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Chastity Mansion. Top Posters. Several authors have been playing around with the same basic setting: an island nation, ruled by women, that have turned the male populace into second class citizens or enslaved entirely.

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They don't necessarily agree on the place's name, but its clear that they're working with similar ideas - its even possible that some of them are the same person, working under different pen names. The details vary from author to author, but many have mandatory cock leash laws, encourage women to tease and deny the men, and have turned masturbation into a competitive sport. Women are encouraged to use cock leashes, chaperone their boyfriends in the locker room, and pretty much sexually harass any unmarried man they want. Julie is a four part story about a female high school senior visiting a college in the United Republic.

Her friend shows her around the campus, introduces her to some cute boys, and then takes her home to see what every day life is like in the United Republic. At some point, an unknown author possibly MisterStarkers himself took the setting even farther with the Isle of Peternia. Peternia's been lost, found, lost again, and reposted once more.

The story itself is an excuse to show off the island nation of Peternia. Focusing on a 18 year old guy, his Cfnm milking stories mother, and younger sister, the story bounces them from Cfnm milking stories to event, in an effort to show off home life, school life, dating, and vacations in a country slowly turning into a gynocracy. The story also features a girl from northern Peternia, a region with relatively "backwards" attitudes towards men they even let men have privacy! But most of the action occurs in central Peternia, where women rule the roost, and most of the men go through some fairly serious teasing and denial:.

At one point in Isle of Peterniathe characters witness a handjob competition, with one woman threatening to Neal up for the next round. However, nothing ever comes of it. But in his Femdom Island series, JackBro took that idea, and ran with it:. Oddly enough, body piercing doesn't seem to show up in many of the "cfnm island-nation" stories.

Oh, and there's a bit more of MisterStarkers "United Republic". The author originally developed the setting through a series of faux -journalistic pieces. Unfortunately, those pieces no longer seem to be online. The story of this here must be reality,as I wish it.

Obviously a powerful male fantasy I wonder how women might develop this theme? And once more, the web has swallowed Isle of Peternia. Here's an excerpted version, covering the most relevant portions. At this point in the story, Neal Garrrett the protagonist has just graduated high school, and his mother has decided to take the family to a beach resort in South Peternia to celebrate.

And while Neal suspects ulterior motives, he has other problems to worry about. Worried that he'll get into trouble when he goes away to college, his mother and sister have been trying to set him up with Sam, a nice Middle Peternian girl who will keep him properly teased, denied, and under control while at school Neal, however, has been crushing on Angela, an exchange student from the North, hoping to have a more. At the moment, though, he's just sitting in the car, freshly shaved, approaching the checkpoint into South Peternia.

A Visit to South Peternia The tiny island nation of Peternia had recently broken with the most of human history by becoming an openly female led society. Like all other lands, men had originally held all the positions of power and money, until they embarked on their last and silliest war.

Whether all men of Peternia had eagerly participated or simply followed the leadership of a few macho bigmouths, all men came to be blamed. Neal clamped his eyes shut as soon as he caught a glimpse of the first naked male, a man bending over to garden on the outskirts of the town. He really didn't want to look. But as Nikki and Sam laughed louder and louder, his imagination started running wild until he couldn't bear not to see what they were cheering about. Cfnm milking stories it was worse than he could have imagined. They had driven into a small downtown area, and all around the sidewalks were completely naked men.

No watches, no shoes, nothing except the hair on their head. Except some few lucky ones which were wearing chastity belts, offering a little protection from prying hands. The unlucky ones Cfnm milking stories wearing some kind of leash Neal had never seen around their cock and balls, the other end always in the hands of a smiling woman. And the VERY unlucky ones wore neither of those, open prey for any woman on the street.

With the car stopped at a light, Neal watched as one very unlucky man stood, waiting for the light to change, when a group of three girls came up behind him. Without even speaking, the blond of the group grabbed his penis and started massaging it to hardness.

Another began playfully pinching his butt and the third made a big show of licking her index finger, then slipping it behind his butt cheeks to do something Neal couldn't see. But the man reacted to that finger, launching up on his tiptoes and staying there until the light changed, when the girls giggled off across the street, leaving him hard and shaking. So flustered he almost stepped in front of the bumper as Mrs. Garrett started forward.

Neal looked back to see the man, pre-cum flowing from his red penis, start to move his hands in for that last, relieving stroke, then stopping when a police officerette walked by. That was why he didn't fight back, Neal thought, noticing in horror just how many blue clad officers were walking around the streets. And how The men on the streets gave them extra berth as they walked by, and Neal didn't blame them.

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He didn't want to be anywhere near those women, or the random Cfnm milking stories on the street, for that matter! The car went forward another block then parked at a meter. Garrett announced. Everyone out. Neal, that means you too. Girls, watch Neal, I'll be back in a minute. You don't get to wear clothes, you never get to cum, and you STILL make it worse by not listening to commands! Keep it up!

I want this to be the funnest vacation Cfnm milking stories Both girls stared in awe at a man walking by, with a 9 inch erection pointing the way for him. Then back again as a woman led three men on leashes behind her- one with a plug up his ass! Neal sniffed, watching the girls become dizzy at all the erect males parading by.

Why didn't they have some self control? He didn't feel the need to comment about every hot chick walking by. Why, there were two incredibly sexy teenagers in the car with him, and he hadn't once mentioned out loud how cute their feet were, or how their breasts bounced as they pointed out the window. Or how, trying to get a better look, Nikki was supporting her weight by putting a hand on high Sam's thigh, and her soft cheek on Sam's shoulder. Or how Sam wasn't protesting, even as that hand rode higher and higher, to the very juncture of her bare hip- Neal's car door swung open and his mother had the leash around his cock and balls before he could even turn back around.

Now out you come! Neal felt his balls explode and jumped out of the car to ease the pain. As soon as he was out, Mrs. Garrett started down the sidewalk, giving the leash another long pull. Unable to think of anything but the yelling in his balls, Neal scuttled after her. He wasn't prepared for the and the black leather leash tightened again. It didn't just pull, Neal realized. Each yank of the leash simultaneously tightened a loop around the bottom of his shaft, keeping him hard like a cock ring, and a loop around the top of his balls, pulling them down in their sack toward any the direction the leash bearer was.

This time Neal matched her better, but his nuts still got a little pull. She turned suddenly again, and then they were back in front of Nikki and Sam's window. Garrett said, raising her end of the leash until it was almost taut. I don't think you'll be going long these two weeks without one. Now, open the door for the girls. She stepped out, then examined the loops around his genitals as Sam exited. He gets his little boysacks pulled AND it keeps his boner up! Perfect," Sam murmured, one hand tracing the same lines as his sister had while her other cupped his buns.

With all the attention, Neal didn't need ANY help keeping it up, now. Nikki, if you would do the honors Cfnm milking stories felt the leash jerk immediately, and the next few minutes were a blur. He had to focus entirely on where Nikki was heading and what her leash hand was doing, because she kept the leash very tight and very short. His whole world became the angle of her hips and her bend of her elbow, to try and predict Nikki's next step. And just when he had gotten good enough to not get his nuts crushed at every step, Nikki started feinting, moving her arm one way and her body another.

And she took the most ridiculous paths through the sidewalk crowd, going in between and around when she should have gone straight. Some small part of his brain registered that he was, for the first time, walking around outside, completely naked, in the middle of a city crowd, but he had to stay too focused on Nikki's hips to let the thought sink in.

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His only moment's rest came when she said, "You can stop looking at my butt now, big bro. We're here. The outer ring was an open air farmer's market, with women standing behind tables filled with items, none of them vegetables. But the center was a large square platform half the size of a city block, and on each corner, a crowd had gathered to watch a man standing on it.

Neal couldn't tell what was going on up there, but none of the men were alone, and none of them were making happy noises. The all-female crowds, however, were. A lot. Huffing, Sam suddenly appeared besides them. There you are! Come here, I need Neal for a measurement! Garrett said to her. Now Neal, front and Cfnm milking stories. The nice lady needs to take some measurements of you. Before he could protest she had a firm grip on his firm shaft, and used her other hand to deftly slip off his cock-leash.

Cfnm milking stories

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