Cbt torture stories

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Author's Note: An interrogation performed by Torturess Angela and her lesbian assistant on a hapless man. Chapter 1 He was led down several sets of stairs and down a long darkened corridor. Two men beside him each holding one of his shoulders and moving him along briskly. His mind raced. He had lost track of how long it had been since the secret police SP had burst into his small apartment and accused him of being an underground operative. Was it hours or days his dazed mind wondered. A lack of sleep and not being able to know the time of day can be a very discomforting thing to the human body.

That these kinds of things happened routinely in his country was of no surprise. What was a surprise however, was that it had happened to him. After a firm but surprisingly brief interrogation by an officer of the SP, in which he denied any knowledge of unground resistance activities, he was taken to a brightly lit holding cell. He judged the cell to be 5 Cbt torture stories by 5 feet in length and width. More of a closet in its dimensions, and left there with only a cup of tepid water.

The room size alone was sufficient to ensure that he could not lie down to rest, since he was well over 5 feet in stature. There was no chair or bench in the room, so he could only sit on the cold cement floor, leaning up against the wall, knees upward toward his chest. His bare feet resting on the concrete.

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He was certain that the room was bugged and under camera surveillance. That was standard procedure. Thirsting after a long while, he drank the water down in gulps. Its bitter aftertaste lingering in his throat. Afterward, to his immense inner anger he noticed that there was no waste bucket or floor drain should he need to relieve himself. He needed to think and keep his mind clear. No foolish mistakes.

He knew this was a deadly dance, innocent or not, and it was his turn on the dance card. After an uncomfortable and cold eternity in the cell, he heard footsteps walking down the corridor. The cell door opened briskly and two SP men stepped in reached down to grabbed him as he started to rise causing him Cbt torture stories trip over their feet as he was led out the door.

Thus began the long journey down the stairs and corridors, to where, he could only imagine. More than a little frightened, he trembled, heart palpitating, sweat beginning to blossom over his body. The only sounds being those from the SP officers clicking boots and the bare soles of feet slapping the concrete corridor floor, echoing its long length as the three men methodically moved forward.

Finally, they reached a large wooden door. The man on his left reached forward and twisted the heavy steel knob, pushing the door slowly open, but not entering. Once the doorway was fully clear, he was pushed forward violently, falling to the floor of a nearly black room.

He heard the door slam shut behind him.

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His eyes tried desperately to adjust to the sudden darkness after being subjected to the brightness of the cell and corridor as he stood upright He shuddered at the thought of what lie within this room awaiting him. His mind comprehended the click of a switch being turned. Instantly from across the room a bright light hit him squarely in the chest and face. Instinctively his eyes shut, blocking out the light as he stood raising his hands before him to shun the brightness of the bulb. From behind he was suddenly and firmly taken by the shoulder again and quickly walked forward deeper into the room.

He had not seen anyone else in the behind him from his peripheral vision as he was shoved in the doorway, but then he had not time to gather his bearings anyway. Being moved forward, his ankle and lower leg grazed against what he thought to be a long piece of tall smooth wood set on its narrow side rather than wide side. Once his Cbt torture stories adjusted somewhat, he could make out a tall squared dark object just ahead of him.

The light was moved upward toward the ceiling slightly, relieving his eyes of their burden. His pupils suddenly opening wide from their former constriction at the brightness. His shoulder was released and the person at his side, whom Cbt torture stories still could not see from the darkness around him shuffled away.

He stood captured in something of a spot light within this room of which size he couldn't even try to comprehend. The square object began to move, turning to his left as it moved. It was a chair he realized and there was someone in it. As the chair stopped, a soft light above and behind him lit, illuminating the chair's occupant.

In it sat a beautiful woman with long red hair, hazel eyes, full ruby lips and fair skin. She wore a red leather teddy like garment from what he could see. Its neckline plunging nearly to her navel, the cleavage of rich breasts starkly visible. Around her neck she wore thick gold choker studded with large shining diamonds and red ruby and a longer chain at the bottom of which rested a gold amulet.

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She wore elbow length leather gloves. Her hips were adorned with another wide gold chain studded with the same gemstones, only each was easily three times the size of those on the necklace. On her crossed legs, she wore tall thigh high red leather boots with what appeared to be tall spiked heels. A demonizing vision of beauty for sure. A sensual beauty which he knew she could have her way with any man at merely a glance. But with a wrath that could have even the strongest man pleading for death.

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Her mouth curled upward in a wicked smile. He instinctively slid slight backward. She hissed "I'm Torturess Angela. Welcome to my playroom" pausing she hissed again this time in an inquisitive tone, "you I certainly hope you enjoy your time here". Pausing again to let the words sink in she sensually hissed "I know that I will, but you, sad thing, you will not".

Shaking her head slowly from side to side. Her, breasts moving and swaying with each step. Black leather thonged panties with thigh high spiked heel black boots adorning her legs. Around her hips was a curled bullwhip attached to a thick black belt.

She stood in front of him. He now trembling and sweating. She smiled and snarled. She pulled the shirt out of his pants, letting it dangle loosely at his sides. Her hands gripped the buttons and she began to vigorously unbutton his shirt pressing each through the eyelet. The toned muscles of her tanned arms flexing and releasing as she opened the buttons. Those that would not unbutton easily, she tore open, the button popping to the floor. At half way down his shirt, she merely ripped it open. Once fully opened, she stepped behind him, reached to his shoulders and with two motions, pulled the shirt down to his elbows, then off completely, tossing the sweat dampened garment aside.

His breathing quickened, he shook from top to bottom, his legs quivering. She swiftly reached around Cbt torture stories hips. Her fingers opened his belt and fumbled for the button. Pulling both the belt and the button open, she grabbed at the zipper, pausing for a brief second to feel and squeeze his cock and balls lightly, then rode the zipper downward. He startled and let out a slight whimper at the squeeze to his penis and testicles.

She let out a small evil laugh "Just wait". She Cbt torture stories in a low voice, it gets much worse than that". She pulled apart his fly, wide open exposing white underpants and the bugle of his cock. With her two strong hands, she took the sides of his pants and in one long motion, pulled them violently down to his ankles.

She paused again, stepped beside him and pulled the front of his underpants open, gazing inside and sliding a hand in to touch his meat. He shivered and was now shaking in uncontrolled spasms of fear. She released the outstretched waistband in the front, letting it snapback hard against the tip of his cock. Its strike cause him to momentarily rock on his feet and drop slightly at the knees.

This motion was greeted with a hard crack across his partially exposed backside. She looked at Angela and said in a sensual tone Its long and round, mmmmmm and cleanly shaved as are his balls Torturess".

Cbt torture stories

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