Cow transformation story

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You think it has been three days since you developed this udder, it could be longer but you can't think straight since you are constantly being milked.

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The woman whoms breasts you sucked until you developed this udder walked in with her attendants and smiled evilly "Well, you have been producing milk quite well and we think because you are so valuable; we are going to turn you into a proper cow and keep you here forever" The two female attendants unhook you from your stand and take off the milking apparatus. You feel a short sense of relief until your udder begins filling again.

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She le you off to a special room which was at the end of the milking room. It starts to extend out into a muzzle, your nose also changes so it is larger and your nostrils are at the side. You feel a sharp pain on the top of your head as horns begin forcing their way out of your head, also at this time you feel your head hair falling off. The woman speaks to you softly "Don't worry dear, all the pain will be over soon" She shoves a rubber gag into your now cow-like mouth to stop you screaming while she injected your arms.

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You felt a tingling while your hands started forming into the shape of a hoof, after it shaped itself it began changing colour and hardening. You now have a pair of front hooves. She injects your legs, your feet, ankles and knees begin feeling weird. Suddenly your feet and ankles drop off, your knees begin shaping into hooves just like they did with your hands, your thighs also start thinning down to conform to the shape of a cows.

Once they finished forming the woman injects a final injection near your anus which causes a long and thin tail to extend from the tip of your arse with a big bushy end. She pats you on the back and removes the gag "One last thing dear" She opens your muzzle and pours a clear liquid down your throat.

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Everything in your body feels weird before black and white fur starts to grow all over your body, right now your udder is in immense pain from not being milked. She smiles at you before having her attendants unchaining you "Have a walk around. Get used to your new body" You begin walking forward with your Cow transformation story hooves and they click along the stone floor of the special room. You moo very loudly, all of a sudden you feel a huge pressure on your arse as cow dung comes out "Ah, thats a little side effect of the injections" the woman explained "It just changes your inner workings to those of a cow, so your bladder and excrement will be a little different.

Come; it is time to be milked again" You feel a small sense of relief as the two attendants lead you out back into the milking room with your new hooves. You are locked back into your milking stand and your udder is now being milked again.

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Happy milking dear" She walked out of the milking room and left you in the milking room. You moo very loudly as your udder is emptied. You are not logged in. Log in. Story id:. Author id:.

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Cow transformation story

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