Castration fetish stories

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I met my wife-to-be when both our lives had train-wrecked. We both desperately needed structure and direction and we clung to each other. My wife was three years older, half-Italian and very bossy which was just what I needed. We met when I was 23, married at 25 and divorced at And the end of my marriage also marked the end of my real-world sexual relationships.

Just as well, too messy, really. My wife was quite a fan of science fiction. So just for fun she asked me to get naked and tuck my balls up in-between my legs so she could see what I looked like castrated. I jumped to do as she asked. I found it very arousing. Before we were married my wife had recently shacked up with a tough street punk.

Her boyfriend and his brother were both bi and had had sex with each other before so they decided to get it on that night while my wife lay Castration fetish stories them and watched. The younger brother squealed with pain and pleasure and came just from being fucked. I found both the idea of being sodomized and the emasculation of being teased about it arousing.

My wife started giving me handjobs fairly early on. And on two occasions she gave me a special treat by doing some castration roleplay. My wife told me she had come to do my milking. As she stroked my cock she informed me that my sperm production had fallen too low and that this was my last chance to meet my quota. I begged her to give me another chance but she told me it was too late, no more chances. I asked her what would happen after I was castrated and she said my cock and balls would be hung around my neck and I would have to milk the other studs. Of course I loved this but the miserable bitch refused to do it again.

I guess neither of us really liked having regular sex with each other. So giving me handjobs became our main form of sex. She gave great handjobs, slow and teasing to begin with and then faster and more urgent when I got near cumming. I would lay back on the couch while she lubed me up.

She sat cross-legged between my legs. I loved it. I loved being pampered and I loved the embarrassment and humiliation of being so totally open and exposed while I was experiencing my most private and intense sensations. She surprised me by finger fucking me on one occasion while she was jerking me off and it was heavenly.

But she refused to do it again. I should have been more insistent and proactive. I met Ty, an openly gay college student, and started hanging around his apartment. I was just a working-stiff at that point. He had some effeminate mannerisms but was mostly masculine. Ty was going to a prestige college and I had Castration fetish stories slavish reverence for such people which had been browbeaten into me by my crazy older sister.

I figured that I might be able to absorb some of his special intelligence if I listened to his music. Music meant a lot to me in those days. I now realize that Ty wanted to get it on with me right from the start but he was really very sweet and patient.

He waited until one night when I was drunk to really come on to me.

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I initially rejected the offer and left his apartment. But once I got out on the street I decided that it might be fun after all and went back in. We got naked and went to bed. Ty was really into kissing so we did that for a while. Then I Castration fetish stories him to finish himself off, which he did. He cum was stringy instead of gooey like my own.

I resisted his attempts to cuddle and proceeded to pass out. We never had a repeat. I now regret not having done more things with Ty, especially taking it up the ass. I was too obsessed with defending my masculine dignity to let myself go. I fear he fell victim to the AIDS epidemic that began a few years later. Anyway, God bless him. I hooked up with Wendy, a newly-graduated nurse. It was spring. It was all very lovey-dovey.

I remember passionately making out with her for over an hour in the middle of the day in my parked car near the nursing student dorm. From the neck up Wendy was sweet, mousy and elfin. From the neck down she had that skinnyness that comes from being young and nervous. Naked she looked like an underfed young monkey. Kind of sad and pathetic. Her flesh reminded me of Silly Putty.

Wendy wanted me to take her Castration fetish stories. It was so awful, both witnessing her pain and blood and being the cause of it. It took so long, I had to ram into her again and again and again. The experience was quite traumatic for me and it had a deep, lasting impact. As for Wendy, she pretty much took it in stride. It had a long letter from a reader in it that really blew my mind. It was an intense masturbation humiliation story. Masturbation humiliation is my strongest fetish other than castration.

And published instances of it are rare. And I actually believed the story in the letter was true for quite a while. Silly me. But the point I want to make is that this really marked the beginning of my life as a career masturbator.

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And it showed my strong preference for the textual narrative porn I was to find in magazines and, later, online. It had an article about what an obnoxious, verbally abusive, drunken asshole Bukowski was. This piqued my interest and I read all his short stories and novels.

When I was 18 I spotted some paperback books on display on the bottom shelf of a bookstore in a small college town. The covers were very eye-catching, just solid light-yellow with no graphics, just titles and authors. There were five or six titles. They were all gay porn. I bought one out of curiosity. When I got it home it turned out to be pretty arousing.

There were five stories but I can only remember three of them, which I re-tell below. This one was about two college freshmen, a bold one and a shy one. Early on, the two boys are in a big shower room together. The shy one gets an erection while looking at the bold one who laughs and points it out causing some embarrassment. Later that night, the shy one is lying in his bed in his single dorm room jerking off and thinking about the bold one when the bold one unexpectedly lets himself into the room, comes over to Castration fetish stories bed, bends over, reaches under the covers and takes over.

The shy one is embarrassed and flustered and starts to object. With a frightened gulp the shy one reaches over and grasps it. This breaks the ice and they become good friends and start getting together regularly.

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The sex play starts with mutual masturbation but soon progresses to sucking each other off. For some reason the bold one has always been in the habit of spitting out the cum he receives. This one is a silly, totally implausible sexual revenge fantasy. In it a gay guy manipulates a verbally abusive construction worker into having sex with him. One afternoon the gay guy runs into one of the hunky construction workers after work.

GG proposes showing CW a gay porn film he has back at his apartment.

Castration fetish stories

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