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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sun 9th of June Report. This is my first attempt at writing straight erotica. So I have described that build up which le to the act as explicitly Cobie smulders sex stories possible. Please forgive me if I go wrong. As usual, I would also like to state that this story has been written only for entertainment purposes. There is no intention of harming the reputation of the real or fictitious people involved herein.

I would ask straight couples to relate to the characters in the story, specifically straight women, if I have been somewhat successful in enumerating the desires and emotions which come to your mind when you think of your lover. Though a small role, she had received critical acclaim for her work in Avengers. It had brought down several offers- some big, some small. Besides, making any kind of mark in Hollywood was not an easy job anyway.

One fine Sunday morning after she was back to her small-ish, single storey villa, after jogging, she received a call on her phone. Her high school sweetheart from Canada- Alex. She had been in contact with her ever since she moved to the U. She answered the call and they went on talking for almost quarter of an hour when he told her that he was moving to the U.

He owned a shipping corporation and it was his family business.

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It was decided that his younger brother would be administering the Canadian part, while he was shouldered the responsibility to look after the more ambitious, newer U. Cobie felt butterflies stirring her stomach when he told her that he was on his way to her already, and would be reaching her in the afternoon itself.

It had been years since she had seen her. She wondered if he had changed in some way. After all, it was a long distance relationship she was in. All these years work had left little time for her to think about her personal life. The rest part of her morning was hard to spend for Cobie. First she gave her maid leave for the day and also requested her assistant to postpone a television commercial shoot to the next day.

She felt as if the time was going too slow. She spent over an hour getting ready to welcome her love, shampooing, shaving her legs. Once when she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she blushed Cobie smulders sex stories her naked reflection. Even much more time was spent in choosing an outfit. Cobie chose a Maroon coloured Tee with long sleeves and matching denim jeans. They went well with the Black coloured heels she had chosen. Also, the black hand bag, would look good on her arm. After finally touching up her gleaming eyes with eyeliner, she was ready. She felt that she was nervous too.

Alex had somewhat distanced himself as he thought that her profession, actually the Paparazzi would have made the matters worse, if the relationship was disclosed. Also, he felt somewhat uncomfortable being with her, as her popularity soared. She had determined to explain it to him that nothing had changed, and she was thoroughly satisfied with their relationship.

As she was lightly flicking her makeup brush over her cheeks, the bell rang. She almost ran to the door to open it. She opened it. It was a magical moment. Their eyes met. She looked at him intently to see if anything had changed or not, as far as his looks were concerned. He had not been putting Cobie smulders sex stories pictures on his facebook since the last few months.

Now she understood that he intended to surprise her. He had recently put on some weight, though he was in no way obese or something. Though he liked to keep a one day stubble, he had clean shaved for her. He was just a few inches taller than her, and she liked him the way he was. Just a hint that he had recently been working out, his biceps protruded from his Tee. Then she thought to herself that she had been talking all this with him, and he must have been taking care all about it.

Besides, she was scared of too muscular men, in general. Suddenly she reminded herself that she was supposed to welcome him inside. Hinting an over night stay, Cobie blushed at the thought.

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She held his hand and took him inside. He gave a quick peek on her lips and asked her where the shower was. She showed it to him and waited for him to relax until they were ready to go out as planned. Cobie admired Alex. For him, physical intimacy was not the reason of being in a relationship.

It was just a way to express his love for her. Still, she used to tease him as her fuck buddy when they were in high school. She asked herself not to be so shameless as she felt an anticipation between her legs.

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The ride to the discrete restaurant was gonna be fun, Cobie thought. When she switched on the Music player, she was surprised to find a Barry Manilow. She looked at Alex when their eyes met again. He held her hand and kissed it. Cobie said that she will always love her. When they reached the restaurant, Alex gave the keys to the Valet in charge, who just glanced once at Cobie- remembering where he had seen her. That was all. Cobie was beginning to feel comfortable with Alex.

It was not that she would be startled or would like to avoid paparazzi or fans, but she wished to be given some privacy and she wished to talk things over with Alex first. When they had ordered the food, he held her hands and showed concern whether everything was all right with her. He knew that even though she showed uncommon mental strength, showbiz was a difficult field. He apologized for distancing himself from her as she became more successful. They talked all about it for a few minutes before the food was served and Cobie smulders sex stories was able to convince him that she was ready for him.

After they had the food, they waited outside the restaurant, hand-in-hand for the valet, to fetch the car. She entered first, him later. When he closed the door behind her, she turned around to see a naughty look in his eyes.

He came near her and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. After they broke the kiss, she hugged him for a moment. She became aware of the bulge in his pants which was being pressed against her groin. She tried rubbing it over his trousers. He said that it has always been that way ever since their eyes met for the first time that day.

She took his hand and took him to her bedroom. He was amazed. It was as if she anticipated that this would happen. She had the curtains covered the windows. She sat on the bed and lowered her eyes, unable to suppress her lust for him. She started moving her hand Cobie smulders sex stories his chest while they kissed. Then he broke the kiss and held her feet with one hand, while gently removing her feet from the heels with his other.

He removed his own shoes too and again sat beside her. He removed his shirt and dropped it on the floor on their footwear while resuming kissing. Then she held his face in her hands while she broke the kiss and ran her tongue on his chest, staring at him naughtily. That was just for a few seconds, after which she d kissing him and lowered herself on her back on the bed.

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Then she held his hand and he positioned himself on top of her, as they continued kissing. He had placed his hand on her love handle, while she placed her hand on his cheek now. Without a warning of any sort, he rolled up her t-shirt up to her neck, exposing her bra. She asked her to help her get up after which she sat in the bed. Next, she stripped her tee and bra off while his face showed how happy he was to be involved in all of this.

Then she d her position and pulled him on top of her. She softly started squeezing her boobs softly with her palms while he lowered his lips onto them.

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Then she kept her arms above her head, while she saw him squeezing her boobs and sucking on her nipples alternately. She moaned for the first time that night, and both of them were even more turned on due to that.

Cobie smulders sex stories

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