Clitoridectomy fantasy stories

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It contains female clitoris removal. If this is not your thing, then don't read it. It also contains torture and strong sexual content, although this is not really a sex story.

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If you find any of that offensive, are under the age of 21 or such material is prohibited in your state or country, then stop reading right here. This story is intended for mature adults only. This story is fiction, although some parts may be based on real events. Most of this story came strictly from my imagination. Don't even think about trying any thing described in this story. A girl with the nick "hurtmypus" in an extreme BDSM chat room sounded like someone with my kind of fantasies, but I had no idea how this chance meeting would change our lives.

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We exchanged addresses. Her name was Janet and we chatted quite a bit after that first night. Janet was into serious clit torture and it is hard to find women interested in that. One night when I was stuck at home because my friend was sick.

I found Janet online. We chatted a bit.

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Janet thought I should torture my clit since I could not go out. I suggested a simple clit torture game. We would select a torture and roll two dice using an online dice roller.

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If the roll was 2 through 6, Janet did the torture. If the roll Clitoridectomy fantasy stories 8 through 12, I did the torture. If the roll was 7, we both did the torture. We started out whipping our clits with belts.

First 10 strokes for the loser, then 20 and We both lost several times and got our pussies red from the whipping. We were ready for something more intense. After a little discussion I proposed a clothespin applied directly to the clit. Janet added her own twist. Anna clothespin clamped directly on the clit Anna pull the hood back and put it right on your clit Janet: for how long? Anna we could start with 10 minutes Janet: ok and if you want after its on we can play again if i have it on and lose again i have to twist it back and forth Janet: however many times we decide Janet: keep it interesting Janet: how does that sound Anna have never tried that Janet: well we can try it now if you want Janet: but the clip has to stay on while you twist Janet: does that sound ok Anna we could also make it depend on the rolled Anna like roll 2 or 3 you have to also twist it, roll 11 or 12 i have two twist it Janet: ok Janet: its a deal Janet: how many twists Anna i don't know 5?

Janet: ok Janet: what about the other s Anna just the clothespin, no twists, 7 we both have to do the clothespin Janet: ok cool Janet: so its your roll I used the web site to roll the dice and us both the. Anna still have a minute or so to go Janet: if my s come up i will twist it Janet: just to keep the game going Anna ok Janet: that's why i thought of the twisting Janet: i rolled Janet: you won't believe it Anna what does that mean?

Janet: did you get it yet Anna yes, 7 Janet: so its been 10 minutes i guess i keep it on for another 10 Anna i guess this mean i have to put on a clothespin too? Janet: yea, it does Anna ok, i have my clothespin on too Janet: cool Anna we should roll again at the end of this 10 minutes, and loser has to keep her's on Janet: ok cool Janet: when did you put yours on Janet: i'll just go off your time Anna i think Janet: ok cool Janet: hows yours feeling Anna sore Janet: lol Anna but i'm managing Anna i think we should do 1 more roll at 10 minutes Anna then give our clits a rest Janet: lol Anna then maybe up the stakes Janet: ok cool Janet: ok it's time you roll Anna here goes Anna yeah, 6 Janet: really?

Janet: i like that Clitoridectomy fantasy stories i think me losing mine gets me the most worked up Anna a winner take all button bet would be very hot Janet: mmm heck yeah it would be Janet: mmm one of these days we are going to roll the dice for our clits Anna in a few minutes one of us is losing the use of her clit for the next 24 hours Janet: mmm yes you are Janet: lol Anna or maybe both of us Janet: true Anna if we roll 7 Janet: mmm Janet: mmm someday we have to really put our clits to the test Anna what do you mean by put our clits to the test?

Janet: well someday we have to bet them Anna a high stakes poker game perhaps Janet: clits would be high stakes! Janet: i like it Anna you ready to roll and see who gets to cum tonight and who doesn't? I did my full 24 hours, but 24 hours and 1 minute later I was cumming like crazy. The next few times we chatted the conversation always came back to the fantasy of wagering our clits. Janet: Um, I don't care Janet: What do u think Anna i think poker would be hot Janet: I'm awful at poker but ok Janet: U know you're going to be leaving with my clit Anna great that you are awful at poker!!!!

In the story the author, Liana, bet her clit for a guy's penis. She lost the bet, cut off her clit and sent it to the guy! That story made me so hot. I could not keep my fingers out of my panties. The story described the details of how she cut her clit off. It all sounded so easy. Of course, it was just a story. I wrote an to Liana telling her how much I liked the story. I asked her how she came up with all the details. I got a quick reply thanking me for writing.

She said the details in the story were based on experience. The details were based on experience? Whose experience? Liana's experience? I could feel my panties getting moist as I read the over and over. There was a woman that really cut her clit off! It was not a fantasy. It could be done. Two women could really Clitoridectomy fantasy stories a poker game for clits.

I came so hard imagining that. Next time I chatted with Janet, I had to bring it up. Anna hey Clitoridectomy fantasy stories Hey there how r u Anna i'm good Anna you read the naughty bits playoff? Janet: I loved it Janet: so hot the way it ends Anna super hot!! Janet: imagine losing that bet Anna high stakes Anna hard to cum without a clit Janet: that is for sure Anna but that's why betting clits would be so hot Anna loser is going to be horny as hell and wondering where her clit went Anna while the winner is going to be staring at the losers clit to cum more often!!!

Janet: That is very hot Janet: It is so fucking hot to think about Anna it would be incredibly hot to win, would suck big time to lose Janet: Lol maybe Janet: I can't wait to have your little button in my hands Anna you want me to be the one wondering where my clit went Janet: Hmm yeah in a way Janet: the idea of betting my clity is so hot Anna i would get maximum pleasure out of winning yours!!!

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Janet: I would hope Anna well, if you are not enjoying your clit anymore, i should get to! Janet: that is so hot Over the next month Janet and I chatted once or twice a week. Our chat always came back to torturing our clits and the idea of betting them. For me it was an intense jilling fantasy. Janet: hi Anna Anna hi, how are you?

Janet: i'm good, how are you?

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Anna i'm great, still have my clit Janet: a temporary condition Janet: i'll have it soon Anna you wish Anna you'll have to put yours on the line if you want to win mine Janet: i will win it Anna i have this fantasy i can't get out of my head Anna i meet a woman in a hotel room Anna we chat a while, get to know each other Anna then we play poker for clits … Anna and one of us leaves with the other's clit in her purse Janet: wow Janet: that is hot Janet: would the loser get a final orgasm Anna maybe Janet: if you were going to cut it off, it would be the best one of my life I just know Janet: it gets me sooo excited Janet: thinking about it getting cut off Janet: it would make me so fucking horny forever Anna would you like that last orgasm from masturbation or oral sex?

Next time we chatted, the conversation quickly came back to the same topic. Janet: i've been thinking Clitoridectomy fantasy stories what we talked about last time Janet: the hotel room and me slicing your clit off with a scalpel Anna or me slicing yours off Janet: yeah, would you really do that?

Anna it is a hot fantasy Janet: yes, but would you really do it, put your clit on the line Anna maybe, would you?

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Janet: definitely Anna you aren't scared of losing it? Janet: i figure the way i've been treating it, it's only a matter of time before i destroy it anyway Janet: and winning yours would be so hot Janet: if i'm going to lose mine, I want you to be the one to take it. Janet: Have you ever fantasized about how u would cut mine off Anna most of my fantasies are about clit guillotines, lol Janet: So have you imagined my clit in it and watching as the blade slams closed Anna yes, i have! I imagined locking my clit in the button cutter guillotine to give Janet a chance at taking it.

Clitoridectomy fantasy stories

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Clitoris cutting fantasy story