Crossdresser first time stories

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I am excited to share the story of my first time out in public en femme. I hope that you are encouraged by my story. I am 34, married, father of two, and identify as a crossdresser. I have an interest in the whole gender-spectrum of expression. My wife loves me dearly, and though she does not understand nor is comfortable witnessing or participating in my crossdressing, she is however, remarkably supportive. I have never resented her stand or pressured her for more than she is willing to accept. I think of our marriage as a bit of a bait-and-switch, since she had no idea what she was getting into when she married a closeted crossdresser.

Seven years into our marriage, it has begun working itself out in some complicated ways. At the end of last year, we made some concrete progress on my desires. She gave her blessing to me to explore what all of this means, in my head and through Crossdresser first time stories.

As a goal during this past year, I wanted to get out in public at least once. The fact that it took me until November is a testament of how plans can differ from realities when difficult developments have to be circumvented.

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My progress was not linear, and we had some setbacks. My wife and I have learned to over-communicate in order to prevent any misunderstandings. Suffice it to say, my feminine wardrobe was tucked away in the basement a couple times during the year.

In the past few months, a couple of very important developments happened that allowed the timing to be right. First; we do communicate—all the time. Secondly; I Crossdresser first time stories my ears pierced back in June on a date with my wife at the same time she had her nose pierced. Thirdly; my hair had reached a point that made it more possible for me to pass. I made plans to have dinner and then attend a concert with friends in another city. It felt safer to be out of my own city.

I was half-dressed and wore a puffy jacket and sunglasses. On the drive to Louisville, I parked somewhere nondescript and changed into the outfit you see in the photo. I put on lipstick and my earrings. It was thrilling, terrifying, and fun…so much fun! Dinner was a blast! My two friends, a straight female and gay male, are my most ardent allies. We chose a local restaurant, where it was widely known that a couple of their service staff was undergoing their own transition.

It made sense for us. My girlfriend using that term in the having a friend that is a girl sense told me what to expect if I needed to use the restroom. The best chance at me being read was when I ordered food. The concert was great. It was girly, but sensible enough for standing a few hours at a concert. I got carded on the way in. I thought humor was the best way to diffuse what might have been a mortifying situation. It was also a way for me to take back Crossdresser first time stories power. I am happy with how it all went. The concert was a blast; standing room only, and with it mostly dark it allowed for plenty of anonymity.

As I think back on my experience, the two best meaningful words to describe my adventure are fun and gratitude. I know I am not a transsexual. My crossdressing is an indivisible part of me; it lies within the spectrum of what I want to explore. I am very grateful for my wife.

She listened respectfully to me recount my evening after returning from her trip. She asked a few questions and generally seemed interested in hearing about it. I am also thankful for my allies. This experience would not have been possible without them. I leaned heavily on them, and they succeeded in making this experience a wonderful part of my coming out in the world.

But a couple times a year—I can see that as a distinct possibility. I went out dressed as Julie for the first time today, and it was so exciting I had to tell you all about it. I experimente Can you be happy as a crossdresser without transitioning? Codille shares her story of how she integrated her female personna and enjoys both genders. Excuse me in advance, but I so want to get this out. Dear Readers, It has been a few weeks since I shared a crossdressing success story. Cynthia goes out for a milkshake and comes back with encouragement and self confidence in her transgender journey.

Believe it or not, I was caught by a policeman and taken to the Police Command Post trailer in handcuffs! He stopped me while I was out one winter evening enjoying a nice drive, while I might add being dressed quite lavishly in my thigh high heeled boots, pencil skirt, long black Dear Readers, As I read Rikki's story this week a chill ran down my spine. Her struggle to live life as someone she wasn't resonates with me, her elated discovery that she is not alone speaks to my soul, and her joyously emerging as a beautiful and confident woman is an inspir A heartfelt story of crossdressing success that started with a Halloween party and a supportive neighbor.

I am still looking for a time when I can go in the day time dressed to see how I Crossdresser first time stories Only two of them know I crossdress but ant seen me dressed yet! I am close to fully telling my wife and if I get at least the same support as yours I well be more than happy. Thanx for sharing Congrats on your first time out. Love your story Ashley and you look great! My wife and a few freinds are going to go with me next weekend for my first time out. I hope it goes great for me too! I am glad you have been out dressed femme, I still have yet to do it!

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Toggle. I hope that you are encouraged by my story I am 34, married, father of two, and identify as a crossdresser. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. I am a married MTF crossdresser, father of two boys, 5 and 2. My wife knows and is supportive, but not interested in getting involved or seeing me en femme.

Whether that's for now or forever, I'm not sure. I have only begun crossdressing in earnest in the last few months. I cannot recall the beginning point of this; it's been an indivisible part of me as far back as I can recall. I'm glad to have found a community here because I have many more questions than answers, though I suspect that's standard operating procedure, based on the literature I've read. Latest posts by Ashley Newberry see all. Share this. Related Articles.

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Crossdresser first time stories

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