Cherry pop stories

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Hello ladies and l! Do you ever think back to yesteryear, remember that horribly awkward or blissfully exciting time in your life when you had your first serious relationship with that special girl, or that handsome man.

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Remember that first sweet kiss, or that first caress. Gossiping at sleep overs about how he used too much tongue, or laughing with your boys about how you got to cop a feel. Well prepare, because whether your first time was a great experience of young love and new adventures, or one of awkward dissatisfaction, you can live it all over again! It's time to pop your cherry! Player Rating 3. Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Tags Humor Romance Socially Important. Player Comments. The one with Bobby was really cute, and while Mike didn't seem particularly interesting as a character, the whole first time being really awkward thing did make the story seem quite realistic.

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On the other hand, the two stories from the boy's point of view both involved random girls who the guys barely knew saying, "Hey, I'm feeling horny. You want to have sex? Is that how most guys lose their virginity? I never knew :p. I- I was not expecting this. I loved this it was great! I thought it was entertaining! Decent, but very short with very few choices.

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I wanted more sexy with Jenny.

Cherry pop stories

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Popping The Cherry: We Asked 9 Women What Their First Time Was Like, So You Are Better Prepared