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I have had more than 30 lovers. They all had their own skill set. But one gave me the most amazing orgasms I have ever had in my life. Jay was 3 years younger than me. I was in college, he was in high school. We worked together at a restaurant. I was a waitress and he was a cook. He was incredibly handsome. We started dating, and the sex was incredible from the start. Jay loved to go down on me. He would not stop until I came. Jay would get in between my legs and kiss my inner thighs. Eventually his tongue would find my clit.

He would flick his tongue back and forth and suck on my clit for a long time, while his fingers explored my pussy. I would get so wet, a puddle would form below me. My pussy dripping, his saliva sliding under me. Next he would slide his tongue inside me and eat me.

He would bury his face inside me, I would hold his head there moaning, begging him not to stop.

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He would look up at me, his lips and face covered in my wetness and dive back in. His tongue was magical. I could feel the orgasms build. My back arched I would moan and scream with pleasure, the orgasm like a wave, crashing over my entire body. He loved it when I screamed. And he would not stop there. The next orgasm came quickly, more shaking and screaming from me.

By now the bed is soaked beneath me. But he kept going. He always made me cum at least 3 times, but his record was 8. Afterwards he would fuck me so hard. The best was when would have me get on all fours. He would stand next to the bed, my ass in the air for him. He would gently enter me from behind and slowly slide in part way. Then he would pull out. He would do this a few times until I was begging him to fuck me. Finally he would give me his whole, big, curved cock. Then he would pull out again and Cum for me stories slide back in.

He would slam inside me, his balls hitting my ass, his skin slapping against my skin. He would fuck me hard and fast and I would moan and scream, begging for more. He would moan and fuck me harder and harder. Finally, when I was ready to cum he would cum with me, all over me.

I asked him to rub it in. I loved having his cum in my skin. He would rub it in like lotion, and we would lay together on the soaking wet sheets.

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He told me he loved the wet spot because it was our juices and it smelled like sex. I would fall asleep in his arms, cum in my hair, on my skin, dripping from my pussy. We would kiss for a long time and fall asleep. In the night he would wake me by kissing me. We would make out, without saying a word and he would fuck me again. Lifting my legs to his shoulders and pushing his hard cock into my tight pussy.

We would moan during these middle of the night fucks, but never speak. He would start off slow, then fuck me hard, deep inside me, the way I liked it. We would cum together again, we were so in sync.

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This time he would cum inside me, or sometimes pull out and cum on my tits. I would rub it in again. We would go back to sleep, silently. I was covered in cum, on top of our wetness and I loved it. When we woke in the morning it was like the night sex was a dream.

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I would straddle him and slide his cock inside me. We would fuck again. I would slide up and down his cock, thrusting my hips. He would slam into me from under me and it felt so good. I would remind him that I would do whatever he wanted. Sometimes he wanted me on my knees, sucking his cock and looking up at him while he held my head. Sometimes he wanted me on all fours again.

He would pull my hair and tell me to talk dirty. Sometimes he would ask me to sit on his face. We would fuck all morning. Shower together. Maybe fuck again in the shower. Eat some food and start all over again. Those were the best weekends. We were fucking as much as possible. He always made me cum and I would always scream for more.

I was insatiable. I miss him. And I miss those long, pulsating orgasms. Erotic Stories. Fnasir99 May 13, pm. I got so wet by reading that. I Cum for me stories had a boyfriend who fucked me whenever he could, and made me orgasm a lot. Like omg the best sex ever. I have that now and we are both in our 40s. Rowdy13 May 13, pm. MaReaddit May 13, pm.

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Please keep the stories cumming! Thanks for sharing! Sounds a lot like me and mine. Especially in this crazy quarantine!!

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BlvckJayx May 13, pm. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. May 13 Related Posts Erotic Stories Drunk sex story time. Erotic Stories Drunk sex story time. Erotic Stories I spent my last day in the office on my knees.

Cum for me stories

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