Cannibal fattening stories

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Missy sat in the living room of her gingerbread home watching her son sink his fangs into a toy truck. She had never had this problem with her daughters. Then again, their father had been a sorcerer, not a scientist. Her current husband was a good man and a brilliant scientist. The oddity had missed her husband entirely and hit her son full force. She sighed as her little boy swallowed the rest of his masticated tinker toy.

No matter how much she fed him, he never seemed satisfied. The kid was no bigger than a dwarf, but could somehow manage to eat an entire roast duck and still have room for dessert. At least living in a house made of gingerbread Cannibal fattening stories her with extra food. Missy sat back and cackled unexpectedly. Irritated, she put her fingers to her temples. However, annoyance and frustration were feelings she was all too familiar with lately. She groaned as she thought back on the last year of her life.

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Today she was a dark lime—though she had to admit, it was a far sight better than the canary yellow of the day before. She really needed to check her crystal ball more often; Missy was not in the mood for visitors. When she opened the door, the pleasantly rounded woman looked up through little circular bifocals and smiled tentatively with round, rosy cheeks. I need Cannibal fattening stories speak with you, if you have a moment. Missy let out a sigh as they settled onto her couch. Genevieve jumped slightly but continued. I think it will be easier if we keep this formal.

The children were raised as con artists. Their parents had them begging on the streets before abandoning them. Terrible people! Get those two cretins as far away from me as possible. They nearly ate me out of house and home, then blamed me for how fat they got! The little monsters even attacked me when I caught them stealing from my pantry! They nearly shoved me into the oven, which as you know, is huge—I can cook a horse in that thing. That was the last I saw of them and good riddance. Genevieve cleared her throat and pushed her glasses farther up the bridge of her nose. We would have meat for weeks.

Missy let out a high-pitched laugh. The cackles were always worse when she was stressed. I have three children of my own. Why would I want to eat those two? Building your house out of sweets to help people find their way was truly a brilliant idea. You can go ask her, or any of my children! I treated her as one of my own.

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She was happy as a clam in my home. But when she told that dullard husband of hers how she spent her time, he took it and ran with it! You know how the Charmings are about my family. Missy took a deep breath, barely able to restrain a nervous cackle. This was it, the really bad news.

Cutting back her funding or salary she could handle, but being let go all together? How am I supposed to support my children? The Extension Program cost an arm and a leg! This is practically my entire income. The two had been friends in grade school. Amanda is away and there should be more than enough time between Cannibal fattening stories and when your son starts school for this to disappear This job is getting to me. What are you going to do? Genevieve thought a moment and gave a little shrug.

I have a teaching degree. I may apply for a position at Legends Primary. You still have your home. You always do. Turning back, she flashed Missy a smile. The small candy puddle shrank until naught remained but a pinkish-white stain on the table before Patrick. This last remnant faded quickly, as did the luminescent mist which had enveloped his eyes. He always does. A gust of air rushing to escape the room tossed his gold-brown hair over his shoulder as he headed to the table. Killian was tall and well-built with skin nearly the same golden brown as his eyes and hair, giving him the look of a bronzed statue.

Of course, in my land, a little loss of magic is no big issue. However, you know how the inhabitants of Gods' Grace can be.

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A lot of ancient toddlers, if you ask me. That place is an absolute labyrinth! The king is hardly ever there and the occasional burglar keeps him plenty entertained. Angus let out a bark of laughter. I have an old tale as offering, a sad yarn told to me by the Sea God himself.

Killian looked to the crystal ball, his gold-brown eyes were now cloudy.

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I sacrifice this water lily, a relic from the fountain of the once magnificent temple of Athena. He set the flower before the great crystalline ball where it curled into itself as it began to brown and wilt. Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story. Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! How it works. Puberty was not going to be fun. By all means, come in. I would never eat. How bad is it, Genevieve? I mean the Cinderella rumors just blew over. Patrick listened. He could faintly hear footsteps coming down the hall.

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Cannibal fattening stories

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