Crossdressing sissies stories

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This is my first crossdressing story. Now here we go ————————————. My name is James, just James for now. I live in a home with my parents in New York. I guess I should start from the beginning. Well, it all started a few years ago, when I was Sara wore an elegant blue gown, just like Cinderella and her long dark brown hair, similar to mine, was in a very Crossdressing sissies stories knot. She usually has it loose all the time, but during the party, she decided on a knot. Well, the few days later in question, was a Saturday and she was working on a final project for her salon school.

Ever since she was younger, Sara wanted to grow up as a hair-stylist. Her final project involved a hairstyle she would use on a dummy plaster head. This is where I came in. I was in the other room, watching cartoons until I finally got bored. I searched and pulled out my blue hand ball.

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I began playing hand ball and used the wall in front of me to hurl the ball. I was playing for 5 minutes straight, all without missing the ball, back in school I was the handball champ. It was after the 5 minutes, while I was completely focused on the Crossdressing sissies stories, my sister came charging in.

Her shout made me lose my focus and caused me to hit the ball as hard as I could. The ball ricocheted off the wall and I had to duck because it was moving so fast. The ball bounced off the wall behind me was heading towards Sara. Because her room was right across from me and the door was at an angle, the mall made its way in and hit the plaster head she was working on. We both gasped as the head began to tumble and fall off the Vanity Mirror it was on.

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I closed my eyes as I heard the crash. Sara invited a few of her friends for a slumber party tomorrow. Now I started to feel bad, I never meant to do this to her. She was looking at the head, then the picked up the wig that was on it, and then she looked at me.

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After a moment a two she began smiling, which scared me a bit because it looked a bit evil. She was setting things up and fixing the head as I waited. How did I get myself into this mess? She has set a chair in front of the mirror for me. Perfect, now I have to watch myself while she worked. She held in front of me her blue Sweet 16 gown. I looked in horror as I saw the dress. She expected me to wear her dress as she worked on the wig? Oh, hell no! I growled under my breath, and then I sighed. She would have this on me until mom and dad got home.

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She held the dress and opened the back as I finished. I took the dress from her and I began Crossdressing sissies stories step into it, feeling the soft lace and the smoothness of the material gave me Goosebumps. I pulled it up to my chest and she began to zip me up, since I was younger then her, the Crossdressing sissies stories fit like a glove. I started to blush in embarrassment as I walked to the chair, feeling the dress swish as I walked.

She then placed the wig, which was the same color as my hair, on my head. I recently got a haircut, so the wig fit well into place. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, with the wig and dress on me; I actually looked like a girl. I just stared and waited as she began working on the wig and talking about how pretty I looked. I was too shocked to do or say anything. It was an hour later that she had finally finished. She had the hair held up and into a stylish ponytail, with a few messy strains around my face.

I gave no reply at first. I just got up and looked at the full length mirror she had by the door. I looked at myself, or rather the girl I see in front of me. I turned to the side. Held my hips with my hands and lifted the dress up a bit. I finally spoke. But after I saw myself dolled up like this, I loved it. The dress, the wig, the way I look like a real girl, I though I would hate it, but this dress feels so good on me. In fact, it makes me wonder how it would look and feel if I was all girl.

Give me a complete makeover! Ok, get back into the chair. I took off the dress because she wanted me to wear her bra and panties, which I agreed to wear. She put stockings on my legs and fitted her high heeled shoes on me. I put back on the dress and wig and started with the make-up. She put on purple me eye shadow, light foundation, pink nail-polish, blush and pink lipstick.

I got up and began dancing and walking all around; Sara taught me how to walk in heels, I also spun around, feeling the dress lift up as I spun. I lifted my gown as I curtsied and I loved every minute of it. As we had our fun, I heard a car entering the driveway, it was mom and dad. They were home. She passes me Nail-Polish remover and I hurried off to the bathroom. I locked the door and I started the shower to get the make-up and Nail polish off.

My parents came home as I was in the shower, they had all sorts of packages from the store they when too. It was around that time I got out of the shower in a towel, the make-up and nail-polish, all off of me. Welcome to Sissy Story Hello. Now here we go ————————————- Greetings! This hairstyle has to be perfect to pass the grade. Sara was upset. Is there anything I can do to help?

Do you like it? Quick, get out of that dress.

Crossdressing sissies stories

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