Cowgirl transformation story

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Schoolhouse Moos Part 6 by moohead Rated X. Published: Aug 20th, Tags: defecation 1 nudity 0 physical changes 0 unwilling to willing 0 cow 0 mooing 0 mental changes 0 messy 0 cow transformation 0 slow transformation 0 all fours 0.

The changes continue as the 3 girls are each handling the changes differently. Will they be able to adjust to the changes? Will they be able to help each other out? Will I stop asking these silly questions? I don't know.

Feel free to let me know what you think of this story through the comments, as well as feedback on what I can do better. Published: Aug 14th, Tags: messy 1 humiliation 0 unwilling change 0 acceptance 0 feral 0 breeding 0 farting 0 bovine 0 cow 0 slow transformation 0 estrus 0 in heat 0 tf virus 0 milking 0 ungulate 0. A new disease called ZMV is changing its victims into animals. Milly Carter is one of the afflicted. This is her journal. Schoolhouse Moos Part 5 by moohead Published: Aug 8th, Tags: women to cows 1 urination 1 cow transformation 1 nudity 0 horns 0 ears 0 physical changes 0 cow 0 slow transformation 0 mooing 0 tails 0 mental changes 0 unwilling to willing 0.

The next phase of changes have begun in our 3 protagonists. How will they handle these new changes? Will they be able to keep their minds under control? Where will they go from here? Schoolhouse Moos Part 4 by moohead Rated R. Published: Aug 3rd, Tags: women to cows 1 slow transformation 1 cow transformation 1 punishment 0 ears 0 nudity 0 unwilling to willing 0 cow 0 mental changes 0 tail 0 horns Cowgirl transformation story hooves 0.

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The deadline has arrived for our 3 girls to finish their first changes, but during this process it seems that one of our protagonists has been struggling with her mind. Have they all finished their changes? What about the other girls in the class? Can they overcome the mental struggles? Published: Jul 25th, Last Updated: Jul 26th, Tags: masturbation 0 woods 0 unwilling change 0 breeding 0 bull penis 0 village 0 cow 0 horny 0 cumshot 0 domination 0 secret 0 cow transformation 0 impregnation 0 lust 0 hot 0 bull 0 lusty 0 unwilling to willing 0 mating 0 forced changes 0 prisoner 0.

A young woman explores a little village with a dark secret Schoolhouse Moos Part 3 by moohead Published: Jul 20th, Tags: woman to cow 1 unwilling to willing 1 cow 1 nudity 0 mental changes 0 cow transformation 0 slow transformation 0. The Transformation of the 3 girls into cows continues, but Cowgirl transformation story appears that not all the changes are physical.

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As the transformation progresses, tension has risen between the 3 girls. Will it be resolved? Will the girls be happy with themselves during their changes? Schoolhouse Moos Part 2 by moohead Published: Jul 13th, Tags: woman to cow 0 cow 0 cow transformation 0 unwilling to willing 0 slow transformation 0 nudity 0. The Cowgirl transformation story into Cowdom has begun for the 3 girls. How do each of them handle their changes? Will they be able to help each other slow the changes?

Schoolhouse Moos Part 1 by moohead Published: Jul 10th, Tags: woman to cow 0 unwilling to willing 0 cow transformation 0 slow transformation 0 multiple girls 0 cow 0. What will happen to them? Who knows. Fate in the forest Cow Tf by cowman Tags: cow 0 animal transformation 0 breeding 0 breeding cow 0 impregnation 0 horny 0 witch 0 female into cow 0 forest 0 bull 0 unwilling to willing 0 mating 0.

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When Jaz gets lost in the woods, she meets a seemingly friendly woman with evil intentions. A Weekend of Transformations by gabrielmoon. Published: Jul 9th, Tags: scorpion 1 crocodile 1 maggot 1 tarantula 1 scorpian -1 nantie -1 tftg 0 nanites 0 bull 0 ftgm 0 mating 0 cow 0 mtgf 0 horse 0 nanite 0 tiger 0. A young man is to experience the full range of nantie transformation technology over a weekend at a family friend's mansion. Published: Jul 6th, Last Updated: Jul 8th, Tags: impregnated 0 goddess 0 unwilling to willing 0 cow transformation 0 horny 0 fucking 0 mating 0 bovine 0 breeding cow 0 espa 0 human to animal 0 Cowgirl transformation story 0 lost 0 breeding 0 cow girl 0 cream-pie 0 penetration 0 female character 0 magic 0 lost persons 0 impregnation 0 cow 0 h 0 transformed 0 hot 0.

Alina searches her lost boyfriend in the forest, but the personification of nature has other plans with her. April and Veronica Part 1 by Bobobop. Published: Jun 28th, Tags: cock growth 2 ftm 1 female to male 1 cow 1 forced transformation 1 forced change 1 anthro cow 1 female into cow 0 donkey penis 0 unwilling change 0 female into donkey 0 donkey transformation 0 stays female 0 woman to anthro cow 0 unwilling 0 woman to donkey 0.

Two women discover a new bar, where they receive special drinks. Arriving back home and going through their regular schedule though, they realize, that things are slowly changing I am a cow by moohead Published: Jun 23rd, Tags: cow 1 admitting 1 male to female 0 willing 0 implied transformation 0. Just me admitting to something that I feel like I have always been. Phoenix's Outing by vleight. Published: Jun 13th, Tags: cow 2 Cowgirl transformation story gang 0 phoenix 0 lesbian 0 futa 0 tg 0 cowgirltransformation 0 transformation 0 transgender 0 transform 0 tf 0.

The toughest guy of the motorcycle gang falls for a statuesque redhead walking down the street, however she finds his bullish attitude towards women offensive, so she makes his punishment fit the crime! Published: Jun 10th, Tags: impregnantion -1 farm animal 0 cowgirltransformation 0 cow girl 0 farm 0 ranch 0 hucow 0 cow 0 cowgirl 0 cattle 0. Melanie's date by McGrinchTF. Published: Jun 9th, Last Updated: Jun 9th, Tags: female 0 cow 0 anthro cow 0.

A young woman plans to surprise her lover with a gift but instead turns into a cowgirl. The Amulet-Don't have a Cow by wallace Published: May 28th, Last Updated: Jul 23rd, Tags: animal transformation 0 part of series 0 cow 0 femaletransformation 0. Two girls encounter the Amulet, their desires causing something neither could have anticipated. Meanwhile, an old face returns, ever ready make her presence known!

Cowgirl transformation story

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Cowgirl Transformation Stories