Crazy spring break stories

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For plenty of young Americans, spring break is a week-long vacation from school that involves gorgeous beaches and plenty of partying, at least ideally. For many spring breakers, that week away from class can turn into a trip from hell. We rounded up some posts from Reddit about some spring break stories that people would probably not want to live through again.

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Keep in mind these are from Reddit and we cannot independently verify their authenticity. Still unsure how I managed to get in there.

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One night, we got some food and headed back to the house that we were renting. On the pavement laid a man who had flown through the windshield who was obviously dead; body parts missing, blood everywhere, the whole nine yards. It has always stayed with me and I can remember it perfectly to this day.

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I just missed a full week of Uni. It's a Bulbasaur. The worst part is I couldn't get in the hot tub after I got it.

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My parents and I had to go home early because of that. The trip was awesome overall but one day we had to cover something like 15 very rough miles with a lot of elevation change. It was hard and miserable but we made it and everything else was awesome.

We had a week planned out filled with sightseeing tours, small concert performances, and lots of relaxing on the beach. We get to our first destinations okay and then board the plane to go to Brazil. An hour goes by, then two, then three. At this point, the plane is getting really stuffy and we are all starving. It is pretty late at this point and we still have a big group of people so the airport ass us an empty conference room to nap.

In the morning we are still trying to book a flight but it's not looking good. Thankfully the weather was nice in Miami so we sat outside for a while. So now we have to figure out how to get home.

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So they book us a hotel in Orlando and we get a coach bus to ride there. When we get to the hotel we are able to relax, but still only have the clothes we wore I didn't pack an extra change of clothes with me and no other belongings.

Worst spring break ever. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Lindsay Mack. The crash "always stayed with me and I can remember it perfectly to this day. We got stuck and "I just wanna go home.

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I got a tattoo. While hiking "we had to cover something like 15 very rough miles with a lot of elevation change. Loading Something is loading.

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address. Freelancer Evergreen story.

Crazy spring break stories

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6 Spring Break Horror Stories