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A couple months ago this happened. This had long been a fantasy of mine and one that I simulated with Cfnm party stories girlfriend a few times having her boss me around naked for a bit. But I wanted more than one woman present, and was concerned about how hard this would be to pull off.

As luck would have it, I ended up working closely with a woman at my job who had basically no filter and openly talked about all her kinks and sexual inclinations. One time at an after work party she was blabbing as usual, and after a few drinks I opened up to her about this fantasy.

She told me she would be willing to make it happen. I came close to chickening out…but then talked to my girlfriend. She told me to go for it, as long as she was allowed to attend as well. So I provided her contact to my co-worker, and they started planning. My co-worker let me know one Wednesday she had a party planned on Saturday. It would be her, my girlfriend and two other friends of hers. So Saturday came. I was allowed one drink an hour.

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I would be serving at the party and providing any drinks and food the girls requested. The girls could say whatever they wanted about me or my body and give blunt commentary. I would have to provide any leg or foot massages the girls requested. The girls would remain barefoot the entire party this Cfnm party stories partially both a consolation to me since I have a foot fetish, but also to avoid the issue of footwear inside. I could take a bathroom break but would have to inform my girlfriend. And at PM all the girls would crowd around and watch me masturbate in the middle of the room as the grand finale.

The other two girls came. I sat there nervously watching the clock simultaneously both awaiting and dreading 7PM. Once it came I walked out into the room with my girlfriend. One thing that hit me was the ethnic diversity: My girlfriend is Hispanic, my co-worker is Asian, and her two friends I had never met before were black and white. They kind of giggled as my girlfriend explained the rules.

I think I was visibly red by then. All of the girls got a footrub. About midway through they were starting to ignore me, and basically just using me as a nude waiter to get them drinks while they talked about girly things. I was starting to loosen up.

But then came PM. My girlfriend told me it was time and threw me a bottle of lube.

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All four got on the couch together giggling and holding wine glasses, and I nervously positioned myself, and started stroking. After a few seconds I was in a sort of trance.

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One condition was that I not Cfnm party stories between when I was told of the party and that night, so when I came, I came a lot. As I lay on the ground slowing come back down to reality my girlfriend came over, and started scooping up the cum on my body and making me lick her fingers. The first time I had ever consumed it. Still at that point the rush was still going. The other three applauded and my girlfriend led to my room and brought my clothes.

However I was kind of too embarrassed to continue. So I simply got dressed and announced we were leaving. I said goodbye in the living room. The other girls said goodbye and I got a lot of thanks, and the black one yelled out to please contact her if I was interested in doing it again.

The drive home was a bit awkward, but also relieving. Source: reddit. This was awesome. I have a similar fantasy. Are u a grower or shower…being a grower myself is what would make me nervous. Not into humiliation. Great work! post. Next post.

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So I gotta ask when the girl ask if your gf was satisfied what did she say? Next post [FFM] Playtime!

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Cfnm Party Stories