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Our boy walks down all of 23rd street, with a totally masculine swag, which is capable of making any girl who sees him fall crazily in love with him. Mario is wearing trousers that stick to his skin, which highlight his working tools, at the front and the back.

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Leaning against the wall of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, he smokes a cigarette, while he works at looking at an apparently 55 year old man up and down, who Cuban sex stories to him, could be his father. The foreigner accepts and takes him to Room 3 at the Ines Hostal, also on Infanta street.

The room is perfectly adapted for the encounter; they go in and begin to slowly kiss each other, Raul feels his phone vibrate for a second and asks to go to the bathroom so that Andres can start taking his clothes off. He finishes up in the bathroom and comes out into the room wearing fewer clothes, where the man is waiting for him to start the job. Both of them agreed and so the game finally started.

I think I am correct in saying that the article refers to someone employing the services of a sex-worker in Havana and knowingly infecting him with HIV. For some reason you felt the need to introduce Mao Tse-Tung into the debate.

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I merely pointed out you got your facts wrong. So I shall move on and leave you to get on with your Cold War reminiscences. Cuban sex stories congratulate you on having thus far lived a rich and full life and I sincerely hope that are blessed with good health and sufficient wealth for a great many more years to come.

I am neither a Communist nor an Anti-Communist. I would suggest that your life experiences fully entitle you to express strong opinions and I do not suggest that everything you present as fact is erroneous. I would however state that your facts are, on the whole, pretty selective. And that sometimes they are not facts at all. To date almost a year later, not one has been able to do so. My knowledge of communism is a consequence of living through the Second World War as a schoolchild, of knowledge derived from my late father serving in France with the Maquis French underground and communist then being the Military Governor of a substantial portion of Northern Italy where the communists were taking revenge on the fascists and then being one of the first two Britishers into Vienna when it fell to the Russians in May, We had an apartment in Vienna from until my fathers death there in the mid-nineties.

As his actual occupation was as Head of Station of MI6 British Secret Intelligence Service in Vienna with agents serving in the area from Czechoslovakia to Hungary, Yugoslavia, Rumania, Cuban sex stories of whom I met, i gained substantial knowledge of communism, meeting some of those who escaped the USSR web by crossing the Iron Curtain — as you may know, many died on the wire — yes I saw the Curtain!

I served as a British officer in Germany when it was still an occupied country and met very many displaced persons from Eastern Europe — they were stateless.

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I have been married to a Cuban for quite a few years and my home is in Cuba. I daily watch the Cuban national news at 8.

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You have the temerity to suggest that the facts which I provide are opinions whereas in your conceit you suggest that you are objective. So here is the challenge Nick! List the background of your knowledge of communism, of your experiences which enable you to dismiss the facts I provide as mere opinion. Go on, tell everybody on these s the basis of your knowledge and finally try to correct any fact about Cuba that I have given. You Nick are evidence that total ignorance is bliss!

I just try to look at the history, look at Cuban sex stories facts, look at all sides of the debate and form some sort of objective opinion on matters. Whereas with yourself, it would appear that you have formed a not particularly objective opinion a good many years ago.

And ever since then you look out for facts to select which back up that opinion.

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Maybe you think no one will notice. Maybe if you really want things to be facts badly enough because they fit in so well with your viewpointthey will actually morph into being real facts? Well all I can say is that I wish the very best of luck to you in these endeavours of yours. And meanwhile I shall remain ever thankful for the food I eat, the air I breathe and the apparent gift of being able to be objective. If he was interested in population increase why did he kill so many of his own countrymen?

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The discussion is about prostitution. Do you disagree that the one child policy which has resulted in their being many millions more young men than young women in China will inevitably lead to an increase in prostitution? Do you deny that the US despite its wealth receives sex tourists? Cuban sex stories would seem that you are desperately trying to find a way to contradict what I am saying…. And as per usual you get your history mixed up in your scatter-gun criticism of all political systems you disapprove of. In actual fact Mao was totally and utterly against the one child policy believing that continued rapid population growth was the quickest way of making China into a big economic power.

Sex itself Nck is a fact of life. Think about the inevitable increase there will be in prostitution in China as a consequence of the Mao tze Dong policy of one child which has resulted in there being tens of millions more young men than young women. Reread the post carefully. There is no direct link between the sex this unfortunate male prostitute had with the tourist in the story and his being infected with AIDS. Put your crying towel away just yet. Not at all cynical. Also, I am hardly scraping.

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This was the angle from which I chose to respond. If you choose to lament about the downside of sex tourism, to each his own. You miss my point entirely. Capitalism is a fact of life. The article is not about wages in Cuba. Like capitalism, sex tourism is also a fact of life. One of the inevitable of huge global wealth disparity. But surely people can indulge themselves in this type of activity in a safe manner?

Rather than knowingly spread infection in the way described in the article? Are you and Mr P incapable of expressing an opinion on the sick behaviour of the tourist described in the article? And just by the way…. Sex tourism destinations exist throughout the less developed parts of the world not just those parts which have political systems that you and Mr P disapprove of. In your enthusiasm Nick to get in a jab at capitalism, you ignore the fact that the highest rates of HIV in the world are in sub-Saharan Africa.

And yet you speak of cynicism in others! Not for the first time your comments are misplaced. This is an article about a tourist going to Cuba and deliberately infecting a sex-worker with HIV. This story may be true or it may be apocryphal. Sex tourism is a global phenomena and one of the most base of the myriad ways in which the developed world exploits the less developed world.

I note that you are scraping the bottom of the barrel yet again Mr P? Yes, in the US, there are those very high-priced hookers that earn those incredible sums. But even an average doctor can outearn these girls and boys. In Cuba, the average jinetera hooker easily outearns even the highest-paid Cuban surgeon. See the difference? And the answer is ……. It pays more than the average salary of most professions even in the U. Jancel, if there is any sliver of truth to your story, I hope that the tourist is fed to the sharks we have a whole extra bunch of them crowding the Southern California coastline right now.

In the U. Regardless, it is not uncommon for male or Cuban sex stories prostitutes to give in to unprotected sex in exchange for additional cash, however I seriously doubt that the person infected with HIV would do such thing to purposely spread this horrible disease. Well, when I first read this article I was angry, until I read the comments below. I had never heard this particular urban legend. What kind of economic system pays a 19 year-old more for one night of sex than a it pays an experienced neurosurgeon in 3 months? The one in Cuba, obviously.

This is the Cuban sex stories urban legend. Jancel Moreno Foto: americatv. Carlyle, please try and stick to the subject of the post.

Cuban sex stories

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