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Click the picture above for more details. Should I call it an adventure? That makes it sound fun in some way. While it was exciting and life altering, I hesitate to call it fun. I should have raged against the way my wife and her new friend treated me. There is no excuse for the cowardice I displayed in front of my lovely wife.

But I felt as though I had no choice in the matter. It was as if the natural order of things was being sorted out for me and I was just a passenger in my own body as I did what I did. I Cruel cuckold stories easily say my wife made me do it, that Brad had made me do it.

But the Cruel cuckold stories is, I did it of my own free will. And for some reason it felt right. Oh it was humiliating and degrading on a level I never knew existed but it was a natural act of submission on my part. I felt the need to submit to my wife. In all our years of marriage I always felt a bit inferior to her but now the die had truly been cast. The dynamic of my relationship with Beth changed immediately. She knew what had happened as surely as I did and the satisfied smirk on her face told the story better than any words ever could. A big strong man whips out his huge cock and the quivering housewife is helpless against its power.

So she does the only thing she can, she fucks him and emasculates her husband. Hell you can buy a big cock at the very store my wife strayed in. His confidence was overwhelming. His charisma and ego were as powerful an aphrodisiac as anything ever marketed. My wife is a strong, confident woman who had been pushed to the edge by my own inadequacies. I saw that frustrated look on her face every time we made love. I saw the disappointment in her eyes.

For years, no decades she was left in a constant state of frustration till she could no longer take it and finally took matters into her own hands. Quite literally so it would seem. I slowed down and even flipped on my turn al as if to pull into the parking lot but at the last second I just continued on my way home.

I was scared. I was afraid of losing my wife, afraid of being humiliated, afraid of receiving a beating from Brad. You name it, I was scared of it happening. So like a complete pussy I just went home, changed into sweat pants and a t-shirt, made myself a drink and sat on the couch waiting for Beth to return. I wiped a stray tear from my cheek and tried to look relaxed as I heard her key in the door.

Beth walked through the doorway, closed the door behind her, and strolled into the living room with a contented sigh and a satisfied smile then sat on the love seat across from me. We had quite a laugh at the thought of you trying to stand up to him.

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You know how much that would hurt me, why would you do something so cruel? You should want me to find happiness and satisfaction in ways that you could Cruel cuckold stories provide. I could feel my face turn red with embarrassment as my eyes filled with tears. I was shocked that my loving wife could say such hurtful things to me. I tried to find the right words but nothing would come out. I was so humiliated, so hurt, that I was unable to form a coherent thought. Seeing how her words had shamed me into silence Beth continued with her tale crossing her long legs under her as she settled in to a more comfortable position.

As her legs opened wider in the lotus position on the love seat I got a clear whiff of the scent emanating from her crotch. I expected her to tell me immediately that she had sex with Brad but one look at her face and I knew she wanted to prolong my agony.

She wanted to tease me with the whole story so I sat quietly and waited for her to continue. He apologized for his behavior last week and I of course told him there was nothing to be sorry for since I enjoyed every minute of my last visit. He smiled at that and took my hand in his while we talked.

I guess that makes him superior to you in more than just what he has between his legs. Is that what you want? I could have stopped this humiliating nightmare right there. I simply shook my head Cruel cuckold stories let her know I wanted her to continue. Sounds like Brad was right about you. You are a little wimp. Ok, sit there and listen then. I really feel like reliving it all right now. So, where was I? He honestly is the complete package.

We talked about his businesses and he invited me to come see his house some time. It sounds amazing!

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He asked about our marriage and if I was happy. After all Timmy, you are a good husband and father despite your other shortcomings. I actually let out a sob at this point feeling relief at the fact that for now my marriage seemed safe.

Beth frowned at this interruption and I quickly got myself under control so as not to anger her.

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My god, I really am a wimp. After a quick glare at me for effect, she continued. He showed me around the store and let me peek in at what was happening in the booths. There are really a lot of guys who love to give blowjobs in this town did you know that? Anyway just seeing all those cocks started getting me a little hot. So he took me to his private office. Oh Timmy, you should see his office! He has the most elegant taste for the finer things in life. The furniture is all so plush and beautiful and the paintings he has displayed show he has a real eye for art.

Brad truly is a real man in every sense. Beth was starting to breathe heavily at this point in her story and I saw her hand slowly start to move down toward her crotch. She was touching herself all along the way while her other hand was moving toward her chest. She was beginning to pleasure herself right there in front of me. As she pulled her skirt up and began to rub her right hand up and down across her pussy, her left hand was rubbing circles around her nipples one at a time.

But she never slowed down in her story telling. I know I should have stopped him but with a man like Brad, a real man, I just felt weak and wanted nothing Cruel cuckold stories than to please him. It was so different from the way it is with you Timmy.

So I Cruel cuckold stories him kiss me. Oh, it was magnificent! He tastes and smells so good. He was so forceful just grabbing the back of my head and pulling me in while his tongue explored my mouth as if it belonged there. I knew right then and there that I would give myself to him. Hell, he was going to take what he wanted anyway but I was so willingly his that I was wet with the first kiss.

Cruel cuckold stories

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