Chem sex stories

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I had to take a timeout from reporting this story and catch my breath at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, so consider this your trigger warning. He was straight, so we never had sex. I looked around and realized a lot of people were injecting crystal meth around me. And how exactly it does so is multi-layered:. What will it do to already hyper-horny gay men? Drive them tap into deep, primal, male sexual desires, Spike says, and actually reprogram the brain to hunt for risky sex or be hunted, as the case may belike strung out monkeys.

Nine black and white photos in the chemsex series were taken over the course of a year. In a way, Spike Chem sex stories, they are separate pieces of work, compiled in an album intended for people to better understand how gay and bi men are injecting chemicals to distort their sex lives.

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I asked Spike to talk me through how he obtained this panoramic, pornographic view of arguably the most unsafe sex party in the world. Chem sex stories is the starting image of the series and the first chemsex shot I ever took.

Strangely, these two had never met before and got along well. We got the needles out and they started to play and I brought a smoke machine into the room. The guy on the right is looking at the guy on the left as a mentor of sorts, administering the drug. So a shot like this is important because ultimately what people are looking for is some form of intimacy. Once the drug is in your system you become only focused on yourself: When can I get my next fix?

How can I maintain my high? You get greedy and very selfish. I used a low depth of field and zoomed in on the needle going in. I think the clenched fist, slightly out of focus up front, is quite telling. This is vein porn. During the administering of crystal meth, the rest of the body gets forgotten and all the focus is directed exclusively to the veins in the arm. Heavy crystal meth users like looking at really thick veins. They actually fetishize the vein itself and get really turned on just by looking at an armful of veins.

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You might expect there to be a bit of frenzy and anticipation As a matter of fact, these guys were not very worked up about doing the drugs. As I was shooting them, it really seemed like a normal fact of life. Sure, they got high afterwards. This is my favorite shot in the series, not just because his dick is out. I like guys who wear their queerness on their sleeve. This image is parody and not to be taken too seriously. I used to work as an escort. Guys would hire me to progressively over time make their nipples huge. I would take guys over the course of 2 or 3 years from having tiny baby nipples to having real pig tits.

He has just crushed his phone and given up for now. This world is chemically created and therefore not real, which can be devastating.

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You can easily experience these four states of immersion during chemsex, which le to psychosis and extended obsession with cumming. This one probably relates most closely to my own personal experience of using crystal meth. During Chem sex stories come down period, I go through all four of those moods. My personal trainer, who is now clean, decided to get clean when his boyfriend caught him trying to clean his carpet with a spoon.

Brian Smith writes hard-hitting gonzo features for MEL, whether it be training with a masturbation coach, receiving psycho corporal treatment from a spank therapist, or embarking on a week-long pleasure cruise with 75 Santa Clauses following their busy season. And then an abrupt realization, often followed by severe paranoia and depression. On the left, he is manically checking his phone. Brian Smith C. True Crime Black Like Me? Latest Are Psychedelics the Answer to Burnout? More Stories from MEL.

Chem sex stories

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