gave over, arms and shoulders falling back, on her toes.

Pulling away, I grinned. Took a step back. Kept my eyes on her, touched my lower lip with my thumb and felt that stirring in my stomach, that desire, that power. Her eyes got a little frightened and she attempted to keep her tough look, but it was a mask I would unpeel. I closed the distance between us. Traced my fingers down her left arm until I reached her hand, still holding that delicate glass Butch lesbian sex stories fruity alcohol, and took it from her, tossed it hard, overhand, arm flexing, at the blank space where the building met the concrete in the alley.

It shattered brilliantly, a cascade of glass, the sound filling the narrow space between the buildings. She watched my arm, the glass, the crash.

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We turned our eyes back to each other, hers open, mouth open, small of her back arched. Her mouth watered and she moved her jaw, I could see it. She wanted to lunge for me. Good girl, she stayed still. Hardening my glance, I moved toward her, thick, keeping distance between us, and she stumbled back, her low heels catching on the uneven pavement, thrusting her hands out behind her but I kept her eyes, kept two fingers on her waist and led her back, back, until she was against the dumpster.

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She swallowed. It was wider at the top than the bottom, slanting out; she cowered under it a little. She did. Lifted her arms to grip the edge of the dumpster. Made a face. What do you expect? I thrust my hand between her legs. She wore a tight skirt — I pulled at it, shoved it up her thighs to expose her.

Pulled tight against the lacy fabric of her panties and pressed two fingers inside. She inhaled, moaned. She kept hold of the edge with her hands, arms raised. My body perpendicular to hers, cock against her hip. I worked my fingers inside, slick and slow and deep, thumb on her clit, on that spot below her clit, my hand gripping her pubic bone. She moaned, knees weakening, hips dipping down to take in more of me. I added a third finger.

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Mouth gaping, she breathed heavily, turning her head and biting her lower lip. I could feel my fingers working a good spot inside her and she was increasingly sensitive, reactive to my pressing and curling, thumb flicking a little lighter and faster on her clit. Her thighs shook and she lifted one leg off the ground, bent her knee, pressed her legs apart and against me, body shaking, pressed against me, until she gasped hard and I felt the ring of muscles grip my fingers, grip hard, her clit fat and sensitive and pressing against my thumb, throbbing, until she shuddered hard, bucked her hips, began to lose her balance and leaned against me, gasping, little moans coming from her throat.

She looked up at me, arms around my neck now. Pulled my cock out. Sheathed it quickly with a condom from my back pocket. With one hand I pushed aside her panties, slightly stretched now anyway; with the other I pressed her ass apart, then guided my cock into her wet hole. Stretched her lips as I pumped in and out, smooth slow long strokes, hips in circles, working the cock against my clit as much as inside her.

She pressed hard with her hands against the disgusting dumpster, arching her back and pushed against me, receiving me as I fucked harder, hard, pulling almost all the way out and then slickly entering her again, the length of my cock, pressed tight against her ass and hips in rocking little thrusts, until I found that sweet spot and my clit contracts and I see myself exploding in her, which made me come harder, muscles thick and shuddering, gasping, slowing my pace against her until I came to stillness and peeled myself off her back.

Butch lesbian sex stories watched me over her shoulder, all eyes and hair, desire still in her face, painted over her cheeks, then rose and straightened her skirt, smoothed her hair. I tucked my cock back into my briefs and zipped my jeans.

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She smiled at me, then started giggling, then laughing hard, full-bodied from her stomach, eyes sparkling. I was amused, and puzzled. Come here often? Can I buy you a drink? I laughed, pulled myself out of her embrace. Why not. I saw a few of my buddies at a table in the corner, they watched me come back in with my hand on the back of the girl.

They made faces and gestures and raised their eyebrows. I shushed them with a look, turned my attention back to her. I would like an explanation as to why with emphasis this piece is Honorable Mention! Good Lord! The shattered glass. The topping, the bottoming… the attitude! No joke, Sin. And I don't get to vote for it! Hotness…I need to go take some time for myself. You write such good porn! The shattered glass gets me; the drunkenness, the filth, the… just yum. I was the token straight girl at the gay bar last weekend in Boston, and all I could think about was this.

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Do you know how many times this exact scenario has gone through my head? Only difference in my version is I'm not straight. Made my afternoon for certain…. Published by Sinclair Sexsmith. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert. I love this. I never wanted to be banged up against a dumpster — until now. Great writing, Sinclair. You make even the nastiest things seem enticing. Great piece! Excellent writing, I felt like a bug on the alley wall. My first visit to your blog and, shit girl, you can have me anytime! Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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