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Welcome to Free Gay Pictures Too! Home Contribute Advanced Search. I went to an all-male boarding school when I was a. It was a tough place; corporal punishment was the norm and sixth form boys, yes boys in their last year, often administered it. They were around 18 years old and some were mean as hell while others could be kind in a sort of way. Plus there were teachers who lived in because they were single and they wielded the cane too, as I was to discover.

It was always on the bare ass. You had to bend over something, usually a chair or a desk or a bed.

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If you were too scared a couple of guys who were always there for the fun would hold you down while the caning took place. The first time it happened to me I was about 15 years old. I had just gone through puberty and had a thick patch of black pubic hair of which I was very proud.

Pride goes before a fall they say. We had to shower together and the older guys could check everyone out while we showered. Maybe I was sort of talent spotted ; I don't know. Anyway I was picked up one evening for talking after lights out when we were all supposed to be asleep in the dormitory. I was called out and told to go down to one of the sixth formers rooms. I was scared shitless because I had heard the stories of what happened there and seen the welts on guys asses under the showers the following Caning naked men stories. A sixth former gave me a lecture and I thought I was going to be lucky; just a good talking to.

But then he walked over to the cupboard and took out the cane and told me to remove my pyjamas. I started to shake and begged to be let off. He called for a couple of his buddies who came into the room. I was ordered to remove my PJs quickly or else. My hands were shaking so much I could hardly undo the cord on my pants or the buttons on my pyjama top.

So one of the guys came and helped me; he gave me a grin and said something about not taking it to heart and the quicker they got started the sooner it would be finished with. Off came my shirt. Then my pants dropped to the floor and I stood there stark naked. They looked at me for a while. The leader told me to spread my legs. I went bright red as I did as I was told because I was very uncomfortable at the thought of my cock uncut and quite large and balls hanging down so obviously.

The fact that I had been gang-raped a couple of months before didn't help. A couple of smiles and sniggers came from my tormenters. OK, Paul, over to the desk and bend over it. I shook with fear as I went to the desk and turned around, bending awkwardly across the desk, my knees shaking with fear. The leader came over and roughly pulled my body back from the desk.

He told me to hold onto the edge of the desk with my hands. Spread your legs, mate. So I pushed my legs apart reluctantly, feeling kind of ill with fear and embarrassment as my balls and cock were now hanging down very obviously and I was afraid that they could see something that I hated being visible to someone else, namely my asshole.

It had a bit of fur around it at that time; I Caning naked men stories that because I had taken quite a few looks at it in front of a mirror at home on holidays. But back to my story, which is based on fact in case you're wondering.

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I was having trouble holding myself still so a couple of the guys came over to steady my body; they held my arms for me as I gripped the side of the desk, sick with fear of what was to come. I waited and waited. You'll get ten strokes. Ten strokes of the cane! I could hardly believe it. I had expected five; hoped at least six; that five or six would do it. But ten. I was dimly conscious of the leader moving himself into position. He placed the cane gently across my bare ass and I jerked with fright and at the sensation of the wood touching all that sensitive skin.

He was lining it all up, of course, getting his aim right. I waited for what seemed like an age. Then I heard a swishing sound and a split second later the cane landed across my ass. For a second I didn't feel Caning naked men stories then a shaft of pain shot up into my body and I gasped, trying to hold my cry inside me. It was like someone had placed a red-hot poker across my ass. I jerked and the other guys pinned my arms hard to the desk. It was all I could do to keep my legs apart. Then the cane was lifted up and I could just see it out of the corner of my eye. I closed my eyes and did something I never did.

I started to pray that it wouldn't hurt too much and that it could be over quickly.

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Then came that awful swishing sound again and the cane tore across my ass Caning naked men stories the second time. This time it was harder and the pain was worse. I sobbed with the pain and tried to break loose but it was no use; I was being held down too hard. I did a sort of dance on the floor as I absorbed the pain. Hold still or you'll get a couple of extras. The order came from behind and I felt ill as fear and pain mingled inside me. Keep your legs apart! This time it was a shout from behind me.

I was terrified of what was to come, already in a lot of pain and my legs were feeling like they might give way. I did as I was told, shaking like a leaf. The third blow was really hard and I couldn't help but scream out with the pain. I called out that it was hurting too much. Too bad matey, this will teach you to talk after lights out. The fourth blow tore across my bare ass like as though I was being branded with a red-hot iron. It cut across the first three lines of pain that were still burning and I yelled some more, starting to sob intermittently and twist against the guys holding me as I writhed with suffering.

A couple of more guys came to my aid, to hold me in place. But I was so afraid of being given extra strokes that I managed to keep my legs apart. Caning naked men stories, I wondered how I was going to survive the rest. I was also aware that my balls and cock were swinging quite a bit from the punishment as the blows of the cane hit me and I jerked with the agony.

Looking back, it was their aim to humiliate me as much as to hurt me. To make my most intimate parts visible and to make me cry like a baby. five really hurt! I screamed with the pain once more and started to cry more constantly now. The leader was now hitting me really hard and I could hear the cane as it rushed down onto me; this split second of cane-through-air added to my suffering as I started to anticipate the searing, burning pain that was about to engulf my ass.

I also noticed that the leader was waiting quite a while between some of the strokes and that this added to the fear as I did not know until just before when the next one was going to hit me. six and seven came together. As I screamed with the agony of the sixth blow, the caner was already raising the cane and before I could get a breath the seventh fairly tore into my bare ass-flesh. I couldn't get my breath for a second; then I shrieked out in pain and started to plead for mercy.

Well, what a cry baby. Try this for size. I was suffering so much that I could hardly take in the fact that the next one, and there were still three to go! It was going to be really nasty. And nasty it was. The cane sort of missed, deliberately, of course, and it cut across the back of my balls. I lost my breath and started to struggle frantically, screaming for respite. I must have been quite strong because I momentarily broke loose and was allowed to dance in pain, clutching my balls and then doubling up on my knees.

I was sobbing like a baby now. After a couple of minutes I was ordered to get back over the desk. One of the guys who had helped me undo my shirt buttons consoled me a bit; told I was doing really well and that there were only two to go.

Caning naked men stories

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