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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Mon 29th of Cfnm masturbation stories Report. Introduction: Sister forces me to show her. Hi everyone, my name is Steve, I am currently 20 year old and the following story is my introduction to CFNM by my sister when I was only 11 years old. My parents were very modest about nudity around the house, except when it came to me being naked. We lived in a small 3 bedroom house with only 1 restroom, which made things worse because all 4 of us had to use the same restroom.

That meant I was forced to leave the restroom door open whenever I took a shower and either my mom or sister would come in and do their hair and such. I was already 11 and my mother still insisted on me leaving the door open. Again either my mom, dad or sister would come in whenever I took a shower and they could see me naked. She was 6 years older than me and so when I hit puberty she was fully developed.

She was the reason of many of my masturbation sessions.

She was the closest girl to me and she was also very good looking. I never thought about having sex with her, I just thought about her body and masturbated fantasizing about it. She has white skin and is a bit on the short side of things. What I did notice about her is that her breasts were bigger than average and though I had never seen them, I could make out the shape of her round nipples.

I would always try to get a peek whenever she would bend over and that pose would be the many fantasies of my masturbatory sessions. Well it all took a turn for the worse or best; depending on how you look at it. It was in the summer of 99 that she caught me masturbating in my bedroom. I had come home from school and I was really horny for a girl that I really liked in school.

Her name was Heather and she was a really good looking girl, that day she had worn a pair of short shorts and I stared at her legs whenever I could in class. So I got home that day and there was no one home as usual. My parents got home late from work and my sister got home about two hours later because of her tennis training. I went to my room and started watching TV in hopes of watching cute girls. I had a bit of luck when I came across a travel channel that was showing the best beaches or something and sometimes they would show girls in bikini.

So I pulled down my shorts and started stroking my penis, I had already had my first orgasm a few weeks before and masturbated almost daily since then. I also had a bit of a patch of hair just above my penis. I kept stroking and stroking and all of a sudden the door opened and saw my sister standing right there in her white tennis outfit.

I tried to cover with the pair of shorts but it was useless as she had already seen what I was doing. She started laughing and I was embarrassed. I told her to get out but she just stood there laughing. I felt like crying but I was not going to give her the satisfaction so I just stood there. She came closer to me with her hand over her face still laughing and asked me what I was doing.

My first reaction was to cover it with my hands and turn away from her with my bare butt facing her. I begged my sister to please not say anything in a high pitched voice. I was afraid and embarrassed and she was basically asking to expose my privates in front of her. I looked at her and she was staring directly at my cock. My sister went to the TV and turned it off. So you better do as I say. So I took my right hand and started stroking my soft penis. She was standing by my feet so she had a full view of me and I had a full view of her in her white skirt and tight blouse.

I tried to forget she was in the room but no matter how hard I tried I knew she was there, staring at my tiny penis watching me masturbate. However, two and a half minutes later I started becoming more comfortable and somewhat turned the tables on her by closing my eyes and thinking about her in her short shorts and sports bra. I was of course very embarrassed but somewhat aroused that my sister had seen me masturbate and she seemed to Cfnm masturbation stories a kick out of it. I just put my shorts on and tried to forget about what had just happened.

A couple of hours later I heard my parents come home and Cfnm masturbation stories was still in my room. Both of them came to my room and said hi and said hi without making eye contact. About half Cfnm masturbation stories hour later my mom called me to ask if I had taken a shower already.

I told her no and she told me to go take a shower right away to be ready for dinner.

My sister was preparing the table and she gave me this evil smile and I just looked away. So I stepped into the restroom, took my clothes off and started showering. About 15 minutes later my sister walks in and says that I need to hurry up because dinner is about to be ready so I turned off the water. She steps out the restroom for a few seconds to check to see if my parents were busy in the kitchen. She came back in and she peeked her head inside the shower and stares down at my cock for Cfnm masturbation stories second and says to remember the deal that we had.

I just shook my head up and down in affirmation. She instructed us that my sister was in charge and that none of us could go out that night. She then asked if she could have her friend Janice come over and spend the night. When I was done eating I went to the sofa and started watching tv. My sister took a shower and saw she was doning the very outfit that made me horny, her sports bra and the booty shorts. She sat on the other side of the sofa and told me to give her the remote.

I was pissed but I knew I had no choice. My parents went to bed and told us not to stay up past 11 and me and my sister were left in the living room. She muted the TV and got closer to me. No choice, I did as she said and laid on my bed watching TV. A few Cfnm masturbation stories later I hear the door open slowly and there she was coming in.

She closed the door and turned on the lights. I thought about being embarrassed but there was no point in being embarrassed now, she had seen me stroke my cock a few hours before and there was nothing to hide now. I just took off my clothes and laid naked on top of the bed stroking my cock again thinking about her. I saw her face for a second and her eyes were glued on my cock. Three minutes later and I was cumming all over the bed again.

My sister just walked away and went to her room. To be honest I also got a kick out of showing my cock to my sister and did wanted to keep doing this. Little did I know this was going to be the beginning of a life of exhibitionism, voyeurism, cfnm and some would even say incest.

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But haven't had an opportunity so far.

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Cfnm masturbation stories

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