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Sad thing for me is……. It has been a while tho, since reallllllly tasting it, like an entire load…. You know what could be fun?

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Talking to you sweetly as we lay in bed. Dragging my fingers along your chest and stomach. My legs wrapped around yours. My voice drowning out any and all of your own thoughts as my hand slips between your legs. I did, I was watching your cock grow as I traced your body and whispered things to you.

Slowly start to stroke your cock until I hear those gorgeous little man moans of yours. Watching your brow furrow as your mouth drops slightly open.

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I slowly and methodically stroke your cock just right. I smirk and start to stroke your cock a little faster. My thumb working that delicious little spot right under the head of your stiff cock.

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You love it. You need it.

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Give me more of those moans you know I love baby. Good boy. Feeling yourself lose control, your cock twitches and you slightly come back to your body as you approach your orgasm. I stroke you right to the edge of it I wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth with my thumb and kiss your forehead.

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That could be fun Subito, mia ora!!! Reblog and finds out. Recently Liked.

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